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5 Key Exercises For Strength Training

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Strength training is where exercise can get tricky and where knowledge is key. Knowledge on exercise should be a continuing journey and never just a one-book destination. These are the movements I feel should form the cornerstone of every routine (however, this is all dependent on your present condition and injury history.) Here is a list of the exercises I feel are most important and a brief explanation of why they make the cut. These movements are so critical that entire books have been written on many of them.

Barring an injury which would preclude you from them, I highly recommend everyone to add these to their routine. Most of my clients work out with resistance two or three times per week, for as little as 30 minutes at a time. Those who really put their nose to the grindstone yield fantastic results and suffer no excess wear and tear on their joints. In the 20-plus years I have been around weights, I have learned that less is oftentimes better. You just have to choose the right things to spend your time and energy on.

5 Key Exercises For Strength Training
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Next week we will go over my love affair for the Clean and the Jerk. Until then, I hope you've gotten some food for thought. Get a professional to help you with these and then implement them. These exercises and all their variations are really all you need. Everything else is just icing on the cake! And too much icing is no bueno!

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