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12:40 PM on 05/04/2008
Obama is definitely right on this one....
12:39 PM on 05/04/2008
Hillary has returned to her Goldwater Girl roots, echoing the kind of laguage for which he was soundly defeated. May she be as well. I can detect no difference between her position and that of Cheney and crew.
12:39 PM on 05/04/2008
Is Hillary running as a Democrat or Republican? How is saying that we will obliterate a sovereign nation helping us? Moreover, it sows her stunning lack of understanding problems with the Middle East, Turkey, the former Muslim Soviet Republics and the Shia /Sunni divide. Our problems with Isreal and the Arabs does not end or even begin with Iran-- Just a thought
12:39 PM on 05/04/2008
This language and any similar action is unacceptable.

1. My fiance is Persian and still has family still living in Tehran.

2. Why is it the US's role to police the world? Israel has its own military and nuclear weapons and can defend itself just fine.

3. We don't need another President who acts in direct violation to the will of the United Nations. We have seen where that got us.
01:00 PM on 05/04/2008

It should NOT be the role of the USA to police the world.That's why we can't elect another president who engages in wild west, cowboy foreign policy. John McCain AND now Hillary Clinton seem hell bent in that direction. Apparently, neither one has learned much from Bush's drastic, tragic decisions.
01:20 PM on 05/04/2008
The U.S. is sovereign and will never subjugate itself to the will of the United Nations. Ever.

Our President takes an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. That means at all costs. Period.
02:19 PM on 05/04/2008
No more phoney wars for the likes of you, Mike O. Tell me please that freedom is not free and that you are proud to be an Amurican. Ya. Proud to be an American of the unpatriotic type who will gladly send someone else's kids on a fool's errand.

Why do you think Bush invented so many reasons, serially, to explain why we are in Iraq.
Do you support him in that?

Can you distinguish between a contraction and an erection?
12:39 PM on 05/04/2008
Finally, someone calls Clinton out for her Iranian genocide comments!
01:23 PM on 05/04/2008
I did not see any reprimands here for Iran when Ahmadinejad vowed to wipe Isreal from the face of the Earth. I'm beginning to believe that liberals are truly mentally disturbed. What's black is white. What's wrong is right. Unbelievable.
Former repub, still repenting
06:02 PM on 05/04/2008
Again he said he meant by elections in the region in where-by the P{alenstinians could vote and would win and the name would surely be changed back to Palenstine wipping Isreal off the face of the map.

He clarified what he meant just as McCain clarifies what he meant by Bomb Bomb Iran..

01:30 PM on 05/04/2008
And responding, in no uncertain terms, is the best assurance that nothing will happen. I've avoided MANY physical confrontations by getting directly in the face of my opponent and assuring them that they will end up worse of than I will. The willingness to use overwhelming force has kept me out of trouble time and again.

Corollary to West African proverb "Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.":
You never have to use force as long as your opponent truly believes that you will.
02:20 PM on 05/04/2008
Your phallic surmises are particularly revealing, Mike O. They don't call you O. for nothing, eh?
12:39 PM on 05/04/2008
She is a nutjob. Not only with her comments toward Iran but also against China. She is making us more enemies which is the last thing we need.

She and McCain want to make more war on this world. Brace yourselves.
12:38 PM on 05/04/2008
"Do we want to be at nuclear war with Iran on behalf of Saudi Arabia, or do we want a region with five nuclear powers?"

If our two options are:

1) Millions of innocent people burned to death in a nuclear holocaust, or

2) Five countries with nuclear weapons locked into a stalemate of mutually-assured destruction similar to our own Cold War

I'm pretty sure which option most people would choose.
12:38 PM on 05/04/2008
I have always said this about Hillary. Just let some terrorist get in the way of her legacy and obliterate is what you get.
12:53 PM on 05/04/2008
Hillary and her "testicular fortitude". Give me a break. She ought to drop out and run with McCain, cause she's NOT going to win among democrats by bringing back the cold war. Isreal has plenty of their own nukes to respond in the event of an Iranian nuclear attack. Not that I wish them to gain that capability. It should be remembered that the only country on earth to ever use nuclear weapons was the United States of America. Hillary is "out of touch." And increasingly sounds positively dangerous!
01:35 PM on 05/04/2008
That's because we immediately armed to the teeth to assure that anyone else using them would be destroyed. We killed thousands and saved millions with the use of nukes in Japan. That's a fact. It cannot be disputed.

Problem is that liberals never look beyond what's right in front of them to the downstream effects of anything. Liberals are a simple-minded group of overly emotional and under intelligent fools.
12:37 PM on 05/04/2008
It is very clear who the leader of the free world should and should not be. All manner of tactical diplomacy and US credibility will be gone with Hillary Clinton in office. It's time to unite the Democratic party, now.
12:36 PM on 05/04/2008
Hillary your lips are moving so you MUST be lying again. Please go away and take your old lecherous husband with you.
12:44 PM on 05/04/2008
who the hell is still supporting this woman for the nomination?????
12:52 PM on 05/04/2008
Don't forget in addition to her path to DESTRUCTION FOR US ALL she will LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING
Watch her lie in Indiana
12:35 PM on 05/04/2008

Call it what is is, Barack!

Hillary talks like a neocon, walks like a neocon, acts like a neocon.

The stupid gas tax holiday too was a Republican-hatched idea first put forth by McCain.

There is only one Democrat running in this primary.
12:46 PM on 05/04/2008
Hillary talks like a neocon because she is pandering to the Republicans. She thinks that they are voting for her because of what she says when in reality they are voting for her because she will be easier to beat by McCain in November if she is the Democratic nominee. You see, Hillary will say whatever she needs to for the moment to get nominated. She thinks that she will never have to make good on any of her promises because in her estimation, the election going in the Democrats favor is a shoe in. What she doesn't have the brains to see and anyone else who is swayed into voting for her based on her false promises, is that she has campaigned so much like McCain that it will be hard for anyone to tell the difference between the two candidates should they be McCain and Hillary. They both are saying the same things. If the Democrats nominate Hillary they will deserve everything they get from the coming election. She is tired and beat and has stooped to using the right's talking points to appeal to everyone. Operation Chaos is alive and real and don't think alot of Republicans posting here don't know it. Hillary is just as sneaky as they are only she is too stupid to see that they are using her for their own good.

Obama 2008
12:35 PM on 05/04/2008
Let's put this in human terms. Iran has 70 million people. Hillary wants them all to die for the mistakes of a few.
12:30 PM on 05/04/2008
Hillary, I don't want you answering the phone at three a.m. Or three p.m., for that matter.
12:41 PM on 05/04/2008
haha… word!
Former repub, still repenting
05:11 PM on 05/04/2008