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Mindy Czech
Cindy's wife for life.
11:23 AM on 10/13/2011
I used to dislike Lady Gaga and thought of her as just some other pop singer. I had only heard a couple of songs, and I didn't find them impressive. Then my wife was watching an interview with her, and I thought "Wow, this woman is pretty smart and grounded" and gave her music another chance. I still don't care for a lot of it, as it's not my style, but I recognize that she is actually a very talented singer/songwriter/pianist. And what she is doing for the gay community really endears her to me. To have someone my age be able to make such an impact is pretty cool, and I have nothing but respect for her now.
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11:22 AM on 10/13/2011
"impactful"? Another nail in the coffin of a wonderful language. :(