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When the Snow Closes In...

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Oh the snow. There is just so so so so much of it today.

My husband just took an 18-inch ruler out of the kitchen drawer. He was going to measure the snowfall out there, beside the woodshed. But he couldn't get the back door open. There was at least three feet of snow up against the door.

And it is still falling.

He finally shoveled his way out the front door and he measured 28 inches.

And it is still falling.

We've lived here for 25 years and we've never had a storm like this one.

When it's all over, it will be great fun to head down the dirt road on skiis.

But now?

I will admit it, I don't love snow. Not like this.

What happens in a blizzard is...

I panic.

The world goes wildly blank and frozen. Everything sinks into a gigantic down pillow.

I know those poor birds are out there, not far from the feeder, but where?

The world is just too frightfully white today.

And that wind howling horizontally

it feels like it is sucking my breath away.

This morning I thought, I would turn to a book. I would just read my way through the storm.

Except the book I've been reading?

Waiting for Snow in Havana by Carlos Eire.

No. No way. Not today.

Today I need another book.

Or better yet, I need to get my snowsuit out and go help shovel.

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