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I wouldn't tech them peas o' hern.
09:56 AM on 11/15/2011
What is a Facebook "rape page"?
03:04 PM on 11/15/2011
I, too, would like to know precisely what the hell that means.
04:20 PM on 11/15/2011
It's talking about those pages on facebook that are all about how funny/cool/etc. rape is.
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09:37 AM on 11/15/2011
Until Herman Cain is tried in a court of law, he is innocent until proven guilty. It is inappropriate and dangerous to request for him to stop running for president based on what are at the moment only allegations.
Sean Laney
06:30 PM on 11/15/2011
"Until Herman Cain is tried in a court of law, he is innocent until proven guilty."

Just like all the banksters, right?
01:14 AM on 11/16/2011
Just like Clarence Thomas, right?
09:18 AM on 11/15/2011
Like so many horrible things in society that are swept under the rug or buried by our enthusiasm for religion, sports and extreme selfish capitalism the raping of children is seen as a less important matter than a football program and a coach who has been worshipped by the school and the media. College sports like so many other things in America is all about money above everything else. We even treat the health of people as being less important than the profits of insurance companies even after the reform of the system. We must have a change of attitude and values but the prospect of this happening do not look good but hopefully the ovvupy wall street movement will help in this regard.
08:57 AM on 11/15/2011
I have known and am related to, thousands of women. I'm an average American from midwest suburbia. Rural and urban friends and relatives. I know one (1) woman who claims her stepdad fondled her. I've always thought these statistics (real math numbers) are propagated to make a point, but why pretend to make it look so scientific when it's actually a sociological agenda being pushed. Rape is bad, the rape victim doesn't care about numbers - for the victim it's 100%. But grand scale fibbing and fudging is a deeply suspicious turn-off.
03:29 PM on 11/15/2011
I'm sorry, but you are just being ignorant. Among the thousands of women you know, I'm quite sure you don't know the extent of harassment each of those women has experienced in her life. It is not something most women shout from the rooftops, dear average American sir, it is something we hold inside, due to embarrassment and shame, or simply because we don't want to be a victim. It isn't like we want everyone to know we were grabbed, groped, raped, badgered, and offended. I personally don't know a single woman (and I know thousands as well) who hasn't experienced some form of harassment or another, from rude and off-color jokes in the workplace, inappropriate conversations in the workplace, to gropes on a crowded bus or train, to molestation as children to violent rape (and even though I say women, this applies to women and men, with men being even less likely to discuss their own experiences). It is not something we talk about to acquaintances or even many close friends. But, I can imagine, if one of those people I knew to be a serious serial offender, someone who thinks they can operate above the law from a place of power, had harassed me, I would definitely come out and discuss it if that person was attempting to run for the post of one of the leaders of the free world. I don't want someone like that in charge of anything.
04:42 PM on 11/15/2011
Women don't always talk about it. Women OFTEN don't talk about it. After I was raped, several women who I encountered several times a week stepped forward and did discuss what had happened to them, I don't think this was unusual. You never know....
Deborah Copaken Kogan
08:36 AM on 11/15/2011
Sing it, sister.
08:14 AM on 11/15/2011
Then are some of the Middle Eastern cultures that enforce strict separation of the sexes right? The author is not addressing issues of same sex abuse, or of men being abused by other men or women. She is addressing rape of women by men. Strict separation might lessen these violations which are obviously facilitated by easy access of men to women.
squirrely girl
Assistant Professor ~ Developmental Psychology
02:28 PM on 11/15/2011
That strict separation also prevents many victims from coming forward.
Doctress Julia B
05:33 PM on 11/15/2011
03:15 AM on 11/15/2011
Ms. Ensler,

I take issue with your reported 33% of all females in the military will are raped.

Please provide your sources regarding this. Thank you.


James, US Army
07:39 AM on 11/15/2011

About 30 seconds with google: And says "Every four hours a sexual assault or rape is reported in the United States Armed Forces."

A search for "US military rape statistics" returns nearly three million hits.

You likely take issue with this because you haven't personally heard about it during your service. Another 10 seconds with google reveals why: "of 2,280 cases where victims provided full accounts and evidence, only 317 cases were referred for courts-martial and 247 were referred for nonjudicial punishment."
10:43 AM on 11/15/2011
Here's a name for you: Lavena Johnson. Her brutal rape and murder while serving is nothing less than a cover up. Look her's grim. And there's so many more out there..
11:36 AM on 11/15/2011
In the tent cities in the 2 war zone countries, as we write, there are also a LOT of military and civilian women meeting demand by offering themselves up - customarily for $50 a pop. Males are returning financially lessened, with more than a few GI's retroactively upset at the obvious "tour of duty" income differential between participating men and women.
11:56 PM on 11/14/2011
Does this mean the l-sbian r-pe humor in her own plays is now over?
02:45 AM on 11/15/2011
The humor in her shows is designed to draw attention to the severity of rape and sexism. Humor will always be a tool for education, as it should be.

