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Stop Lying
Sin dipped in Misery is the Republican way of life
11:17 AM on 10/30/2011
Let the GOP wrap Rubio up with national aspirations.He's tainted,period.Where will he land after
the criminal prosecution of the former state RNC Chairman is over?Think Rubio's name and bad actions will go unrepeated to a larger national audience.This guy learned how to play dirty politics
with the politically priviledged in Florida.That's why he has no empathy for anyone else.Just like
Herman Cain,he knows how to promote hatred and division for polotical power,which is the GOP's daily diet.
11:15 AM on 10/30/2011
Max is Back
Caiu na roda, ou acorda ou vai rodar!
10:37 AM on 10/30/2011
My question is simple. Why would his family have returned to Cuba in 1961 after Castro declared his open intent to make the country a Communist state? Although Rubio is backed by corporate elites with deep pockets, his lies are causing people to question his hostility towards people like his parents who were immigrants and NOT exiles...
Max is Back
Caiu na roda, ou acorda ou vai rodar!
10:11 AM on 10/30/2011
Even in Miami, the majority of people on the street are beginning to see Rubio as the opportunistic immoral vulture that he is...
I am therefore I think!
06:49 PM on 10/30/2011
He just does what every 'politico' does when it gets elected; they just turn their backs on the voters and do what the 1% tells them to do. If Rubio does what they tell him, he may get reelected no matter what, but if he does not, he will be thrown back to the hands of voters and will be on his own. We have plenty of former Senators like that. I hope Rubio becomes a former Senator very soon.
Facts and reason For The Win!
10:04 AM on 10/30/2011
Marco feeds the 'fast talking, exaggerating', stereotype south Florida Cuban Americans have been saddled with. Why south Florida Cuban Americans would support a bad role model, with anti middle class/pro wealthy politics, is beyond me.
Max is Back
Caiu na roda, ou acorda ou vai rodar!
11:08 AM on 10/30/2011
50% do not. Sadly, the moneyed interests support him and they own the airwaves...
martha high
04:05 AM on 10/30/2011
Hey Rick let us know if you or the other ever get that apology..
knott wrench
12:20 AM on 10/30/2011
Mr. Sanchez,

I think You are Correct in getting and holding Marco Rubio "Accountable" to what he has tried to "Sell" in his Political Campaign.

"Hold his feet to the Fire" and Expose him if his "Nose is Growing"!

The people who voted for him, those in All of Florida and the rest of the USA need to get to the
"Un Altered 'Truth'" about his "Claims".

Proud Canadian
06:37 PM on 10/27/2011
Well said Rick! God Bless.
12:02 PM on 10/27/2011
This new information about his true journey doesn't change my opinion of Mr. Rubio. In my opinion he has shown himself to be incapable of the minimal level of empathy needed to make sound governing decisions. As I review his policy stances on immigration reform, unemployment insurance, medicaid/medicare, social security, etc.I see that he has towed the party line without self reflection. If all the attitudes and policies that he now claims to stand for now were in place when his family came here, its doubtful that they would have even been allowed in the country. No doubt that, if allowed in, they would have had a much harder time assimilating. The man needs a mirror and not the fun house model that has allowed him to take his stands against the average Americans needs.
09:32 AM on 10/27/2011
There is a big difference between Rubio's parents and the illegals since they were LEGAL immigrants. They came in with the permission of the US and did NOT smuggle themselves into the US. Too bad that Rick chooses to forget that fact.

It is also revealing that Rick's family had NO problem with the political dictatorship of Batista. They only left when the corrupt people who profited from that lack of freedom were going to lose their ill gotten gains. He also does not wish to remember that when he came here, black AMERICAN citizens had NO FREEDOM at ALL in FL. I don't recall any Cuban refugess demanding rights for black folks. In FACT most of them were in favor of segregation and fought to keep it. Rick only thinks of freedom for himself and his kind and his family was very happy to deny other Americans their rights.

I was also struck by the stupid statement that his older brother could not come to FL from AZ. I never knew that it was illegal to leave AZ. He also forgets to mention that he got free schooling through college and grad school, free medical care when most Americans had to pay for theirs. When he was in college, he not only got everything for free, but he got a stipend so that he would not have to work at a job while he was in school. In short, his family got socialism on a grand scale.
On the fence about Obama nowadays
01:12 AM on 10/30/2011
[I don't recall any Cuban refugess demanding rights for black folks. In FACT most of them were in favor of segregatio­n and fought to keep it. Rick only thinks of freedom for himself and his kind and his family was very happy to deny other Americans their rights.]

The majority of Hispanics believed the same as the Cubans, none of them participated in the CRM,yet they are at the head of the line screaming about Civil Rights. I don't believe they contributed to any major struggle in America,they've made a profession from riding the coattails of others. Cuba as well as all other Latin American countries treat their own Black citizens less than dogs.
08:46 AM on 10/27/2011
Marco Rubio is a hypocrite. He made a speech how grateful he was for medicare taking care
of his father. Then, at the Reagan Libray, he spoke again but this time how our country is weak
because of our entitlement programs! Why can't people see through this phony?
11:32 PM on 10/26/2011
The time has long since passed when it is surprising to find out, yet again, that the latest GOP rising star is a hypocrite.
Neither Liberal nor Conservative
07:49 PM on 10/26/2011
Rubio's assertion that "he got a few dates wrong" is another blatant lie. His parents immigrated in 1956 and had no intentions to return to Cuba to live there. His parents were--plain and simple--immigrants, not exiles. Why is it so difficult to admit the truth? Could it be that he rode the lie to a position of national prominence and doesn't know how to dismount?
06:36 PM on 10/26/2011
So, according to Marco, although my Mother's family came from Finland in steerage, I can now say they travelled in First Class staterooms on their transatlantic voyage?
The part about their suites being on the Titanic may be a bit hard to swallow,
but what the hey? At least I'm not running for office.
Carmen Slade
5150 Or Fight!
12:57 PM on 10/30/2011
Wow! The Titanic? You've got MY vote!
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Compassionate conservatism isn't.
05:53 PM on 10/26/2011
And today, after Rubio has further stated that his parents intended to return to Cuba, the St. Pete Times reports that according to Cuban documents, Marco Rubio's parents applied for PERMANENT immigrant status in the U.S.

So the lie continues.
06:42 PM on 10/26/2011
Hey, give the guy a break. Maybe they wanted to go back for some mahogany souvenirs.