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08:04 PM on 06/11/2008
Joe, there are 350 million Americans who need congress to impeach Bush and restore the rule of law in this country. Enough is enough and nothing is more important to the future of the American people than getting this right. Being Unemployed is horrible and I agree with you 100% but not having legitamacy in our government is a trifle more important. Everything hinges upon the current elected officials setting this country back on course and sending a message to all who want to be a decider in the future that it will not happen again.

The awful truth Joe is that if you and your colleagues do NOTHING regarding the high crimes of the Bush administration where will this country be in fifty years? Many Americans have ruefully stated that only if we did something about alternative energies in the 1970's we would not be in this mess today, this is the woulda, coulda, shoulda excuse and it does not fly. America could easily stop being America because you and your colleagues in congress did not fulfill your oaths to the Constitution and hold this criminal administration to account. You have the opportunity to be on the right side of history but as of today you are not.

In 2058 lets not look back and say only if we impeached Bush we would still be America.
11:13 PM on 06/11/2008
I don't need Bush impeached, if he is impeached it wouldn't change my life at all . . . unless Dick Cheney assumed office and got crazy on Iran.
11:44 PM on 06/11/2008
Israel will do that before we do.
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05:51 AM on 06/12/2008
So you like having a decider? Yeah James madison is proud of you.
11:18 PM on 06/11/2008
right, or instead of wasting time trying to drum up charges against a president acting within the war powers, you could focus on trying to get something right.

many americans have ruefully stated that if we had started drilling and building refinerys in the 1970's we wouldn't be in this mess today.