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An American
11:06 AM on 11/11/2011
Who are we to judge those who protect us and our freedom to write these comments.
12:26 AM on 11/12/2011
Roger that!
10:57 AM on 11/11/2011
I send a sincere thank you to the Ferrara family, and condolences for Mathew. I appreciate all the soldiers that have died and have protected us and still do.
10:57 AM on 11/11/2011
Were all over the place, except where we need to focus; on us. Violence in the media, every time you turn on the tv you see death, and sex and violence. Its like we are the worst we can be, and the decent people are just trying to exist in the insanity we have become. No pride in work, nasty people in workplaces, its really gone to the pits.
Most of all, I am truly sorry for Matthew and Andrews horrible nightmare. I respect them and appreciate their service to this country. The most horrible thing is that why didnt this country investigate the murder of Mathew? We are just lost in the wrong direction with no way back I think unfortunately. Its just worse and worse. You cant go anywhere, send your kids to college without worrying about the violence. Its sickening and makes me want to move to Switzerland, but Im too patriotic and love my country. We should go back to the Native Peoples ways, (Im not Native American) and learn respect, honor and love of the people and planet.
Sorry for getting a bit off course, but it all goes together. The brave men and women are fighting for us, and we are not standing for what we should stand for.
10:57 AM on 11/11/2011
Why do we give millions to other countries when our own Native Americans are starving and committing suicide more than any other people here? We dont even recognize them in any way; like their invisible. They have nearly been all genocided, and we have starving people here who cant afford medicine (all Americans), have managed care deciding when people should leave hospitals, and which doctors to see and which medicine to take. Its disgusting. We are in debt and yet WHY DO WE KEEP GIVING MONEY TO OTHER COUNTRIES/ESPECIALLY ONES WHO HATE US? and we want to take away social security? what the hell is wrong with this country and the elected officials? This wall st thing, has no clear purpose. Why dont they talk about the things I mentioned? It just sounds like jealousy. they dont have a clear leader to talk about the issues prob because people do not know how to let go and give up their power. United we stand, divided we fall.
10:53 AM on 11/11/2011
Ithink it should be a world war(Ihate war, but this has to stop/the massive killing/hating campaign by the taliban, etc) to out and out go after them and finish them off. then we need to educate them by their own people speaking up for what is right; not hating for the sake of hating and jealousy.
This country is such a mess.
12:45 AM on 11/12/2011
Spirit- Very sincere post and you're right, we have strayed. That simple. I agree w/you about the over promoted violence and sex in the media. Who's buying it? They wouldn't put it on the air or in print if people didn't pay for it. The moral fabric of our country is being stretched to the limit. Our children are exposed to ideas and concepts that they shouldn't be exposed to. Not long ago, our school systems would've been declared contributors to child corruption. Now parents have very little control over what the children get force fed at school, so only option is pull them out of PS system. That would be a great place to start. Give the parents the reins to their kids' upbringing again. On the rest, we can't solve all the world's problems. But we CAN protect and defend ourselves from those who would hurt us and apply a little preventive medicine of our own.
10:55 AM on 11/11/2011
Thank you to all the men and women who fight and die for this country including the gay men and women who fight and die for this country who are forced to be in the closet and denied rights. They still serve outstandingly and heroically anyway. It is tragic to loose the great men and women this country. The United States needs so desperately for them to lead and set an example here at home.

Ayn Rand said there is only one political party of collectivists and stateists that ask us to sacrafice ourselves to the state. The communists do the same...
10:55 AM on 11/11/2011
Hi, Im with you,, but we have to do something because their hate is trying to destroy everyone except them. Iraq was a mistake and lie. Afghanistan, we should have killed bin laden yrs ago. bush had him and let him go. wonder why the media never followed that one up?
12:48 AM on 11/12/2011
Hey, remember that Clinton had a team in place to take him out and refused to give them the green light.
10:51 AM on 11/11/2011
11-11-11 Wear a Red Poppy
10:49 AM on 11/11/2011
Get some. You have the right, if anyone does.
Connie Murray
10:45 AM on 11/11/2011
Thank you US soldiers, policemen, firefighter, etc. for protecting ordinary families like mine. We really appreciate everything you do. So today on Veteran's Day, I will say a prayer for every women's son/daughter who is oversees and hope those boys and girls come home safely.
10:44 AM on 11/11/2011
"Andrew hasn't learned more about the circumstances of his death, no proof that he was betrayed, though he and his family still believe firmly he was. Still, Andrew is thinking beyond it, focusing on the belief that being here has helped." But he has intentionally plotted and planned to put his family's second son in an exceptionally dangerous spot. What will be accomplished if Andrew learns the name of the specific Taliban fighter that shot his brother? Does he plan to seek personal vengeance with his own hands? At what cost to the U.S. mission and to his fellow soldiers? How will his family be better off if they lose a second son on that same hill?
An American
11:04 AM on 11/11/2011
I guess you did not read the same story I did. His quest was one of why, not who. Mario was the father who wanted vengence and Anrew was looking to bond with his older brother and make things safer for others.
3rd Bn 60th Infantry vet
10:42 AM on 11/11/2011
An eye for an eye till the whole world is blind .At some point the bigger man knows when to quit fighting and learns how to live in peace with his neighbors .
10:34 AM on 11/11/2011
There whole family comprise the cream of the crop of America. It is really sad to hear that his brother was killed in this manner, during a mission of friendship and trust. There truly is a lot of evil in the middle east, stemming (IMO) at its base from the people's wholesale adoption of Islam. If you read the Koran, you realize that this type of betrayal of trust against a nonbeliever is condoned and explicitly promoted. One salient example of their convoluted beliefs is that the Koran actually asserts that Christ was not crucified but a lookalike was in his place. But then it refers to Christ a prophet. (I believe he is the son of God). So from THEIR perspective, a man who allows another to be killed in his place is still a prophet... Huh? Understanding these people's primary belief system offers some insight into how they could do this to such a duplicitous, evil act to an upstanding, sincere young man as Matthew. I hope Andrew and his family find peace.
11:37 AM on 11/11/2011's in their 'book' to do what they must to promote their twisted belief.

This is why President Thomas Jefferson had a qur'an he could read it.

We (the USA) were fighting off the Barbary Pirates (muslims)...President Jefferson needed to understand what made them 'tick'.............he read their book (qur'an) in English.

I would advise people to do the same....BUT...make sure you get one that was printed BEFORE 9-11-2001. The ones printed after that were watered-down....sugar-coated.'ll see. Try reading at these sites first:
jihadwatchDOTcom atlasshrugsDOTcom memriDOTorg thereligionofpeaceDOTcom
03:11 PM on 11/13/2011
Thanks for the links! Will check them out. Not surprised to hear of the Muslim face saving that has been happening since 9/11. Too bad that they don't devote more energy to stopping the radicals, but then again they (IMO) serve a long-term purpose for them.
10:33 AM on 11/11/2011
Thank you to the men and women that serve our country. Not only in the military, but everyone. Police, fireman all of you. You are willing to give your life for families like mine. Thanks! Thank you to the Veterans. Today and everyday I give thanks :)
10:30 AM on 11/11/2011
Either drop a bomb on the entire country.....or bring our boys home...God bless everyone who has served to protect this wonderful country called America!