Frontier Airlines' "Political-Style" Ad

08/04/2010 04:55 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Claire Walter Award-winning freelance writer based in Boulder, Colorado

Innuendo, partial truths and omissions are nothing new in political advertising, but in a newspaper ad for an airline? Yes indeed.

Frontier Airlines is touting its latest fare sale with a headline reading:

Born and bred in Colorado.
(And proud of it.)

True enough, but after Colorado-born and -bred merged with better-financed Republic Airways late last year, the Frontier name (and the "spokesanimals" that star in their TV commercials) were retained, but the corporate offices moved to Republic's Indianapolis HQ. It was a stinging blow to the Mile High City.

Bottom line is that no matter what the new fare-sale ad implies, Frontier might have been born and bred in Colorado, but it now lives in Indiana.