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bad spelling grammar
Help save Big Cats from extinction!
04:38 PM on 10/27/2011
There should be solar powered cameras, scattered watch towers, and agents on horseback/ ATV’s and Dirt Bikes to ensure border safety will limited impact on the environment. We shouldn’t throw away our vital environmental protection laws out of FEAR. We should come up with solutions that can both help border security while still upholding environmental protection. There is so much technology available, and with all these wars ending in the ME we should have the funds to develop a eco friendly border protection system.
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
06:40 PM on 10/27/2011
Exactly. Or flippin helicopters. There's a thought. Something that doesn't touch the ground and moves fast.
03:34 PM on 10/27/2011
Hmmmm! i dont know?
Love, Tolerance, Enlightenment
03:13 PM on 10/27/2011
I thought it was the Americans crossing into mexico that was the problem these days. The conservative have so destroyed our economy that Mexico is better. End the drugs war, prosecute the farmers who hire folks without eVerify. But money won't let that happen.
07:34 PM on 10/27/2011
I think you have your villains mixed up.
It's conservatives that tend to support the use of Everify and liberals who oppose it.
Love, Tolerance, Enlightenment
07:03 PM on 10/28/2011
There are big problems with the e-verify bills coming through congress. 54% error rate

Show me the votes, not the sponsors.
This space reserved for self-referential irony.
02:11 PM on 10/27/2011
I'm deep green, but I don't see any reason to be absolutist on this issue. Give the border patrol motorized access as long as they agree to some common-sense restrictions (monitored and verified by biologists).

Honestly, though, they might see a lot of things they'd otherwise miss if they rediscovered the virtues of hiking, horseback riding and wilderness camping. Desert and scrub tell many stories that you miss just driving through it.
Relax, nothing is under control
03:19 PM on 10/27/2011
Good point. It's a lot easier to avoid vehicles while sneaking around in the bush than someone on a horse or on foot.
In wildness is the salvation of mankind
01:27 PM on 10/27/2011
This is a difficult and complex problem. First, it must be remembered our wild, natural lands are the Earth's ecosystems or all the reasons mankind exists. Migrants have set horrific wildfires in my area and have trashed many wild ecosystems. And, nothing is more ecologically deadly, than more and more human hordes as we can only protect our side of the border. We think globally but as far as saving the Earth, we can only act locally. And, Mexico's population increases are behemoth. Because of their ever mushrooming human populations, Mexico has devoured twice as many ecosystems as USA. Perhaps, we need to stop this forever flow of humans at the border crossing itself and not within our ecosystems.

The salvation and protection of our share of Earth's ecosystems should be this nation's top priority, and all human intrusions kill ecosystems. They aren't wild lands; they are ecosystems, and the native species of plants and animals within ecosystems are biological diversity, the glue of planet Earth, the nuts and bolts of Earth.

Tread very lightly my friend; I fear you do not understand, this, alone, is the living, physical body of the Earth. As far as Earth is concerned, the more and more of planet devouring humans represent the less and less.
Arturo Ramrez
02:20 PM on 10/27/2011
Mexico's current birth rate is 2.07 children per woman and decreasing, so the mushrooming growth argument that you're talking about is no longer valid, I'm afraid. Also, you have to consider extended footprint, Mexico's deforestation rate is ridiculously high, but how much of that deforestation is serving Mexican interests and how much is from outsiders?
In wildness is the salvation of mankind
03:16 PM on 10/27/2011
I hope your statement is correct as I just read a book concerning Mexico's rampant, human populations soaring above USA's. Everywhere I look in my border town, I see Hispanics cars with 4, 5, 6 children, and these are American citizens!

Deforestation, regardless, kills the Earth. Therein is the population problem. Every human on the Earth's existence is inextricably linked and tied to the Earth's natural systems, functions and cycles, given to mankind free gratis from wild, natural ecosystems, and their biological diversity, the nuts and bolts of man's only spaceship or Earth's terrestrial and forested ecosystems, to marine, riverine and wetland or the real, natural Earth, that which seeded all life and maintains it, right today.

If hope your info is correct. If Mexico can achieve but two children per family, this will help Mexico sustain its future for all citizens of planet Earth and will grant Mexicans a better quality of life.

Please help spread the word. Zero Population Growth and in wildness...
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07:44 PM on 10/27/2011
From what I read, current USA fertility rate is 2.01, Mexico is 2.29, world wide 2.55. So while 2.29 fertility rate per female might seem low, look at the world fertility rate of 2.55--that is enough to double the entire population of earth in a relatively short time of a few decades.
Klein bottle
My micro Bio is not empty.
12:25 PM on 10/27/2011
I have seen so many crossers in the southern part of the state I live in, Arizona, that I just stay away. Wildlife refuges, national forests, all have become unsafe. I would like to have the use of the national park, but as long as it is overrun, not a chance.
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sustainability rocks
07:55 PM on 10/27/2011
open it all to atv"S........guns and cameras...the problem will go away....
soylent green is people!
12:01 PM on 10/27/2011
ride a camel.