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more amazing than you
10:49 PM on 10/11/2011
More than 50 percent of active adults on Facebook follow a brand, and there are 100 million "likes" on pages every single day, Everson said. On average, Facebook users have an average of 130 to 150 friends, who are connected to 8,000 friends, she noted.
Not because they like the brand necessarily.

Most of the time "like"ing is required to take advantage of an offer or discount.  Want that coupon for a free hamburger?  You have to "like" us.   Want a coupon code for free shipping?  Like us, b-person.

 I do not get the facebook (nice concept, but usage rights on works are an issue I think), but I see how this is important.  The ability to interact with a store without using the phone is definitely useful in the modern age.  As long as it is easy enough.  APIs for passing location data to the site would make it more usable.

Of course this could turn off other shoppers.  I am not affiliating myself with a company just to know where I can get the cheap low-spec laptop after standing in the parking lot for 15 hours.  I do not see the benefit.
10:43 PM on 10/11/2011
Walmart will take all your shared facebook minutia and sell it for profit. Have you ever really spent less money than you planned on spending in a Walmart? I don't think so. They are one of the reasons that America is crumbling as a nation. Jobs are lost at all levels because of them, unless you wish to work at midnight re stocking shelves,which will soon be done by "robots"
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Whatever happened to common sense?
10:10 PM on 10/11/2011
Walmart is always about 5 steps ahead of the competition.
Like, you talkin' to me?
10:16 AM on 10/12/2011
In unethical behavior.
Ted Cantu
10:00 PM on 10/11/2011
Another reason why Walmart is the BEST ! Always a step ahead. And they have great jobs for all your haters out there as greeters !!! (When youre old enough of course)
A Bernie Sanders Proud Socialist Liberal
09:34 PM on 10/11/2011
Ick. I hate Walmart!
10:12 PM on 10/11/2011
I stoped shopping at wallmart 3years ago and i forbid my wife to go there as well i will never go into walmart agin dont agree with the way they do their employees they make them work for sub par wages then we have to suppily there foodstamps health care
10:25 PM on 10/11/2011
"Forbid your wife"... scary.
Mr Hankey
Kucinich / Sanders (Democratic Socialist)
12:15 AM on 10/12/2011
F&F, and I especially like your microbio :)
09:17 PM on 10/11/2011
Don't do it people! Your privacy is already compromised enough by being on Facebook! Don't do it!
It is, what it is!
09:11 PM on 10/11/2011
What is funny or ironic is the multitude of sheeple putting out their personal information to the ether and then shout that they do not want the government in their private lives. I-phones, emil, facebook, ordinary cell phones, GPS in their personal cars, Heck, I am not that computer literate but I can type in the name and general area and by a process of limination find out where an ex- lives, phone number, and directions to their home or job. Most totaltitarian regime starts off acquiring this evasive information by secret means. WE ARE GIVING IT TO THEM. Citizens we need to think, is this what we want "FOR THE FUTURE OF OUR GRANDCHILDREN, I FOR ONE DO NOT."

"Vote 2012 for the future of America and our Grandkids"
Corparations are not individuals, they are money making machines. Allowing them to give infinite amount of $$$$$ is not right. This country was built on the backs of under paid workers and small business'. Which way are we going?? Repressive or Progressive?? The voters should decide. Not big money. GBA
09:09 PM on 10/11/2011
LOSERS! On facebook liking Walmart! May as well throw your computer or smart phone into the trash and turn on network primetime TV.
We The People
09:06 PM on 10/11/2011
They are trying to do everything. Have ya priced meat there lately? LOL $4 more a pound than the regular store. They may start selling cars soon. LOL
09:03 PM on 10/11/2011
I think that Wal-Mart is so desperate to make something happen, that they'll try anything. I suppose only time will tell, but quite honestly, I would NOT want anyone to know I shopped there. Friends or not. Eek! Good luck on getting people to admit that...
08:58 PM on 10/11/2011
One of the best things that Wall Mart could do is to cut back of supporting labor in China and perhaps shell out some manufacturing to the states that lost the mom & pop business that Wall Mart pushed out in the US. But that would be a dream but it shur would help the 99% of this country and the unemployement du to corporate greed.
Sean Connolly
08:55 PM on 10/11/2011
i couldn't care if old Zuck is selling our personal info so corporations know what we like and want. It makes the world a better place if Corporations are aware of our "likes" and "interests".

just do what Eric Scmidt says, change your name.
08:38 PM on 10/11/2011
Good for facebook and walmart, bad for us. That's why I don't post any personal information on FB anymore nor do I link any of my other sites to facebbok.
Book-em Dano
08:31 PM on 10/11/2011
Ok, I am calm now. Face Book sells your information to anyone who wants to pay for it. Wal Mart knows what you like because they buy the information from Face Book. They come to your town through the net and look at what people in that area are into, like football or computers, maybe its a collage town. Then they stock their store with things that they know will sell in that area because they paid for that information. And now they can get to you through your face book first hand. Your scocial network has never been YOURS.
09:02 PM on 10/11/2011
Not to mention keeping the Manufacturing going in Chaina. It is what the 99% are talking about. CORPORATE GREED AND UNEMPLOYMENT IN THIS COUNTRY
08:29 PM on 10/11/2011
They may be on facebook but maybe they should quit the grocery business . I bought some fruit there a couple of weeks ago and it was by far the oldest most repungent fruit I have ever bought anywhere. After one bite of it I threw it out it was that old. Walmart is a waste of space in America.