08/11/2005 08:03 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Another Goliath?

I suspect there was little doubt about who would win. The nation's most powerful warrior on that side, a young boy with a slingshot and five smooth stones on this. What chance did the lad have? But, history is full of cases where the strong and the powerful get entangled in their own hubris and moral failings, and the "little guy" emerges victorious. Are we seeing that played out now?

On that side, the leader of the most powerful arsenal the world has ever known; on this, a mother with only the memory of a son lost and her willingness to speak truth to power. Interestingly, in this case, speaking truth takes the form of a simple question that threatens to unmask all the presumption and arrogance that has us where we are. If history tells us anything, that leader of the world's most powerful arsenal doesn't stand a chance. Is it any wonder he fears direct confrontation with her -- the emblem of all that is indomitable in the human spirit? When a person has come to the point that they realize nothing is more costly to their own dignity than silence, then fear no longer holds them captive.

I have been writing on the extent to which we as Americans have allowed our imaginations to be taken captive by empire. For today, I give thanks for one person who embodies for us the ability to shake free from the bonds of fear that keep us quiet. Perhaps, just perhaps, in the watching, a few more of us will be freed.

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