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Jenny M Derfler
New York City, Boston, Chicago, and Denver Girl!
10:43 PM on 10/13/2011
I really do want my first child 2 be a boy!! B/c my family was mostly composed of girls, I've always been tomboyish my whole life, I'm more comfortable around guys than I am around girls, and girls are harder to take care of by the time they reach their teenage years!!
08:01 AM on 10/14/2011
I have two daughters and one son and they were all equally easy to raise during their teenage years. Try not to be so hard on girls.
10:41 PM on 10/13/2011
I also wanted a girl, that's all I could think about was raising a little girl. I had myself convinced I was having a baby girl.
When the doctor announced it's a boy! I said it's a What !!!
But the second he was put in my arms, all was forgotten of how much I wanted a little girl.
And now 29 years later, I have another beautiful 3 year old little boy.
A scholars ink lasts longer than a martyrs blood
10:35 PM on 10/13/2011
I only had one boy after wanting a girl all my life. While 99.99% of the time he's all male, just deny him any of his many requests and he'll pitch the biggest girly fit you ever saw.
10:50 PM on 10/13/2011
My boys too!!!
10:56 PM on 10/13/2011
That's F'd up, but I like it. LMAO!!!!
10:31 PM on 10/13/2011
I truly despised that question "what do you want to have?". It would totally put me in a funk. And it's a dumb question at that. Pregnancy and the opportunity to be a mother were just so exciting enough that I never had in my head to even prefer one gender over another. I think its sad that people still have these desires. Just be happy with whoever youre blessed with. Its a precious time and im so happy I will never have to tell my child ever that I wanted a certain gender. Those of you who do need to realize that you get what you get.
10:25 PM on 10/13/2011
Very nice story! Thank you.
10:24 PM on 10/13/2011
Incredible. I am so glad I was blessed with a son. I would have felt the same if I had a daughter. As long as he or she is healthy.
10:22 PM on 10/13/2011
Be glad that you found your husband and had a child at all! I never found the love of my life and never had children. I'm a middle aged woman who lives with her cat. It give me pause when I see parents acting like this. Count your blessings. You could be single with no children.
10:44 PM on 10/13/2011
Well said sister!
10:48 PM on 10/13/2011
Don't give up hn. That special one could be out there yet for you!
10:19 PM on 10/13/2011
It's hard to believe that in 2011 a prospective parent could stereotype "boy" and "girl" activities to this extent.
08:28 AM on 10/14/2011
Yes, I have found so many of the comments quite shocking. I have two daughters and one son, all in their late twenties. My daughters played multiple sports, could build anything with blocks and legos, and excelled at math and science, just like their brother. They also loved pink and purple, ribbons and bows and dolls. My son had Cabbage Patch dolls just like his sisters, loved the play kitchen and vacuum, excelled in English, loves to read, and was always the best at doing laundry. If I was ill, he was always the first to be there to help me, even getting up during the night to check on me. We raised our children to do and be anything they wanted. We did not believe in placing gender stereotypes on them and I can say, we were successful. They are all very well rounded adults.
08:55 PM on 10/14/2011
We have twins-one of each. They each have access to boy and girl toys. Books, dolls, trains, cars, care bears, pink, blue, purple, red--you name it.
My daughter picks up the dollies and babbles to them and hugs them and acts like a little mother. My son picks up a doll and bashes it on the floor. He loves things with wheels. He likes to climb on the furniture while my daughter likes to sit and look at books. We didn't show them how to play like this. They are in each other's company constantly yet they don't play the same way. As much as I will fight for women's rights and tell anyone who will listen why men and women are equal we are not them same. I will teach my son how to bake and my daughter how to use a circular saw, I will let them wear what ever colors they want and not push them to one or another, but I can not change biology.
Just as a funny side note-my daughter has stuffies she sleeps with but my (only) son has a blankey (they only one of my three that has an attachment to a blanket) We call it fuzzy. It's pink and fluffy. When he is sad or tired he stuffs it in his mouth and wraps his arms around it.
