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90% of all statistics are made up
01:15 PM on 10/20/2011
I don't get how they captured the leopards and a Grizzly but had to kill all 18 Tigers and the lions? Seems like if they can capture a Grizzly, they can do the same for the Tigers - at least some of them. Especially when they are so rare. This whole story is a total bummer but glad no one was injured or killed.
01:13 PM on 10/20/2011
So sad they were shot.I can understand their wanting to kill/capture the animals before a person was killed.It all comes back to the owner.He caused the death of these animals.It is unfortunate he did not call someone to help the animals before killing himself.
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12:57 PM on 10/20/2011
This man's "wildlife zoo" was not open to the public? How did he finance the feeding and veterinary care of those animals? Where did he get his money? Non-profit donations? How could the State of Ohio allow this man to have so many exotic animals on 40 acres? Did Jack Hanna know of this man previously ( since he is in Columbus, Ohio) or is this all news to him?
I'm damn angry about this, even though the police really had little choice and their actions, given the circumstances, made logical sense.
Kachina Lively
Seeking Truth in all things
12:42 PM on 10/20/2011
The Community was terrorified and reacted... I do believe there had to be other means to capture and secure these animals. It is sad to see humans react in deadly force, first. If a tiger had walked up my home and I had children I would not hesitate to shoot to kill, however, under the circumstances, there had to be another way. This KILL mode America is in frightens me. The Animals are Free, now, one way or another, but this was a cruel end to an already cruel life.
12:41 PM on 10/20/2011
sorry to say this, but what a bunch of idiots there in the USA. Bunch of brainless cowboys!
It must be something in the water!!
12:34 PM on 10/20/2011
May the owner rot in he$$ for the death of these animals, but that may be to good for him.. The animals paid the price for this man's insanity.

My pity for the police and those who were forced to kill the animals. They did what they had to because of lax laws, and peoples inability to do the right thing and protect animals from these kind of people who would own and abuse them.
12:32 PM on 10/20/2011
While I certainly wouldn't want wild animals running free in my own neighborhood, I find it unbelievable that more of those animals couldn't be captured and saved. Surely, there are a few wranglers in Ohio that could've prevented a portion of this slaughter.
12:16 PM on 10/20/2011
They were showing aggressive behavior? Well maybe someone should have told them they should play nice? These are animals, what sort of behavior were you expecting them to show? Did these law enforcement officials ever hear of tranquilizer darts?
Politically correct is neither!!
05:46 AM on 10/22/2011
Sadly, only 6 animals were able to be darted and moved to the Columbus zoo. What most people don't know is that it takes about 15min for a dart to take effect. One local vet, risking her own life, managed to dart one of the tigers, but it then turned agressive and had there not been a deputy with her, she would have, most likely, become a victim of the animal. There were many heroic efforts that, sadly, never made it into the national stories about this tragedy.
12:14 PM on 10/20/2011
Debra White
11:24 AM on 10/20/2011
No individual should be allowed to own exotic animals. They belong in the wild, their natural habitat.
11:20 AM on 10/20/2011
The least Mr Thompson could have done is offer his sorry carcass as a last meal to these creatures
that were of far greater value than he
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11:20 AM on 10/20/2011
Another sad event. This time in Ohio.
11:05 AM on 10/20/2011
It is very upsetting that this situation happen period. I live in Ohio, a county away. I still feel they could have handle the situation different. I feel to the people involved in the hunt, it was a hunting pass. Just to shoot for fun, you could say. To say, bragging I shot a lion or bear. And the way they handled the animals bodies after they were shot is a disgrace. They could have been alittle more respectful. Its not the animals fault about the situation. Terry should not have been able to have that many or any exotic animals period. Plus, it didn't seem that he had a proper set-up for the animals to move around, say like a zoo does. I truely hope new laws are pass. These type of animals belong in a zoo only. For the animals safety and peoples safety.
11:02 AM on 10/20/2011
My Next question is WHERE did he get the Hundreds of ponnds of meat needed to feed them EVERY day and pay the Vet Bills..?? Was he sneaking out each day and illegally shooting Deer EACH day to feed them..??
02:42 PM on 10/20/2011
There being absolutely no evidence to contradict your gut/random accusation, I'd say all the evidence points to just that. I think you're on to something. Way to go.
11:00 AM on 10/20/2011
Of Course Tigers are on the Endangered Species List..Which reinforces my question as to WHY this man was allowed to Own and Cage then,,