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watashi ha tororu ga oroka da to omoi masu。
01:04 PM on 11/11/2011
EW!!! Newt thinks Herb is a very attractive person. Get a room, guys!
01:01 PM on 11/11/2011
The GOP Primaries' new slogan: Romney by attrition
01:14 PM on 11/11/2011
Yes. Romney by attrition but the bible thumpers and baggers will probably stay home on election day.
03:03 PM on 11/11/2011
He might be the first Republican who gets most of his votes from Democrats.- only because he'll get so few from Republicans. When Democrats realize he anti-choice and pro big-business (corporations are people), he's toast.
john rajah
'Why do u call me Lord and dont do what I say?'
08:32 PM on 11/11/2011
As a Christian,I'll shout Hallelujah if that happens
Mountain Man
12:55 PM on 11/11/2011
Now that Perry has shot himself in the head....Lets not forget He still has 17 Million Dollars...There is a couple people on that stage that really need this kind of money...
03:06 PM on 11/11/2011
NOW - does he really look like a sharing king of guy to you?
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12:54 PM on 11/11/2011
Wow, Newt ought to be ruled out for consideration as President just based on this statement:
"I'm very sympathetic to Gov. Rick Perry. He's a very smart man. He's the longest serving governor in the history of Texas,"

How does a man constantly proclaimed as smart claim that Perry is? Does this not suggest Newt is delusional? And then Newt ends with a total irrelevancy. And your point is (about being longest serving governor)?
01:18 PM on 11/11/2011
Newt is just thankful to Perry (and Cain) for paving the way for him to become the next flavor of the month. He does not really believe it. Newt is a legend in his own mind.
03:05 PM on 11/11/2011
Newt is just funning them - he doesn't think anyone else is smart.
12:22 PM on 11/11/2011
"He's a very smart man." Pigs do fly!
12:15 PM on 11/11/2011
Of course Newt Gingrich is "sympathetic" to Rick Perry following his crippling debate amnesia. Newt is surging in the polls and happily taking the mantle of conservative challenger to Romney away from the hapless Perry and sexual predator Herman Cain. All of this proves that the GOP field is in shambles, and that the party stands a real chance of blowing the election by nominating their Michael Dukakis.
01:15 PM on 11/11/2011
". . . hapless Perry and sexual predator Herman Cain . . " Perfect! I've already fanned ya, so can't do it again. Don't forget tho, Newt is a serial adulterer - and, according to the crazies, both Jon & Mitt are cult members, Bachmann is just plain crazy, so there you have it. Vote Ron Paul, he's always consistent??
03:09 PM on 11/11/2011
Wonder how long that will last
- Newt's martial history
- Newt's political history (Republican's threw him out)
- Newt's $500,000 credit at Tiffany's
- Newt's support of individual mandate in health insurance (he called it individual responsibility - yes he did!)
- and just generally, Newt's disdain for everyone else - he's the smartest and he doesn't let anyone forget it.

As a Democrat, Newt would be a great candidate (no one would like it one month into the campaign) - almost as good as Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry. BUT unfortunately, it will probably be Mitt Romney.
I am tired of this BS
12:12 PM on 11/11/2011
If these were serious candidates who cared about this country they would be very critical of anyone who proves over and over their inability to face the rigors of the Presidency of the United States. But as all the candidates from the new republican party think this is a joke and just a way to make money from their campaign we will be forced to continue watching this Cirque Du Stupid horror show.
Keep on Truckin'
01:53 PM on 11/11/2011
Cirque du Stupid?..................... I like it!
veni vidi I'm outta here
12:09 PM on 11/11/2011
Get Newt up to 20-25% in the polls and he'll drop this Mr Nice Guy approach in a heartbeat.