How Would Gandhi Respond?

I've recently started getting into Mahatma Gandhi's work, visiting the history of this peace activist's life. I've been familiar with his famous quote "be the change you want to see in the world". It's used quite often in the conscious business world and, since using that quote in another article, Making Peace with 9/11, I've started to delve deeper into his life story.

Well, apparently I've become a peace activist, too. Or, if you will, a compassion and love activist. That's what I like to think of myself as. And, I believe that it's compassion and love that help bring about peace. So, as a newly found compassion and love activist, I've decided to ask myself how Gandhi would respond to a question, a challenge of his faith and actions, his words and ideals, his way of being? Here's the first of what may become a series of articles. Let's see what happens.

Ego or Spirit?Mohandes Ghandi

One key question that has come up in my awareness, asked by a dear friend and "sistar" of mine. The question is whether my new blog, the Compassion and Love Activist's Network' was born out of ego or spirit?

It came along with a suggestion to shelve it, do some magical intention work around it, and then see if it still wants to "be". That, according to her, is the best way of knowing which one, ego or spirit, the blog stems from.

Exercising Compassion 

I completely understand where she's coming from. And, I would say that I have my own brand of magic and manifestation and my own spiritual guidance system. When I asked if she was getting that information, "downloading" it, if you will, on my behalf, specifically, she indicated that no, it's the way that she teaches others how to manifest.

I've Got My Own Ways of "Being"

Ok, fair enough. And, I always appreciate knowing how other magicians work things. Her input is valuable to me and I'll keep her suggestions in mind for another time. A question that I asked myself was, "do I feel that this information is in alignment with my source, with my heart's desires, at this time?" In this instance, I do not. And, I'm willing to examine things on a case-by-case basis, of course!

Rebel with a Cause

I've had enough of pure logic, of doing things the way that society thinks I should do things; the way that makes sense logically to someone else, or even myself; the way that things have always been done, purely for the sake of maintaining tradition.

The idea that one person, or group of people, is "right" while another is "wrong" does not fly with me. I've taken too many anthropology classes, studied mankind in my own ways too much to buy into that. Wars are being waged, right now, on the idea of "right vs. wrong", with each side voicing it's own opinion and, apparently, willing to kill and die for it. I'm clear that I am here to challenge those ways of being, in the name of peace.


Not that logic and the heart need to be disconnected. In fact, my belief is that they should be more fully connected. And, this is a heart project. I'm willing to put my heart on the line, to expose myself and my idea, in order to "be the change (I) want to see in the world" (Gandhi). I'm willing to have it "out there" for all to see.

Yes, a Global Community

Yes, my idea might seem grandiose...a global community? Well, one of my fave mottos is "go big or go home". So, I plan to go big. That may mean that only my personal collection of friends, around the world, will be helping to create this "Compassion and Love Activist's Network", and I'm okay with that.

If this remains small-scale, well, that's fine, too. If it is only my personal collection of favorite books, videos, event reports, and wish list for the changes that I'd like to see...well, that's okay, too. It will be my favorite website and I'm sure my views alone will drive the numbers up!

Letting Go

Can I let this go if need be? Well, I am a professional organizer and clutter clearing expert. I've let go of most of my "possessions" and, if you read the poem "My Abundance", you'll see that I need very little in order to feel satisfied in life. I don't NEED this, but I do feel passionate about it.

Come Play with Me!

I trust my vision enough to follow it, unless it appears that I need to do otherwise. I'm going to slow down with it, for now, while I focus on other work (Leaders causing Leaders), but I'm still going to be posting things now and then and inviting others to come and play with me! This is a playful project! The idea of playing is that one is not taking oneself or anything too seriously! I'm playing around, embracing my inner child, giving her free reign to say what her favorite, most inspiring, uplifting things are. This is her personal library, her personal playground, to start of with. Are you game? Do you wanna play, too?

The Leading Edge

One of my favorite Abraham-Hicks sayings is "there's never a crowd on the leading edge". So, if that's true, and this is definitely leading-edge, then I won't expect a huge crowd.The truth is that I'm a trailblazer and have always been. I'm perfectly willing, gleefully so, to walk out onto the path that no person has dared to tread before. I'm willing to be called a "fool" and I take such as high praise! In tarot, the fool is the one who follows his own heart and his own faith above all else.Those whom I admire the most are fond of taking on "foolish projects". And, so am I!

The Good News

It's not a popularity contest, it's not a "mine is bigger and badder than yours" thing. It's a resource for those who want to hear "the good news". It's a collection of works, a celebration of artists and companies who have already used their work and their voices to stand up for what they believe in, their values. It's a place where you can, perhaps, get inspiration for following your OWN guidance system, your own heart. Of course, I want for you to decide for yourself what works best for you. I'm not into forcing my ideals on others, but I am definitely into sharing them freely.

Here I Am!

This is a bit of a "coming out" party for me. I've been getting the message that it's time to come out of hiding. The way I interpret that is "it's time to take a stand for what I believe in" and it's time to put my heart and my ideals on the line. I'm strong enough to withstand criticism. Bring it! And, if you wish to praise me, I'll gladly hear that, as well, of course. If you're not feeling anything whatsoever, well, ok, I can probably recommend some other things that might resonate with you more. I've no need to try to convince you of anything.

That being said, I've been tuning in to my heart all along, and this blog is part of what's come of it. If my ego is also thrilled, then I sing "Hallelujah! That means they're aligned!"

If you're curious, even just a little bit, about the "Compassion and Love Activist's Network", then I invite you to come and check it out!