Top Ten Detroit Cultural Moments 2011

12/30/2011 01:19 pm ET | Updated Feb 29, 2012

Despite inevitable headaches, Detroit continued to be blessed with an active and growing cultural community. This past year brought us great art exhibits, theatre, and music -- if you were in Detroit and could not find something to do, you had your eyes shut! So, like everybody else, I decided to provide my top ten cultural events of 2011. Please let me know your thoughts about this list in the comments. And Happy New Year!

1. Art X Detroit, another Kresge event that celebrates and supports creatives

2. Cranbrook Art Museum re-opening -- they set the bar yet again

5. Wicked returns to Detroit -- great music, great actors, great venue

6. Detroit Institute of Arts brings us Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus

8. Hatch crowd-funding adventure and its winner Hugh

9. Detroit Creative Corridor Center brings us the Detroit Design Festival and the Creative Business Accelerator Program

10. Detroit artists and arts organizations continue to get press and $$$

And, of course, we had a few sad cultural moments this past year. Here are the top three saddest cultural moments of 2011:

1. Sherry Washington advocated for the arts and then stole from children (DPS)

2. Without warning, Science Center closes

3. Luis Croquer leaves MoCAD -- his brains and energy will be missed