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Warren J. Blumenfeld


Overlapping Stereotypes of LGBT People and Jews as Developmentally Immature

Warren J. Blumenfeld | Posted October 3, 2012

Throughout history, dominant groups have depicted or represented minority groups in a variety of negative ways in order to maintain control or mastery. I have found many clear and stunning connections between historical representations of LGBT people and Jewish people.
Kerry O'Shea Gorgone


How to Ace Law School and Land a Job: Tips from the Top of the Class

Kerry O'Shea Gorgone | Posted October 3, 2012

I graduated first in my class of nearly 300 from Suffolk University Law School. Here's how I made it from palpitations to graduation.
Don Meyer, Ph.D.


On Being a Good Sport

Don Meyer, Ph.D. | Posted October 3, 2012

We don't have to look very far to find ample evidence of unsportsmanlike conduct. Out of control fans (especially parents) and coaches and players bring disgrace and embarrassment to themselves and everyone around them. How easy it is to forget that it is only a game.
Wray Herbert


Is Juvenile Delinquency a Failure of Imagination?

Wray Herbert | Posted October 3, 2012

Over the years -- long before and after 1950s America -- experts have targeted everything from genes to poverty to poor parenting and worse teachers as the source of teenage misbehavior. Now comes a fresh idea from psychological science.
Susan Moeller


NEW STUDY: Mobile Phones Put the 'Social' in Social Media

Susan Moeller | Posted October 3, 2012

More than any other platform, mobile phones have initiated a global youth digital culture, by making content and comment available all the time, wherever students are. The result is that students not only take in endless amounts of information, but personalize and reorganize it.
Haider Khan


Saving the Euro and the EU: Can Europe Do It?

Haider Khan | Posted October 3, 2012

With the continuous outpouring of bleak economic data from the EU, many are expressing deep pessimism bordering on despair about the prospects for the sustainability of the monetary union.
Josh Birch


Realizing What We've Been Given

Josh Birch | Posted October 3, 2012

I began to think that perhaps these sports reporters and crews don't know how good they have it. Perhaps they don't realize that they are living out the dream thousands of young aspiring journalists have.
Thought Catalog


20 People You Meet In Your 20s

Thought Catalog | Posted October 3, 2012

One's 20s, like his/her other decades, is packed full with meeting people of different shapes, sizes and temperaments. These 20s, however, are a special time of finding footing and doing grown-up stuff. These are 20 people who surround you. Slideshow by Chelsea Fagan of The...
Dr. David Svaldi


Educational Integrity in Post-Truth America

Dr. David Svaldi | Posted October 3, 2012

When we don't even share the same facts anymore, because the truth is being manufactured and remanufactured, we lose any ability to reach consensus or to compromise, and problems go begging for solutions we can never agree upon.
Thomas Kruczek


Bringing Innovation to the Ivory Tower

Thomas Kruczek | Posted October 3, 2012

A college campus should be an exciting interface between the academic and the real world, an institution at the cutting edge of social and technological change, an incubator for new ideas.
Emily Booker


Tales From the Election: Poison, Pinheads and Partisanship

Emily Booker | Posted October 3, 2012

Ten minutes later, our bosses rushed over, asked where the food had come from and were horrified to learn we had accepted food from a stranger. "What did this man look like, this is a political campaign! There could be strychnine or something in that! Let us know if you're not feeling well," they said.
William G. Tierney


Getting Left Behind

William G. Tierney | Posted October 3, 2012

The Great Recession has claimed many victims, but one casualty is seldom mentioned: students under-prepared for college. Three developments cloud these students' college futures, particularly in California.
Frank H. Wu


Shrinking Law Schools

Frank H. Wu | Posted October 3, 2012

Law schools should have reduced their class sizes long ago. Or at a minimum, we ought to have done our part to set realistic expectations. Even in a boom economy, only a minority of graduates from a minority of law schools were competitive for the entry-level slots at the one hundred largest law firms.
Tara Lemmey


What Can Educators Learn From Hackers? We Learn Better When Learning Together

Tara Lemmey | Posted October 3, 2012

There is a growing body of research that suggests that learning as part of a group, be it in a hackerspace or a college study group, is much more effective, engaging, and efficient than learning on one's own.
Jake Fischer


The Mesmerizing Impact of the London 2012 Olympic Games

Jake Fischer | Posted October 3, 2012

The Olympics stood for so many things, patriotism, innovation, sportsmanship and impressionism among many. Similarly, study abroad also can stand for many values and traits.
Alison Malmon


National Day Without Stigma

Alison Malmon | Posted October 3, 2012

This Oct. 9, in honor of Mental Health Awareness Week, Active Minds chapters across the country will gather on their campuses for National Day Without Stigma.
Stephen Beal


When Choosing a College, Is Geography Destiny?

Stephen Beal | Posted October 3, 2012

Would Larry Page and Sergey Brin have founded Google if they had gone to an Ivy League school instead of Stanford? Perhaps. But Stanford's ties to Silicon Valley are legendary, and opportunities for innovation were literally all around them. Maybe geography is indeed destiny.
Will Newman


Is America Ready for a President Who Has Never Been Drunk?

Will Newman | Posted October 5, 2012

America makes a lot more sense if you are drunk. For example, why are birth rates the highest in states where the obesity rates are the highest? Until you have been drunk, and lonely, and get unlimited mass texting on your phone, you will never know the answer.
Stefani Jones


Let Duke's Victims Have a Voice

Stefani Jones | Posted October 3, 2012

It's often difficult to comprehend the enormous hurdles facing sexual assault victims on their road to reporting. But it's even harder to understand why universities like Duke would be in the business of creating another obstacle.
Marybeth Gasman


Who Will Educate Low-Income Students?

Marybeth Gasman | Posted October 3, 2012

I would argue that Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) are aiding, and have significant potential to aid, more low-income students and to contribute greatly to degree attainment in the U.S.
George Forsythe


The Top 100 College Rankings: A Practical Perspective

George Forsythe | Posted October 3, 2012

The list can sway student decisions and, of course, cause controversy among our fine institutions and academic leaders. The question future freshmen and their families must ask regarding the list is: "What does it all mean?"
Jay Halfond


Caveat E-Emptor -- Let the Online Student Beware

Jay Halfond | Posted October 3, 2012

When it comes to online learning, the public conflates a complex and varied attempt at innovation into one gross oversimplification.
Ray Prendergast


Back to School, Back to Work: How to Get Ahead in Manufacturing (Video)

Ray Prendergast | Posted October 3, 2012

College-level education is increasingly important, and workers need to keep their skills sharp and career moving by mastering the latest technologies.
Steven Paul Leiva


New Clothes for Shakespeare and Sondheim, or the 'Wisdom' of Harry Hotdoggen

Steven Paul Leiva | Posted October 3, 2012

Arrogance of ignorance rests at the core of the proponents of Creationism and Intelligent Design -- it leads to ideology not ideas; madness not method; hate not the humane.
David Karpf


Andover Uprising: Hedge Fund Children Fighting to Liberate the Masses

David Karpf | Posted October 3, 2012

The leaders of Concerned Youth of America are likely all wonderful, well-meaning people. They may vote for Democrats and Republicans both, but that does not make them the political middle. What unites this supposed "center" is its haughty elitism.
The GypsyNesters


9 Things We Wish We'd Known Before We Sent Our Kid To College

The GypsyNesters | Posted October 3, 2012

With autumn upon us, many new empty nesters have sent a fledgling off to college for the first time. Here are some DOs and DON'Ts on how to get through that first semester without losing your mind.