Care for the Least of These

12/15/2005 12:06 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Many, if not all, religious traditions affirm that along with prosperity comes obligation to care for those less fortunate. While some try to dismiss these obligations as only "personal," many realize that care for those on the margins of our societies is both a personal and a corporate responsibility. Unfortunately, the administration and Republicans in Congress seem to think that the only obligation that we have corporately is to lower taxes. If accomplishing that requires that programs that benefit the poorest and those most on the margins be cut, well, so be it. Yesterday, a group of 115 religious leaders and faithful gathered in Washington DC on the steps of the Canon Office Building to protest cuts to programs like food stamps. In a symbolic act, they denied access to the building to represent the extent to which this administration's budget priorities will deny the poor access to basic essentials. For those interested and to avoid taking space on Arianna's site, I have posted several pictures and some commentary on my blog. Click here to see them. This story is currently the second one down, while the first one has some links to news articles on the protest. If you are sympathetic to the cause, we invite you to join us by contacting your congresspersons. Blessings to all!