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Jorie Larsen


My Quarter Life Crisis: The Best Summer of Your Life

Jorie Larsen | Posted August 17, 2012

I read that a new poll claims the average American has the best summer of his or her entire life at the tender age of 23.8. Hmmm, I thought. I'm 24.3. That meant the best summer of my life was on the horizon, and I was ill prepared.
J. Michael Welton

Restoring Jefferson's University

J. Michael Welton | Posted August 16, 2012

Now that the political struggles have settled somewhat at The University of Virginia, it's time to get down to what's really important at Mr. Jefferson's academical village.
Jerome Schultz


Working Together as a Collaborative Team

Jerome Schultz | Posted August 16, 2012

For many students with brain-based learning disabilities, the unrelenting frustration involved in taking in, processing and producing information is a rather chronic condition.
Amanda Draughn


What to Do When You Have Performance Dates, But You Have No Script

Amanda Draughn | Posted August 16, 2012

Working on this play is unlike anything I have ever worked on as an actor. We got random pieces of the script at a time, instead of a complete script. We actually received a completed Scene 3 before we had written Scene 2.
Kayley Kravitz


Girls Rock, Too

Kayley Kravitz | Posted August 16, 2012

SGRRC's goal was simple: to empower young women both on and off the stage. Though it has progressed in recent years, the music industry is still very male dominated.
Maura Kastberg


High School Seniors: The Clock Is Ticking

Maura Kastberg | Posted August 16, 2012

With only a few weeks until high school seniors head back to school, it's time to get serious about attending college.
Rep. Gwen Moore


The Campus SaVE Act: A Critical Step to Ending Violence Against Women

Rep. Gwen Moore | Posted August 16, 2012

As with other provisions in VAWA, the SaVE Act is another commonsense protection that is mired in partisan politics. What Republicans have refused to understand is that sexual violence, dating violence and stalking transcend political lines.
Rachel Olstein Kaplan


Planting Seeds of Change

Rachel Olstein Kaplan | Posted August 16, 2012

Shoshana Wineburg always resisted her mother's requests to help with the gardening. Yet now, at 25, the Seattle native and inveterate traveler is eager to plant seeds -- both literally and figuratively -- that will blossom into brighter futures for the communities she works with.
Malia Griggs


Lessons I've Learned (So Far) Living in New York

Malia Griggs | Posted August 16, 2012

I have a mantra I repeat to myself when I'm not working in my cloud of an office way, way up in the sky. It is, quite simply: Don't think about it. And on that note, a sub-rule: Don't look at the ground. You will see ungodly things. It will change you.
Jodi Okun


The New College Financial Aid Shopping Sheet: Know Before You Owe!

Jodi Okun | Posted August 16, 2012

The Shopping Sheet reveals the costs and responsibilities of student loans upfront -- before students have enrolled -- outlining their total estimated annual costs, institutional rates of completion and default.
Ryan Madden


Far From Friendly: A Night at the Azteca

Ryan Madden | Posted August 18, 2012

The history of U.S. Soccer at the Azteca is one of abject failure, a drought that dates back to 1937. As our motorcade turns from one unnamed street from another, the shuttle starts to get hit with unknown objects thrown by fans on sidewalks. We must be getting closer.
Adam Goldstein


Why the University of Georgia Student Editors Resigned

Adam Goldstein | Posted August 16, 2012

You may think the editors resigned to make a First Amendment point, but this isn't about the First Amendment. This is about journalism, and how we teach it, and what student journalists are supposed to learn.


Freshman Freak Out

Uloop | Posted August 16, 2012

I thought my freshman days were over, but turns out, they're just beginning. It's that nervous routine all over again, only this time, I love it.
Dr. Stephen M. Gavazzi


Caught in a Bad Romance? Relationships and the Transition to Campus Life

Dr. Stephen M. Gavazzi | Posted August 16, 2012

Parents must move away from being supervisors of their sons and daughters and closer to the role of "coach." And coaches, by the nature of their being on the sidelines, are wise to not "get in the game" with their college bound students.
Paul Murre


College Dreams Grow Closer to Reality in California

Paul Murre | Posted August 16, 2012

Both components of the Middle Class Scholarship Act have passed the California State Assembly. And now it seems there is a real possibility for deep, impactful reform of our higher education system.
Kinne Chapin

BIO Relationship Advice for Roommates

Kinne Chapin | Posted August 16, 2012

If you think about it, having a college roommate is a lot like getting married. You and your roommate are stuck with each other -- for better or worse, in sickness and in health, until summer vacation parts you.
Mary Lou Floyd


My $50,000 Learning Experience

Mary Lou Floyd | Posted August 19, 2012

Was the school not right for her or did she need some maturing? Or had I gotten so caught up in the college acceptance frenzy that I had put unrealistic demands and expectations on her?
Michael Neill


An End to Writer's Block

Michael Neill | Posted August 16, 2012

Sun Tzu says that "what is essential in war is victory, not prolonged operations." And I know for myself that when I'm inspired and clear, I can write three chapters in the time it takes the uninspired me to craft a paragraph. So when I don't know what to write, I wait.