However, the "humor" she's referring to is the kind that diminishes the experience of survivors and normalizes rape for those who commit it and those who do not actively attempt to stop it.
01:21 PM on 11/15/2011
OBVIOUSLY neither of you have seen The Vagina Monologues. Eve does not use humor in the monologues regarding rape - the pieces regarding rape are heartbreaking. Humor is used, however, in the monologues describing how women view their bodies and their individual lived experience as women. I would encourage everyone posting to actually explore the work of Ensler, instead of reading the word "rape" and becoming defensive. Folks are angry about an article where the author calls for the end of rape. How on earth can that make you mad?? Does it anger you to envision a world where sex is not used as a weapon, as a means of exerting power and control over another human being? And if so, what is that about for YOU?
02:12 AM on 11/16/2011
So, she's over "The Little Coochie Snorcher that Could?"

You know; the part that ends with the line: "If it was rape, it was good rape".

But she's over that too, eh?
11:10 PM on 11/14/2011
I am over people not understanding when they cross someone's boundaries, THEY HAVE CROSSED SOMEONE'S BOUNDARIES. A person feeling violated is valid, whether you think so or not. You don't know what they felt. You are only an expert in your own experiences.
I am also, however, completely over the idea that only women and children get violated. Men get violated too. People who do not fit in the gender binary ALSO get violated.
Everyone has crossed another persons boundaries and have had their boundaries crossed.
10:55 PM on 11/14/2011
I am over years and years of being over rape.
And getting sick from rape, and depressed from rape, and enraged by rape.
I am over being polite about rape. It's been too long now, we have been too understanding.
07:04 PM on 11/17/2011
Too understanding about what? You want to have a rape inquisition or something? Start putting all men on the rack to confess their crimes against women? We have done plenty, and if we did everything suggested it would become an inquisition and guilt until proven innocent. Abuse and false allegations would run rampant and far more people would be hurt than protected.

Violence is here to stay along with crime, not because we like it but because we cannot control every human on this earth. Rape is violence and we can't eliminate it. If we want to get serious it's about time we take on rape in our prison system, that has been under addressed because they victims are not women.
08:50 PM on 11/17/2011
"If we want to get serious it's about time we take on rape in our prison system, that has been under addressed because they victims are not women.”

It's a lot more logical to assume that prison rape is under addressed because the victims are other criminals. Don't look now but most Americans ,especially American MEN, aren't particularly sympathetic to the suffering of criminals.

The fact remains that all a man has to do to avoid any possibility of rape is to obey the law and don't get sent to a maximum security prison. The sad reality is that women would probably be safer from rape if they DID go to a women's max prison.
11:39 AM on 11/18/2011
I need to correct what I wrote about women being safer in women's prisons. Apparently they are subjected to all kinds of sexual abuse in prison. But not by other women. By the male guards!

Being women, they have the added trauma of being impregnated by these guards and then losing their children.

Do you have equal concern for these female convicts, ed? Or is it just male rapists, thieves, killers and drug pushers that you want to protect? By the way, the reason we have so much imprisonment in America has nothing to do with feminism EITHER. In large part, it's because prisons have become another for profit business in many places. See Joe Arpaio in Arizona for examples. He's the MALE who puts pink panties on his prisoners to emasculate them. Do you think he's a feminist too?
10:28 PM on 11/14/2011
You people need to stop playing devil's advocate or just being a plain d*ck. Listen and give a sh*t.
09:17 PM on 11/15/2011
devil's advocate how? you're being extremely vague
07:11 PM on 11/14/2011
Both men and women are the victims of sexual violence by intimate partners, relatives other than their spouse, acquaintances, and strangers. Men are more likely to be victimized by an acquaintance or stranger, while women are more likely to be victimized by an intimate partner and somewhat more likely to be abused by another relative. (NIJ/CDC, 1998)
09:18 PM on 11/14/2011
Prison rape is likewise sorely neglected in this article, a rampant - yet somehow socially acceptable and even laughable - crime against both sexes.
09:30 PM on 11/14/2011
That definitely should have been mentioned. I agree with every word in this article (minus the Herman Cain comments, I think they are distasteful) but you are right when you say rape is a crime against both sexes. Men are capable of sexually assaulting men and women, just as women are capable of sexually assaulting women and men. However I think women, like Eve, working to push the feminist movement forget that men can be raped just like women. Prison rape has become a social norm in prison society. It's to be expected, and nothing is ever done about it. If the only way to prevent rape is educate society, then society needs to educated on all forms of rape.
12:39 AM on 11/15/2011
I totally agree. The fact that prison-rape is a punchline is disgusting. In the United States Constitution cruel and unusual punishment is outlawed. I think a prison-rape victim should sue the system for damages on that basis. If you go to jail for stealing or car or selling a gram of weed then you should not have to worry about getting sexually assaulted.
06:37 PM on 11/14/2011
Information source for the "one billion" figure would be nice.
07:38 PM on 11/14/2011
You do realize that in the end, that's irrelevant. If thats what you're focused on, you're missing the point.
08:10 PM on 11/14/2011
If the basic "is this article true or not" is not important? I guess I AM missing the point then.
12:32 AM on 11/15/2011
It is not an article. It is an editorial. If you really want to, how about you include all the women ever in the approximately one billion women on the planet who have been violated. If you don't think that is true then, in addition to statistics and sexual dynamics, you need a better grasp on history as well.