04/19/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Mink, Metallics & Smokey Eyes

Just the fountain of chocolate for marshmallow dipping, and free flowing champagne said it all. .

The look beneath the big top, the Fall 2010 Mercedes Benz Fashion Show in Bryant Park was certainly not bleak; but it was still a sea of black. The noir-do-wells turned out in studded jackets and pants, flouncy hair bows, sensible shoes, and low heeled boots to see the latest-- including lots of fur, wide-brimmed hats--worn at a tilt-- and a parade of not-so-A list celebs.

But judging from the flouncy hair bows so many women were sporting, it would appear that heads are in a different place this year--the last for the tent shows in Bryant Park.

There was something else in the air, too;-- a bit of edge towards men's wear for woman; and lots of "metallic and military," according to Neiman Marcus's Ken Dowling.

"Not that it has anything to do with war, he added. "It's more of a carry over from the spring Safari look. Look for lots of capes, too laden with gold buttons."

I don't think we have to chuck our tights or cigarette-leg jeans just yet, but there is definitely a wide-leg pant movement a foot,...worn with the tight fitted men's jackets to have plenty of lace, velvet and more than ever---fur, fake and real adorning them.

"I think each woman will have to take responsibility for wearing fur," noted Project Runway's Tim Gunn, PETA's self-proclaimed poster boy. "Just don't buy from China," he noted, or "you may be buying cat."

Humorist Fran Liebowitz had a different take. "Look at the state of the world; let's set some priorities here. There's not an animal alive that wouldn't rip us apart to make a coat to keep themselves warm."

Diane Von Furstenberg's stunning show, "Metamorphosis," probably defined the meaning of this men's moment in women's fashion.

"I design for a man's life in a woman's body. A woman can be a banker, a biker or a ballerina," she explained after showing velvets, sparkle and glitter ---lots of metallic's and colorful almost spring-like dresses that go from day to evening.

"Reminds me of Studio 54," said musician, actress, model Peaches Geldof, who wasn't around then. (Maybe Dad Bob told her all about the once steamy disco.)

"I think the clothes are strong, like Diane," noted her TV commentator pal Charlie Rose."

When the fashion icon made her end walk down the runway, husband Barry Diller handed her red roses and a kiss, and as she turned the corner, out came her grandchildren with pink petals. It was after all Valentine's day!

And talking men's influence......let's talk reality boys, as in Calvin Klein's men's wear; suits of sleek nylon and ultra-shiny Mylar suits, so techno they fit like a second skin. Some Hollywood "hotties" sitting front row for a closer look included: Lee Pace, Jared Leto and Ryan Phillippe. Those burning up the seats were the newest stars from the Calvin Klein underwear campaign--Kellan Lutz and Mehcad Brooks, who noted, "The suits look so comfortable, you could almost wear them to the gym!"

One final word to the wise, keep, I repeat keep your O.T.K's, over the knee boots; they'll be around for at least another year, and if you're looking for the new "it lipstick," Maybelline's Global Makeup Artist, Charlotte Willer confided that I could just use colored Chap Stick.

"It's no longer about your lips; it's about smoke being not in your eyes, but on your eyes. Smokey and sexy, even black eyeliner, and for a little color, you can add green to the top lid and another color---purple, to the bottom. The eyes definitely have it.

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