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Don Joseph Goewey

Generation Stress

Don Joseph Goewey | August 30, 2015 | Business
Millennials (18-33 year olds) and Generation X (34-46 year olds) are now called Generation Stress. That's because for the last three years, the American Psychological Association's research on stress has found Millennials to be the most stressed demographic in America, with Generation X coming in a close second.
Patricia McGuire

Safety and Security: Not Just for College Students

Patricia McGuire | August 30, 2015 | College
Colleges and universities are soft targets for legislators; it doesn't take much moral courage for a Senator to beat up on a university that allows a predatory quarterback or arrogant frat boys to get away with horrible offenses against women. Shame on the university presidents who have looked the other way.
Elaine Ambrose

A Message To My Son As He Prepares For College

Elaine Ambrose | August 29, 2015 | Fifty
What do you mean you mailed a college application? Get back down on the floor and play with some Legos. Do you want me to make you a sandwich? Or, you can invite your friends over and we'll order pizzas. You can stay up all night, if you want. I'll just go cry in my room, but don't let that bother you.
Martha T.S. Laham

How To Bring Down Exorbitant College Costs

Martha T.S. Laham | August 29, 2015 | Fifty
Lawmakers from across the country are in a perennial tug-of-war over the best ways to make college affordable and to find solutions to the student debt crisis, and so are several presidential hopefuls.
Write for the Future

Journey to a Strong Back

Write for the Future | August 29, 2015 | College
Overcoming spondylolysis, a spine defect, changed my life. The only rehab for me was walking. While it was dangerous for me to walk on inclines, go up steps, or sit down too fast, being able to walk flickered some hope into my heart. I would never take another step for granted.
Karen Gross

Rising Student Defaults Don't Mean What You Think

Karen Gross | August 28, 2015 | College
It would be both wrong and naïve to say that the costs of education are irrelevant. That is a topic we should be addressing. But the borrowers who are out there now in the world have already paid for their education and now they need to repay.
College Tourist

10 Reasons You Should Study Abroad

College Tourist | August 28, 2015 | Travel
These real life experiences and problems that come with living on your own, managing money and traveling will prepare you for your future in a way that English class will never do.
Marian Wright Edelman

Wise Lessons in Servant-Leadership from Howard University's President

Marian Wright Edelman | August 28, 2015 | Politics
Today, Howard University's president Dr. Wayne Frederick is carrying on the tradition of inspiring college leadership set by Dr. Johnson, by our beloved Morehouse College president Dr. Benjamin E. Mays, who mentored Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and many civil rights activists in my generation.

I Have A Chronic Health Condition. This Is What Happened When I Put My Body On Instagram.

Bustle | August 28, 2015 | Women
As the size acceptance movement has grown, plus size women with big bellies and thick butts have been proudly selfie-ing it up all over social media, but for women with lipedema like myself, there has yet to be much of an outlet for expression.
Aisha Subhan

Could Lebanon Turn Trash into Treasure?

Aisha Subhan | August 28, 2015 | College
Several weeks have gone by and the Lebanese government is still without a sanitation solution. The citizens of Beirut have seen trash pile high on their streets, witnessed the stench worsen, and experienced detriments to their own health.
Brett Murphy Hunt

3 Tips For the Common App Essay

Brett Murphy Hunt | August 28, 2015 | College
Throughout the years, I've worked on numerous college application essays with my students. While you know you have to proofread, you may not be aware of these other three tips for success. Read on to learn what to keep in mind as you begin this journey.

The Hard-To-Hear Advice Every 20-Something Needs

Greatist | August 28, 2015 | Healthy Living
Part of adulthood is understanding the importance of finding peace with your current situation. It took me until I was 40 years old, riding solo across the country on my motorcycle to really find my inner peace.
Zach Farghaly

TCKs Removed and Away

Zach Farghaly | August 28, 2015 | College
From a comfortable, self-absorbed life in New York City, you look at the situation happening at "home" -- a land far away and in political, social and economic turmoil -- and you feel many convoluted emotions.
Leah Susman

Moving Forward With the Brandeis-Al-Quds Partnership

Leah Susman | August 28, 2015 | College
Dr. Imad Abu Kishek, the President of Al-Quds University, sat across from me as we celebrated Iftar, Ramadan's nightly break-fast meal. The table was full of students and faculty from Brandeis and Al-Quds, all of whom share a common goal: to reestablish the partnership between our schools.
Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle

Post-Grad: The Art of Failure, or What Happens When Nothing Is Happening

Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle | August 27, 2015 | College
Four months after graduation, I'm still sitting on my parents' couch in sweats, alternating between applying to jobs, writing and watching the daily Sex and the City marathons on E!. Some people see it as an extended vacation, but it gets old after a while.
Lori Eggleston

How to Align Your Values With Your Education

Lori Eggleston | August 27, 2015 | College
Dara Carrillo went to college when she was 18 because "the world told me that's the box I needed to check," she says. "I didn't really think about what was right for me."
Michael Lambert

Why a Gay Atheist Reads the Bible: A Lesson in Learning to Duke's Class of 2019

Michael Lambert | August 27, 2015 | Gay Voices
No matter how far a Southern man goes, he can't outrun Scripture. After a decade as an open atheist and nearly half as long as an openly gay man, the Word still imperceptibly slips from my lips at the odd moment or two.
Amanda Oliver

This Feminist Is Defending the Sorority Sisterhood

Amanda Oliver | August 27, 2015 | Women
What frustrates me the most, and still often surprises me, is how much I am asked about how I could have been in a sorority when I am such a proud feminist. What so many people fail to realize is that I am a proud feminist because I was in a sorority. The two are not, and never have been, mutually exclusive.
The Cut

Do We Really Want Equal Pay?

The Cut | August 27, 2015 | Women
It's not that we're frustrated at making so little progress toward pay equality. It's that we're playing a game we can't ever win.
Jonathan Rajewski

Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Identity When You Head to College

Jonathan Rajewski | August 27, 2015 | College
As another school year commences, here are some rules to follow that can help students avoid any digital nightmares related to their laptops, tablets and cell phones
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