02/07/2012 12:42 am ET | Updated Feb 19, 2013

'Smash' Recap: 23 Eyerolls From The Pilot In Chronological Order

Presented without commentary, the most absurd, comical, self-serious and/or humorless moments from the pilot episode of "Smash."

1. Megan Hilty mooning the judges.
2. "This is the real mail?"
3. "I'm happy for me, too."
4. "There's an app for the iPad now; you blow on it and the skirt goes up."
5. Debra Messing's scarf
6. "When I say Marilyn, what do you think?" "Baltimore, Maryland."
7. "We are in the middle of an adoption! [...] You said you would take the whole year off to do this!"
8. Debra Messing's entire Marilyn speech. "She glows; it reminds me of a saint."
9. "Posture is important to my dad."
10. YouLenz
11. "Michael Riedel is going to destroy us!"
12. Katharine McPhee immediately knowing all the words to a new Marilyn musical song found on YouLenz.
13. Jack Davenport's bedhead.
14. Debra Messing's awe face.
16. "He's working with Lionsgate. Apparently, they have a film I'd be perfect for."
17. "What about Scarlett Johansson? Why isn't she on the list?"
18. Debra Messing's surprise face when Katharine McPhee starts singing.
19. Debra Messing's rapt face.
20. "Night school. That's great."
21. "Lionsgate wanted to get me on a plane at 8 o'clock in the morning."
22. "Show me your black swan, Nina!"
22. "Happy Birthday, Mr. President."
23. Jack Davenport's blue balls face.

*Note: "Let Me Be Your Star" was actually pretty amazing and eyeroll-free.

"Smash" airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC

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