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Reasonable comments in an unreasonable world
11:21 PM on 10/09/2011
.I thought maybe it was Obama for the economic theories he was about to unveil.
new beginning
Practice random acts of kindness-change the world
08:08 AM on 10/10/2011
Now THAT is FUNNY!!! Sadly true. But FUNNY!

Thanks for the chuckle!
11:14 PM on 10/09/2011
It seems ironic that they're giving a Nobel Prize for Economics in this economy.
10:38 PM on 10/09/2011
The Nobel Prize has no value since Obama won it for doing absolutely nothing.
Adeyemo Sodipo
We all belong to the human race!!!
10:44 PM on 10/09/2011
Have you won any credible award? Where did you go to school? What are your qualifications? You are just another jealous tea party anarchist. You are one of those Obama haters. Obama did not do anything, what have you done in your "illustrious" life? Just a hater of people.
11:10 PM on 10/09/2011
This award is different from the nobel peace prize, but the guys point is valid with regard to the peace prize. They de-valued it when they gave it to the President for doing nothing. Nothing against the President, but he did not deserve the award.
11:49 PM on 10/09/2011
Yes, but 'droopyeye' didn't win the Nobel Peace Prize. We may all belong to the human race, but we didn't all win the peace prize. And most of us don't feel deserving either, just concerned about Obama getting one. Yet another poster suggested jokingly that he could get one for economics. I don't see ANYONE getting a Nobel prize for economics right now.
10:35 PM on 10/09/2011
Obama won the Nobel prize for what ? ? ? ? Because he was our first black president ! That made the prize worthless !
11:43 PM on 10/09/2011
You realize that this is different from the peace prize, right?
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Hardcore Agnostic
12:57 AM on 10/10/2011
First, that was the peace prize. Second, he won it because he wasn't Bush, not because he was our first black president. I still disagree with him winning it though.
10:29 PM on 10/09/2011
it should be bagwati or feldstein
Independently, non-dependent
10:02 PM on 10/09/2011
Put me on the list! My economic theory is nomoObo in 2012! Peace brothers....peace..
Sherry Hunt my hero
09:35 PM on 10/09/2011
Nobel price should be given only to those who evidently improved life of humans anywhere in the world. Not for some theories without big impact.
Truth be told
09:28 PM on 10/09/2011
I wonder what warmonger will receive the next Peace Prize?
Hijeetz Mipanz
November 2012, The End of a Mistake.
09:14 PM on 10/09/2011
How about Bobby Holder winning for biggest Fraudddd.
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Just My Thoughts 2011
Life's but a walking shadow
09:04 PM on 10/09/2011
The Nobel Peace Prize became completely meaningless after it was awarded to Obama.

It was handed it to him without him earning it, totally ruining the reverence of it.

The Peace Prize is now hollow and pointless.
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09:48 PM on 10/09/2011
has been the most political of the prizes for a long time. kissinger? big LOL. even literature is somewhat politicized. the physical science awards are really the ones to take more seriously.
11:44 PM on 10/09/2011
Well it's a good thing this isn't the Peace Prize, this is the Nobel Prize for Economics.
08:59 PM on 10/09/2011
And baggers would say these brilliant people have a left-wing bias. Doesn't matter that all the evidence points to their belief that public investment -> R&D -> technological advance -> economic growth. We have to keep investing.
09:27 PM on 10/09/2011
I agree - but use your own money.
10:01 PM on 10/09/2011
So, if those who want R&D investment "use their own money," those who don't will not be allowed to enjoy the benefits of R&D investment. That means if they didn't want to pay taxes on such investment, they wouldn't be allowed to buy the resulting technologies, use them in their businesses, etc. because all of that is economic stimulus from taxes paid to invest in R&D.
large employer per obamacare
11:11 PM on 10/09/2011
so does the devaluation of our dollar also fit into the growth plan? or things like government growth, 600b budget 1980....2011 3.6 t budget....hows that for growth?
08:58 PM on 10/09/2011
I am surprised its not George Soros just a thought Obama could go w/him to pick it up lol
Truth be told
09:30 PM on 10/09/2011
I know you are making a failing attempt at sarcasm,
but truly, Soros should be considered for the Peace Prize.

His foundations have benefited the poor and underrepresented
around the world.
09:39 PM on 10/09/2011
R U Kidding Me well hereeeeeeeees george ONE EVIL DUDE
large employer per obamacare
11:12 PM on 10/09/2011
how does it benefit a country to have its currency torpedoed?
08:53 PM on 10/09/2011
Definitely WON'T be Obama, lol !
08:52 PM on 10/09/2011
Ever since they gave one to Obama for doing NOTHING... I lost all respect.
08:49 PM on 10/09/2011
How about Depression and Practical Real World Economists?
large employer per obamacare
11:14 PM on 10/09/2011
those guys dont count.....the deficit spending crowd are the ones they celebrate....why worry about tomorrow when you are living today?