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An Open Letter to St. Nicholas Place

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Dear St. Nicholas Place, Sugar Hill, Harlem, USA,

Today, my love story to our block is being re-released to the world.

The concrete that covered the soil of a hundred years ago cracked open because your voices were too strong to be kept underground.

Each person, building, kiss, cry, triumph and tragedy is reflected in the Last Block in Harlem.

This book is my contribution to the history of the block. For the future generations who walk these streets, I offer up these words to echo your footsteps.

This Amazon Encore edition of our block now extends to the world and we hope you enjoy your stroll under our lampposts and through our fire hydrants.

I was blessed to have moments to listen to your words and put them down in this book. The story created itself, and your spirit and passion pasted the pages together.

It was your life, your love of this block, that led to the possibility of the global distribution that is set to take place today.

The Last Block in Harlem is a reflection of every block in the world. If you look hard enough at the concrete under your feet, you will feel it seeping through.

We all share this earth, this time, this moment to change reality by opening the windows and letting the music come to us. The vibrations you hear are the stories of your neighbors you wish you knew.

St. Nicholas Place, I thank you for the notes you provided to the session that is about to unfold.


Christopher Herz