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Billy Shore


My Commencement Address at Bronx Community College

Billy Shore | Posted June 1, 2012

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Today I had the privilege of delivering the commencement address at Bronx Community College. The speech was an opportunity to share the success of No Kid Hungry, to encourage this new generation to more deeply engage in community, and to lay out...

Jennifer Langione


In Transit: From College to Cubicle

Jennifer Langione | Posted June 1, 2012

I stared blankly at the "Micro Bio" line on my blogger profile. Until last week, "Senior, Bucknell University" had been written neatly in this space. As I sat with my hands poised over the keyboard, the issue was not that I didn't have anything to write but rather that I...

David Paradice


Time to Change the Focus of Business Education

David Paradice | Posted June 1, 2012

In spite of every indication that organizational decision making often involves an integrated perspective of the functional areas of business, many business-school curricula produce functional-area majors who do not have a grasp of the overall business context. Our accounting programs produce great accountants. Our marketing programs produce great marketers. But...

Maura Kastberg


Why Justin Combs, Son of Sean "Diddy" Combs, Deserves His Athletic Scholarship

Maura Kastberg | Posted June 1, 2012

UCLA is once more in the news but this time it's because they offered Sean "Diddy" Combs's son Justin an athletic scholarship worth $54,000.00. Here is a student that is a talented football player and has a 3.75 GPA -- not too shabby. UCLA wants him to attend...

William Bloodworth


Education Amplified

William Bloodworth | Posted June 1, 2012

"Let me know if you can't hear me."

We've all heard it -- or didn't hear it. If we heard it, we didn't need to hear it and nothing changed. If we didn't hear it, we needed to hear it, and nothing changed.

If we didn't hear it...

Amy Hansen


Don't Worry, the Real World Is Fun

Amy Hansen | Posted June 1, 2012

For many new college graduates, the past few weeks have been filled with highs and lows. Whether it was walking off of that graduation stage and directly back into your childhood bedroom at your parents' house, giving up your social life for the rigors of graduate school, or trading that...

Paul Stoller


Campus Crusade

Paul Stoller | Posted June 1, 2012

There's going to be a lot of election talk about education between now and the time the voters finally go to the polls in November to elect a president. Both GOP nominee Mitt Romney and President Obama are going to try to convince college students and their parents -- a...

Aubree Eliza Weaver


Real World Realization

Aubree Eliza Weaver | Posted June 4, 2012

Yesterday, I read a short essay that has been spreading like wildfire throughout the country. Just days after graduating from Yale, Marina Keegan's promising young life was cut tragically short in a car accident, but not before her essay, "The Opposite of Loneliness," was shared at her school's...

William Heegaard


Facing Existential Risk: How the U.S. Survived the Atom Bomb and the Ozone Hole

William Heegaard | Posted June 7, 2012

In this project I examine the history behind American perception of human extinction. I explore how existential risk has shaped foreign policy by tracing the domestic debate over nuclear war and ozone depletion. I conclude that a collective belief that either risk would end the human race pushed the U.S....

Sophie Egan


Graduation: The Loneliest Day

Sophie Egan | Posted June 1, 2012

A Letter to My Fellow Graduates of the Great Recession

It's supposed to be like your wedding day or the birth of a child: blissful. Life affirming. There are flags and robes and sashes, hugs and cheers and high-fives, the band playing its jubilant heart out. Family members in all...

Sudio Sudarsan


CSK: The Case of the Winning IPL Cricket Brand

Sudio Sudarsan | Posted June 1, 2012

The most intimate team to its fans, the cricket brand of the common man, CSK, triumphs the kitsch of Bollywood and the pursestrings of India's rich to be the most valuable IPL cricket team.


Most of the greatest sports brands...

David Boaz


President Obama and the Youth Vote

David Boaz | Posted June 1, 2012

President Obama won 66 percent of the 18-29 vote in 2008. But young voters may not embrace the reality of Obama in 2012 as they did the promise in 2008.

A new Gallup poll finds that Obama still gets 64 percent of the youth vote,...

Carl Safina


How to Be Important After Graduation

Carl Safina | Posted June 4, 2012

Graduation is always a joyful time. For the students, a lot of hard work has paid off. And for many parents, a lot of hard paying off has worked. So I'd like to share a few commencement remarks.

As a marine biologist who has earned three degrees, working toward a...

David Wild


'Work To Do': A Sad Soundtrack for a Painful Jobs Report

David Wild | Posted June 1, 2012

When the first headline of the day that you read is "JOBS REPORT DISTASTER" and that headline is on The Huffington Post, that's not good news. Here's my own suggested playlist to take this economic sad song and try to make it just a little bit better. As always, please...


4 Steps to Make Prepaid Cards Better | Posted June 1, 2012

By Beverly Blair Harzog

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced recently that it's taking a look at regulating the prepaid card industry. This decision has come at a really good time. Although these cards were originally targeted at the unbanked, now the whole world seems to be the target...