Winterizing Your Hair

11/04/2010 05:54 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Your carefree summer lifestyle driving your (Morgan) convertible in the Hamptons has ended. Now you're heading back to the city thinking of winter; the most festive season of the year filled with parties, the Oscars, new tv programs, etc.

After you've decided what your winter persona will be, it's time to think of winterizing your hair to the same extent that you would your skin.

Enliven your lifeless hair color.

Not allowing seasonal trends to command your choices is key, because after all, hair is a lifestyle, not a trend. Then, visualize it to your trusted color expert. With his expertise, he'll be able to assess what is within your realm of possibility, based on the pre-existing condition of your hair.

Sculpt your identity.

Postponing the much-needed haircut all summer long has resulted in achieving the length you desired but to an indescribable shape. Resculpting will lead your hairstyle to be rhapsodized, becoming your signature identity, (aka Victoria Beckham) inspiring others to adopt it.

Nourish that tissue.

Hair is the second fastest growing tissue in our body, second only to bone marrow. So that its life cycle not be shortened you must be careful not to malnourish it. Professionally done Keratin Treatment will infuse a high amount of keratin (protein), a component which accounts for 88% of your hair. Healthier hair requires less effort to style, meaning an end to the war with your hair, trying to bend them daily to your will.

Protect this adornment.

Due to a multitude of reasons, such as radiator dry heat at home, brisk temperatures outside, sun exposure on a ski slope (which is just as damaging as on a beach), your hair can turn in to not such an adornment to be proud of during the winter. A high quality nourishing/moisturizing product should contain humectants such as protein and panthenol that trap the moisture in your hair, essential fatty acids (EFAs), vitamin E ,and essential oils to combat the dry heat. For the brisk temperatures, your silk Hermes scarf is time to serve its purpose; I repeat, silk: a natural fiber thought of as a protein similar to hair. Steer clear of wool, whose fibers will slowly eat your hair, and cotton, which will zap moisture from your hair. For the ski slope, the UV protection leave-in hair product that's leftover from summer vacation is more than enough.

Of course, hairdressing is an art better left to the artists. But, after all, without your personal contribution to the process it won't impress you for too long. So, whether you're advised to use a specific styling product or styling tool, please, please do so.

After ensuring your winter persona is well maintained daily and most importantly nightly, you're ready to rock those much-anticipated winter events.