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05:33 PM on 05/14/2008
Enough with the tears. You always let them flow when you sense the end is near.
05:16 PM on 05/14/2008
As a mother, I understand how tears can flow when your children fill you with pride. But as a non-Hillary supporter, I am NOT impressed! We've seen it happen too often, so it means nothing!
My Daddy taught me to beware the good Christian
06:55 PM on 05/14/2008
too often, I can think of three times she choked up counting this one. Hope and change is so nasty!
07:20 PM on 05/14/2008
Yes, and false emotion is pathetic. She has done this before, and it proved to be nothing more than a ploy. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Try it a third time, and you're likely to be picking up your teeth from the floor; no one likes being played a rube.

Pull your head out of the sand and take an objective view of your candidate for a minute and you won't be overly impressed. As an independent I was most interested in who would show the most character and prove to be the most Presidential during their campaign. Both have had their mis-steps, but one has managed to continually show more character and stay away from the mudslinging and dirty politics. Ms. Clinton's behavior was more than enough to force me to look over the Obama position and make my decision for me. Ms. Clinton, and her supporters, charted my course and made my decision that much easier. If you are looking for someone to blame in her downfall look no further than her behavior and that of her supporters.
05:15 PM on 05/14/2008
WAAAAAAAAAA - my baby who has as much experience as I do to be a Senator now that she's campaigned with the great ones, her daddy and me. WAAAAAAAAA but don't ask her any questions.
05:42 PM on 05/14/2008
Are you nuts?
06:23 AM on 05/16/2008
No, just mean. And a poor writer.
05:15 PM on 05/14/2008
Bull, just making it up a again. All the angry lesbians, where will they all go now? Oh that's right they all work for NOW, well at least for now.
05:45 PM on 05/14/2008
I seriously hope you are not a Democrat.
In my haste, I was a dyslexic typist
05:13 PM on 05/14/2008
The "Situation Room" has flowers, window shears and warm, soft, pastellie colors?

Hey Wolf, thanks for your Baba Wawa impression.
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A free man creates himself.
05:32 PM on 05/14/2008
LOL. Done to soften Clinton's image?
06:07 PM on 05/14/2008
post of the day lol
05:04 PM on 05/14/2008
This is a Hillary Clinton I can still respect. I may not be supporting her, but this is a human being, showing honest emotion about something dear to her. We really haven't seen enough of this side of her during this campaign. Maybe it would have changed her result. Maybe not. But it's a side of her we rarely ever see. That's a shame.
06:48 PM on 05/14/2008
The Clinton campaign calculated that now is the time for an "honest emotion".

Too bad she couldn't crank out more "honest emotions" earlier in the campaign.

So manipulative. IMO, it's a last-ditch effort to draw a few more sympathetic (gullible) followers to her sinking ship.

Cry on your own time, Hillary. Running the country is serious business.
06:36 AM on 05/16/2008
"Obama's supporters are filled with neither hate nor vitriol."--ObamaFarmer

I guess we'll have to conclude that you're not an Obama supporter.
01:18 AM on 05/15/2008
"Showing honest emotion" on camera with Wolf Blitzer?
05:02 PM on 05/14/2008
Another phoney hillarycrite moment. I'm sure she's hoping she'll have another New Hampshire moment and cry her way to the nomination! Enough. Maybe she can cry her way to some "class" and gracefully exit this race so we can get on with the real election in November!
05:48 PM on 05/14/2008
Why are you so desperate to have her quit? It's almost over. What is the problem with everyone? The choking up was obviously not phony. Why is it so important for everyone to believe that it is? Surely you don't think that will make a difference in the election. That is nonsense.
06:56 PM on 05/14/2008
If there is an impatience among us Obama supporters, it is due to Clinton's irrational insistence that she will continue to battle Obama, even after she loses the battle for delegates.

Call me crazy, but I don't like the idea of Clinton and her supporters threatening to hand the presidency to McCain, just because they're not happy with the results of the primary.
04:56 PM on 05/14/2008
Chelsea has been a wonderful asset to Hillary on the campaign trail. She is a gem of a daughter.

Hillary's tears, however, are but one of the many masks she wears (testosterone girl, nicey-nice colleague, self-effacing human being, genteel southern lady, articulate politician, just one of the guys, and so on). When Hillary tears up, you can be sure she's working either a demographic or a distraction.
05:49 PM on 05/14/2008
Nicely summarized litany of name-calling.
07:47 PM on 05/14/2008
It's not so much name-calling as calling it what it is: Clinton's penchant for situational reinvention. I have trouble trusting her, because every day she seems to be a different person.
Mythologist, Intuitive Counselor
04:53 PM on 05/14/2008
Wolff, the Zionist, is a big-time Clinton supporter.
05:16 PM on 05/14/2008
He used to work for AIPAC
04:48 PM on 05/14/2008
What, no insults yet? Are the Clinton haters sleeping?
Because someone has to say it.
05:22 PM on 05/14/2008
We are phasing her out now. This is too easy and goes below the pantsuit line.
05:34 PM on 05/14/2008
I hope the pantsuits are tailored with room for the testicles.
05:55 PM on 05/14/2008
Oh, many times has Hillary claimed to be following the rules, then the very next day, punched another candidate below the belt?

The Hillary racists are still at it, calling everybody who chose to support somebody else "Hillary haters" is easy to project ones' own hatreds on others...anybody who has studied bigotry knows that.
05:44 PM on 05/14/2008
Keep reading. The vitriol and ad hominem sludge is live and well.
01:24 AM on 05/15/2008
I was just day dreaming trying to figure out exactly WHEN Chelsea got her chin implant.