10/22/2010 03:13 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Democracy at Risk: Act Now to Protect Military & Overseas Voting Rights

When votes are at risk, our democracy's at risk. Men and women fighting for democracy abroad must participate in America's civic sacrament at home. Unfortunately, some states have failed to comply with the MOVE Act passed by the Democratic Congress and signed into law by President Obama last October. This threat to voting rights and democracy itself needs your help.

The Military & Overseas Voting Empowerment (MOVE) Act
* Requires that ALL states provide voter registration applications online
* Eliminates all Notary Requirements
* For the November 2010 General Election, says ALL states must provide for the electronic transmission of the blank ballot 45 days prior to the election

The MOVE Act says 45 days. Yet here we are with 11 days to go, and some STILL don't have their ballots from state boards of elections. All is not lost - but we must act quickly.

Urgent action is needed. That's why the Democratic Veterans & Military Family Members Council (on which I serve as a vice chair) and Democrats Abroad (who lobbied hard for the MOVE ACT) have teamed up to protect military and overseas voting rights. Helpful links include:

My Voting Information Page

All can participate to protect the voting rights of those who protect us. Call, email, demand your Board of Elections mail those ballots. Urge your candidates' Election Protection teams to have a military and overseas voters task force solely focused on the mailing returning and counting of these ballots. If you are a military or overseas voter, be sure to document your request, receipt, and mail in dates for your ballot.

With democracy at risk, we must act now to protect military and overseas voting rights.