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Contrarian advocate for truth and justice
07:14 AM on 10/18/2011
Honesty is not a corporate value.
09:09 AM on 10/18/2011
Corporations - especially public ones - have a fiduciary responsibility to make money. That's it - they don't exist to make people happy. . . or be honest. That's why all the Ayn Rand types drive me nuts. "Enlightened self interest" doesn't work when the overriding factor is profit.
07:03 AM on 10/18/2011
I worked for Delta airlines years ago and they were practicing this type of 'management'. If I worked an irregular operation (weather, late flights, etc.) I sometimes would be working through to the next morning when the 1st shift showed up. I remember putting down for overtime and being told to take comp time instead. If I didn't, 'someone from Atlanta would come up and talk to me' .
Nick SketchCat Wilson
So it goes.
07:01 AM on 10/18/2011
Ah yes. Denial of overtime. A surefire way to force a person into a second job at equally menial pay.
Thanks M and D for raising me to think for myself
09:50 AM on 10/18/2011
The problem with retail is the always changing weekly schedule which insures obtaining a second job is virtually impossible. Guaranteed poor working class.
06:58 AM on 10/18/2011
If he had only told them that the flower that gets too much son, wilts, he might have gotten fired metaphorically, or perhaps told them a story about worker bee's dying in the loyal service of the queen he could have been fired allegorically, or maybe said something about a mustard seed and been fired parabolically.
how do you want it
06:52 AM on 10/18/2011
union yes!!!
Sighed Effect
06:49 AM on 10/18/2011
So. I guess it's back to labour camps and such in the States?
Lace Up Hike On Go Off the Beaten Trails
09:20 AM on 10/18/2011
sure looks like it is headed that way for the 99% that don't care enough to take action.
06:45 AM on 10/18/2011
The number one rule of capitalism is to pay your labor just enough to survive and nothing more. If you want to make a profit in the USA you either have to screw your customer or your labor. Many companies can't make up their mind as to which one to stick it to so they opt for both.
Turning and turning in the widening gyre
06:38 AM on 10/18/2011
Phone centers ae worse, Everything is monitored and tracked. The break is period is posted that day and if you deviate, it is bad...and you will have to exsplain if you go to the bathroom outside of your break. (20 minds in a 6 hour p/t shift)

Go d forbid you drink coffee in the am or have a prostrate issue. With the latter, if you bring a doctor's note you can some a small degree of latitude.
07:26 AM on 10/18/2011
Couldn't agree more. At a call center I worked at to be remain nameless (siem ens business services), we were told we had to clock out for restroom breaks of even less than a minute, and make up the time by sitting on the phones after our scheduled time was over. Then, we were forced to work through lunch because the company would provide a pizza. Couldn't get up, couldn't clock out, forced to sit at the desk and take calls while eating or you'd be let go. The worst industry in this country, and one that NEEDS a union.
In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night
08:36 AM on 10/18/2011
LOL and i bet you were a model employee right?

I worked in call centers and the reason for the break schedule is simple, if everyone takes their break at the same time then there is no one on the phones and business comes to a stand still and then customers (who are calling in) have to wait a long period of time. Works the same in every customer service based industry out there.
09:05 AM on 10/18/2011
So every customer service based industry tells their employees that they can't use a restroom unless they go off the clock, makes them work every minute when the restroom is used, takes away all breaks, and forces you to have lunch at a desk while still doing work and feeds you week old pizza? And if you don't do all of that you're fired? No, they don't.
Turning and turning in the widening gyre
04:15 PM on 10/18/2011
Well, truth be know, I was number 3 in the entire system.

That does not change the reality and breaks are staggered. If you worked the AM shift had to wait 3 hrs and 45 Mins for your break and hold back coffee, knowing a punitive result would happen if you went the the bathroom for two minutes....

Come clean, Phreaked, you're a middle level call center "coach" !
If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.
06:25 AM on 10/18/2011
At GNC when I was in college I was written up by our Regional Sales Manager because my store manager had asked me to come in at 9:30 to unlock for a new employee with no key and I had not clocked in, then out, when I did so. I got up, drove to work, and drove to school, and in so doing apparently violated one of the dozens of clocking rules they had. This is the corporate bull that happens CONSTANTLY in retail.
Excuse me, EXCUSE ME!
06:00 AM on 10/18/2011
Simple words- "I'm on break."
05:54 AM on 10/18/2011
i worked for a distribution company and when my supervisor kept giving me things to do during my scheduled break time therefore didnt get the breal i was scheduled for i took the last ten minutes of the day and went to the break room when he asked me what i was doing and told him you took my break from me earlier im just taking it back the look on his face was priceless of course it wasnt long after i got fired for not performing my job quickly enough (not climbing up in a racks without a safetybelt so i could locate product faster which was asked of me regularly) oh well got a better job making more money and safer as well
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05:48 AM on 10/18/2011
But...but, they're a job creator! Their lack of perfection is as unlikely as a Catholic priest diddlig a young defenseless boy. It just cannot be!
05:45 AM on 10/18/2011
Aaaaah.......He was a "squeaky wheel"......and altho usually the "squeaky
wheel gets greased".......SOMETIMES.......

They get "the shaft".......

And big NOT like...."squeaky wheels".....
Harvee Wallbanger
Republicans... I got no use for you.
05:35 AM on 10/18/2011
I don't think Target is alone in this type of situation. Other businesses do this kind of stuff as well. Closing takes time and the employees should be compensated for it.
opera singing fighter for truth
05:52 AM on 10/18/2011
I worked for Target once upon a time, and I remember during the Christmas holidays, we might be as late as 3AM getting out of the store... and I recall managers having to work off the clock on some of those late nights. It's ridiculous...