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Thomas Naples


On Coming Out

Thomas Naples | Posted August 9, 2012

It makes me sad and frustrated that anyone needs to "come out" at all. However, I realize now that being "out" to family, friends, colleagues, professors, the Internet, etc. helps them get to know me and helps me be more comfortable with the way I am.
John W. McCarthy


Millennials Will Stay Home and It's Our Fault

John W. McCarthy | Posted August 9, 2012

There has been an awful lot of conversation this election cycle about "the youth vote." All of these questions miss the real problem at hand: what if young people just don't show up? Even worse -- what if it's our fault?
Dr. Victor Schwartz


New College Students: What To Expect When You're Attending

Dr. Victor Schwartz | Posted August 10, 2012

For many young adults, the move to a college campus represents their first time living away from home and the security of mom and dad.
Karen Sternheimer


In Defense of Face Time

Karen Sternheimer | Posted August 9, 2012

Each semester on my syllabus I let students know that some questions or concerns can't be resolved via email. And yet I have noticed that my office visiting hours, and those of my colleagues, go mostly unfilled except for right before or after a major assignment.
Beverly Low


Thoughts For the Class of 2016 As They Enter College

Beverly Low | Posted August 10, 2012

So many people. So much texting. You want to enjoy your summer, but you are beginning to feel stretched and stressed about fitting everyone and everything into your schedule. I want you to relax.


How to Graduate in 3 Years | Posted August 9, 2012

Parents and students have several options that are worth serious consideration when it comes to managing the cost of higher education. The following six strategies have the potential to save a year or more of the cost of a college education today.
Donna Randall


Is College Too Costly?

Donna Randall | Posted August 9, 2012

The higher education community -- as individual institutions and through our professional associations -- needs to gather and disseminate data that reflect the true value of a college education.
Paul Mandell


Getting the Job Interview: 5 Things You Need to Know

Paul Mandell | Posted August 9, 2012

If you are a recent college graduate, or planning to enter the workforce in the near future, here are some suggestions to put yourself into the circle of most-appealing employee prospects for companies like mine.
Eric Kester


Winning Back the Teenage Male

Eric Kester | Posted August 9, 2012

The literary world has lost the teenage boy. When school begins in the fall and I ask my students who read a book this summer, only a few male hands will reach skyward. I'll be ostensibly upset because there was a summer reading assignment, but deep down I'll somewhat understand.
Jeff DeGraff


Out With the New and in With the Old

Jeff DeGraff | Posted August 9, 2012

The question isn't, "What does Beethoven sound like in a virtual environment?" but rather, "How does symphonic music remain relevant to a generation that doesn't care for Beethoven?" You can almost hear the purse close.
Dr. James Michael Nolan


Are You Sure Affordability Is Really the Issue in Higher Ed?

Dr. James Michael Nolan | Posted August 9, 2012

"Everybody has won, and all must have prizes!" the Dodo from Alice in Wonderland proclaimed. Except it is just not working out that way in the USA these days, if the "prize" is a "good job" in one's field of academic study.
Ashley Oerman


Social Media Makeovers: How's YOUR Online Image?

Ashley Oerman | Posted August 9, 2012

Although it feels wrong to write about something you should be afraid of on a page that's dedicated to overcoming fear, I think having anxiety about your online image is a good thing.
Project Compassion Stanford


Feeling Under the Weather? Go Hang Out With Friends

Project Compassion Stanford | Posted August 9, 2012

Your health is in your hands -- feel justified and liberated to step away from your computer, your iPhone, and your work, and go spend quality time with your friends and family. In fact, call someone up right now and make plans. It's the doctor's orders.