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10:53 AM on 05/20/2008
Isn't this sort of thing one of the reasons the US has the 2nd Amendment? To defend oneself against tyranny, and to defend the nation from tyranny? If your chickensh*t Congress won't stop this madness the citizens need to rise up and let it be known in no unclear terms that they will not stand for this decent into a(nother) war the world cannot afford to wage.
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10:46 AM on 05/20/2008
If bush launches an attack on Iran, were launching an attack on washington.
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10:44 AM on 05/20/2008
I wonder if anyone who doesn't want to bomb Iran is considered an appeaser? Just like everyone who opposed the war was a traitor. What a crazy president!
10:43 AM on 05/20/2008
Will someone please arrest these criminals now?
10:41 AM on 05/20/2008
Is there nothing that we can do to prevent this insanity? These chicken-hawks do NOT represent the will of the vast majority of the people. Can the people not demand he step down from office?
10:48 AM on 05/20/2008
The Democrats could put a stop to it Lanny. But they don't want to.
Both salubrious and lugubrious concurrently.
11:41 AM on 05/20/2008
You tell us what EXACTLY the slim Dem-majority Congress can possibly do to stop Bush. What can ANYONE do to stop it if Bush decides to explode a nuke over Tehran?
What fresh hell is this?
10:31 AM on 05/20/2008
Congress needs to put a stop to this crazy crap. No wonder kooks think he was behind 9/11. Of course I don't, but it did save his presidency and he was reelected because of it!!! I am writing my Senators, Webb and Warner, today!
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11:00 AM on 05/20/2008
There is soooooooooooo much indisputable evidence making it clear that there is NO WAY 911 happened the way the Administration is saying it happened. It's just so funny to me that in this day and age when you side with the truth you are labeled a "kook".
We are really living in the Matrix.
11:08 AM on 05/20/2008
911 was an inside job. wake the f up. Can you think of one thing that Bush and his crime family has been honest and accurate about. We had 3 investigations of Pearl Harbor before the week was out, and we've had one for 911 run by bush cronies that didn't answer a single question. Like how do alive people commit suicide missions.
The beatings will continue until morale improves!
10:25 AM on 05/20/2008
Of course they are going to attack Iran. Fallon is gone, the lone dissenter in the military complex. Three ships are in the gulf on stand by ready.
Bushco needs this to happen to invoke NSPD51 and executive order 14348 to have a state of national emergency (never mind it was self created) to suspend elections.
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10:54 AM on 05/20/2008
As scary as it sounds, this is not the first time I've heard the hypothesis of Bush wanting to declare a state of emergency in order to suspend elections. The question is, are we really going to tolerate the likes of King George and his court. Personally, I don't think so, for the level of civil unrest that will result will make the sixties look like a picnic in grandma's back yard.
The rest of the world will not tolerate the behavior of a petulant child. Niether will we. Many of us have thought Bush and Cheney stand more than a decent chance of standing before a tribunal at the Hague and attacking Iran makes the case stronger. If they think the american people will stand up and defend them against such an action they are profoundly mistaken. That would be no surprise though, as their judgement has shown to be lacking at every turn.
11:09 AM on 05/20/2008
Dear nomoron: Here's what I posited on 4/29/08:

Let's wag the dog a little..............suppose - just suppose that we whack Iran and the conflict spreads with Hezbollah whacking Israel, and Iran rockets the sh*t out of our troops in neighboring Vietraq. The conflict spreads and the Chimpster declares a national emergency ('cause middle east oil dries up) and in order to prevent our society from coming apart he also declares martial law. This would mean the suspension of the election. If folks can't get to the store to get the non existant food, they certainly can't go out to vote. What do you think the military would do in the U.S. if this situation occurred??? Take over the U.S. government, arrest the Commander-in-Thief OR go along with the program? What would YOU do?

NOW is the time to bombard our legislators - particularly those up for re-election - with e-mails and calls to stop this megalomaniac from destroying our nation with another (more) serious miscalculation.

Put your keyboard to work. posted 04/29/2008 at 23:50:16
I'm too tall to act small
11:02 AM on 05/20/2008
Please say it ain't so. Really. I can't take anymore of this. It's beyond insane. The evil machinations of the bush administration are unprecedented.