The View Heats Up Over Wolf Killings

05/25/2011 01:05 pm ET

Thursday on The View, the debate raged over Ashley Judd's video denouncing aerial wolf killing. Teaming up with Defender's of Wildlife Action Fund, Ms. Judd is taking a stance on this barbaric practice of shooting animals from planes.

Elisabeth, of course, was unconvinced that Sarah Palin has anything to do with this practice. When Joy Behar said , "I don't think she's a friend of animals," and that the torturing of the wolf has to be addressed, Elisabeth said Joy didn't know Palin well enough to make the assessment that Palin didn't like animals. Gosh I guess Palin's record doesn't speak for itself on how she feels about wildlife.

It is documented that Sarah Palin has offered a $150.00 bounty on wolf legs and has gone out of her way to defend the practice of wolf slaughter. She spent $400,000 of state money trying to convince her public that aerial gunning was a necessity in her state. She also recently introduced a bill that would remove what remains of any scientific requirements for approving predator killing. (Thankfully that measure failed, but she isn't dropping the bill.)

Sherri, from The View, wondered how different it would be if Palin wasn't in the forefront of the news. Would this issue be getting so much attention? That's a good question. Perhaps not, but on the other hand, if Palin didn't support efforts such as aerial gunning and dissolving environmental standards, maybe we wouldn't have this mess to begin with.

The final jaw-dropping moment happened when Elisabeth tried to tie the gunning of wolves' to the abortion issue. The other women on the panel didn't want to mesh the two debates. Which is probably a good idea because when you think about it, how can a woman who claims to be such a pro-lifer, turn around and support barbaric practices like aerial gunning? Just makes you wonder.

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