07/24/2014 10:40 am ET | Updated Sep 23, 2014

How to Be Irreplaceable

I struggled all my life with accepting the beauty that was within me. Whenever I looked at my naked self, I used to see the curves I wish were thinner, firmer or rounder. Or the scars that are on my body and face, the bruises... all of the "I wishes."

I used to wear full makeup. Not because I wanted to enhance my features but to hide and rebuild my features. I used to dress my body in jewels, not to show the light within me but to distract others' eyes to the jewelry I was wearing.

I fished for compliments in belief that when others accept you, then I will learn to accept myself. Not knowing that you have to accept yourself in order for the world to accept you.

But after many battles, it was evident that all those things I tried to hide, I should've been embracing them. It was a difficult battle, of course, but eventually self-judgment started to fade away when self-love started to appear.

As each day passed, when I looked in the mirror I started to see and notice myself as a different person. Not as a physical being but as a physical and a spiritual being who is abundantly loved.

I started to notice that I had my mom's nose, my grandfather's forehead, and my father's chin. My eyes were telling my life story. My scars and bruises were showing the battles I won. The legs I used to call "fat" were strong. I had curves and that was a good thing as each line was drawn out as it is meant to be. My body, even after all of the verbal and physical torture I put through, it continually fought for me.

When this realization continued, I started to be my complete self. And it was when I was my complete self, I felt beautiful. I dressed in clothes that highlighted my body and colors that showed my joy. I put makeup on not because I wanted to hide it but to highlight my smile. I exercised because I wanted to be healthy. I ate good food to nurture myself. I did everything because I was grateful for everything: the ten toes, and ten fingers and everything else in between.

There is not one person in this world that has the complete identical features as I do. And it is not the physical attributes that add the value of you but the rarity of all of your attributes that add the value of your own self.

You are beautiful. Every single cell that is composed together to create your individuality makes you absolutely irreplaceable. All of your features represent everyone that was, is, and will be part of your life.

You are beautiful. Completely and timelessly, you are everlastingly beautiful.

How do you become irreplaceable? Be and embrace your complete honest self.