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Kayla Matthews

How to Eat Healthier When You're Drunk

Kayla Matthews | February 10, 2016 | College
It's a familiar scenario -- you and your friends just did a few rounds of shots at the bar, and now you're craving nachos or cheese fries at 2 a.m. Before you walk over to the all-night diner to snag your favorite greasy dish, think it through.
Sarah Malley

This Is What Insomnia Feels Like

Sarah Malley | February 11, 2016 | Healthy Living
Most nights I wake up some time between 2:00 and 4:00 and stay up for a few excruciating hours, the kind where you can feel every minute pass. It's been this way for almost two years.
Darius Foroux

25 Things About Life I Wish I Had Known 10 Years Ago

Darius Foroux | February 10, 2016 | Business
One thing that I like better than learning from my mistakes is to learn from other people's mistakes. We might learn things quickly, but we often forget things at the same rate -- and sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the things we've learned.
Michele Beaulieux

Will Cosby and Lieb Be the Exceptions or the Turning Point?

Michele Beaulieux | February 9, 2016 | Crime
The reason some people are above the law is because of advice like Nussbaum's. She doubts people will stand up to power and tells survivors that seeking justice is futile. Nussbaum is wrong. Some people will stand up -- sometimes at great personal cost -- and survivors can find justice.
Mark Golub

On Student Activism

Mark Golub | February 9, 2016 | College
Our institutions are designed to preserve white privilege, but also to make the ongoing causes of racial inequality seem mysterious. We remain ignorant by design, invested in a mythology of white innocence.
Jamie Varon

To Anyone Who Thinks They're Falling Behind In Life

Jamie Varon | February 9, 2016 | Women
You don't need more motivation. You don't need to be inspired to action. You don't need to read any more lists and posts about how you're not doing enough. There's a magic beyond us that works in ways we can't understand.
Adam Weinberg

The Civic Responsibilities of Colleges

Adam Weinberg | February 10, 2016 | College
The democratic way of life is government "of the people, by the people and for the people." How do our colleges and universities contribute to this goal? At the core, we need colleges to prepare students to work effectively with others--across...
Steve Nelson

Who Matters in America? A Call for Political Correctness

Steve Nelson | February 8, 2016 | College
The rise of so-called "political correctness" is not the infantilizing of students. It is the long overdue voice given to the real experiences of all students.
Kelly Wilz

A Feminist's Guide to Critiquing Hillary Clinton

Kelly Wilz | February 11, 2016 | Politics
Call out sexism and misogyny -- especially if it's coming from someone who claims to be progressive. However, I worry the label is being thrown around loosely and being applied to many well-meaning, non-sexist male critics of Clinton.
Josh Kahn

The University of Pennsylvania Has An Empty Bed Epidemic

Josh Kahn | February 8, 2016 | College
It feels as if both Penn and its students choose to tune out potential solutions to the problem of sleep deprivation even though we regularly obsess over it.
Gary A. Olson

Division II Programs Offer Student-Athletes Balance

Gary A. Olson | February 8, 2016 | College
Many student-athletes pursue their goal of playing an NCAA sport in college. While most people who follow college sports are familiar with Division I and its star athletics programs -- Alabama, Kentucky, Penn State -- few can articulate what the organization's three divisions stand for.
Dylan Brodsky

3 Ways to Get Better Sleep in College

Dylan Brodsky | February 8, 2016 | Healthy Living
Sleep is a necessity (and a luxury) for all of us, especially while in college. There's nothing wrong with needing reminders here and there to keep you on the right track, so figure out what works best for you and keep up with it. If nothing else, get your friends in on the movement with us and help others refuse the snooze.
Dr. Brian C. Mitchell

Suffolk University and the Collapse of Shared Governance

Dr. Brian C. Mitchell | February 8, 2016 | College
In an ugly soap opera still unfolding, Suffolk University's efforts to govern itself responsibly imploded over the past couple of weeks in an acid cloud of public "he said/she said." As the Suffolk debacle deepened, the finger pointing became a matter of public record.
Hayley Miller

How to Party All Day and Not Feel Like Sh*t the Next Morning

Hayley Miller | February 10, 2016 | Women
I woke up in a mild panic last Saturday morning. I had a long day of social events ahead of me and seemingly endless work to do on Sunday. The problem: How could I party all day and not wake up with a horrible hangover? Possible solutions: I could "coat my...
Alexandra Villarreal

Columbia University Students Consider the Value of a Western Education

Alexandra Villarreal | February 8, 2016 | College
Alexander McCoy is a current sophomore in Contemporary Civilization at Columbia University. Photo credit: Gabriella Levy. Before coming to Columbia University two years ago, Alexander McCoy served as a guard for the U.S. Embassy in Saudi Arabia, where he witnessed a beheading...
Garrett Mintz

Why Is the Ivy League Elite?

Garrett Mintz | February 5, 2016 | Business
As far as I was concerned, students that graduated from Ivy League schools were leaps and bounds more prepared for their careers than students who graduated from second-tier schools. But is that really true?
Michelle Green

The Elephant in the Room: Cell Phone Use and Social Media

Michelle Green | February 5, 2016 | College
Our generation, with more means of communication than any before us, has forgotten how to talk to one another.
Vince Bertram

Three Questions High School Seniors Should Ask When Choosing a College

Vince Bertram | February 5, 2016 | College
With acceptance letters in hand, you are now in control, and the responsibility rests with the university to explain why you should choose it. This mindset can also be helpful for younger students who are looking ahead to their own college applications.
Caitlyn McCain

The Advantage of a Liberal Arts Living Space

Caitlyn McCain | February 5, 2016 | College
When you enter a liberal arts living space, the people you spend your time with will help you become a well-rounded student and individual. They demonstrate every day how valuable differing perspectives are to your academic and social experience at college.
Kiara Williams

The Formula to Happiness

Kiara Williams | February 5, 2016 | College
Inevitably, we compare ourselves to others, and it makes us question our self-worth and capabilities. Here are a few simple tips to making you a happier person:
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