10:09 PM on 10/13/2011
There is no reason to "take what you get" or "be shocked" at the sex of your unborn child! The book was published (with excerpts in Reader's Digest!) in 1971 on how to pre-determine your child's sex; AND it is 85% successful! I always said I didn't want boys; none of their fathers had a legacy worth living up to. I wanted girls and 4 out of 5 were! Sadly, my one "unplanned" pregnancy was my son, whose heart stopped beating 1 minute before he delivered. The book, by the way, was written by Dr. Shettles.
Melisa Paddock Pehl
09:58 PM on 10/13/2011
I had two sons when I got pregnant with my third child. I won't lie or sugarcoat it. I wanted a little girl more than anything in the world. Yeah, I know people have fertility issues. Yeah, I know I was lucky that the baby was healthy....but when that ultrasound showed NO twig and berries, I was thrilled. Its not that I would have loved a boy any less, I just wanted to know what it was like to have a daughter. No big whoop. And the joke was on me anyways, because she likes dirt, farts, and poop humor just as much as the boys do.
09:56 PM on 10/13/2011
Did any of you haters actually finish reading the article? She loves her son and sounds like a great mother. The article wouldn't have amounted to much is she had wanted a boy from the beginning... Got pregnant. Wanted a boy. Got one. The end.
09:49 PM on 10/13/2011
"This was NOT what I had planned. I had planned on tea parties and pigtails, dammit, not mud pies and ripped jeans." I didn't know this woman was political.
09:00 PM on 10/14/2011
HaHa--thanks for the laugh!
10:45 PM on 10/14/2011
yw ;)
09:48 PM on 10/13/2011
I completely understand exactly what she means! I also waited 35 years for my daughter and was thrilled to hear the words " She's a girl!" when she was born. Luckily I got my girlie-girl. I am so happy that I got to be a dance mom for 14 years instead of a soccer mom. Boys are icky. All you critical people need to go shopping for shoes and lighten up. Each to his own.
My daughter is now in college and she is a terrific kid. We have great respect for each other as well as a very close relationship. Very much like my relationship with my own mother. Mothers of daughters rock!
10:35 PM on 10/13/2011
How sad that you think boys are "icky." If you have a grandson, will you feel the same?
03:18 AM on 10/14/2011
Yes it is certainly tragic that you are not able to see the fact that I used the word "icky" as any girlie girl would say. Here's a clue... it was meant to be funny.
Thank you so much for pointing out that you have no sense of humor.
10:45 PM on 10/13/2011
If boys are so "icky" than how did you manage to get prego in the first place??
03:21 AM on 10/14/2011
I married a grown man. Duh. Still happily married after 30 years. Thank you.
Some call it being alone, I call it solitude.
09:45 PM on 10/13/2011
Hey at least you were able to have a child. You wanted a girl...So sorry for the outcome,tyr again, the odds are 51/50 of the girl being the one. Somewhat higher when the mother is over 36 (?).
Years ago my wife & I had 2 sons...Would have preferred 2 girls, because I had learned from my own & my brother's past how well boys can loose their fathers tools. Not to mention the savagery of some of our fights which resulted in his trips to the hospital Sad to think you now have to train them to leave the toilet seat in the DOWN position (for the lone female in the house) Remember though the most important things is the health & their ability to learn compassion for others as well as to treat their future female friends in a nice manner.
09:38 PM on 10/13/2011
When my daughter found out she was pregnant with my first grandchild, I went out and bought about 10 of the cutest little girl outfits I could find. I put them in the trunk of my car and said a prayer to God...well it really was more like a demand to God. I said, "OK God, I bought the girl clothes. You take care of the rest." Well, I'm sure you know how this turned out. God laughed. I have a beautiful grandson. Six years old now. I donated the clothes to charity.
So then my other daughter got pregnant. I couldn't help myself but to go shopping again for girl clothes. This time I added to my demand, "God, maybe you didn't understand me. I want a girl!" God laughed even harder...and more clothes to charity. Grandson # 2 is now 5 years old and I wouldn't trade him for the world.
So the next time either of my daughters gets pregnant, I'm going to go out and buy boy clothes. I think I have this God thing finally figured out! LOL!
10:25 AM on 10/14/2011
I loved your comment! So glad your grandsons bring you such joy!