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Clif Dickens


26 Slogans That Frankly Make More Sense Than the Real Ones

Posted: 10/23/2013 12:18 pm

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  • 'Feels Like There's Nothing There' - Trojan

    Could <em>easily</em> be misconstrued as a direct attack on <a href="" target="_blank">a customer's manhood</a>.

  • 'Fair & Balanced' - Fox News

    Anybody <a href="" target="_blank">buying</a> this one?

  • 'Moving Forward' - Toyota

    If this is your slogan, <a href="" target="_blank">make sure none of your cars</a> unintentionally move forward.

  • 'More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette' - Camel

    Safe to say this slogan <a href="" target="_blank">hasn't aged</a> very well.

  • 'Guinness Is Good For You' - Guinness

    We're <a href="" target="_blank">not buying</a> it.

  • 'Blow Some My Way' - Chesterfield

    Guess the cigarette company hadn't heard about the whole <a href="" target="_blank">cancer-secondhand smoke</a> thing.

  • 'We Never Stop Working For You' - Verizon

    Actually, <a href="" target="_blank">you do</a>.

  • 'Just What The Doctor Ordered' - Dr. Pepper

    If your doctor thinks a Dr. Pepper will solve your problems, <a href="" target="_blank">run</a>.

  • 'The Great National Temperance Beverage
' - Coca-Cola

    Anybody ever heard of a Rum & Coke? And no, we don't care that it was in the lead-up to <a href="" target="_blank">the Prohibition era</a>.