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02:38 PM on 11/16/2011
Good for the company. Parents who do this must have had a lobotomy sometime in their life!
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02:37 PM on 11/16/2011
I see what they are trying to say, but I think it is a personal choice. My babies never slept with me, unless I fell asleep while they were nursing. I always had a bassinett next to my bed because I did worry about rolling over on them, but like I said, certain cultures and certain people like to sleep with their babies.
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01:32 PM on 11/16/2011
This is really quite enraging. Many cultures around the world practice co-sleeping and not just second and third world countries. Co-sleeping can be, and has been, done safely. It provides wonderful bonding time for mom and baby. Parents who choose to co-sleep aren't irresponsible, this ad is for unnecessary fear mongering.
02:42 PM on 11/16/2011
There are a great number of parents who are co-sleeping who are not responsible. The infant mortality rates are significantly higher among infants that have co-sleeping arrangements. Is it really worth the danger to make yourself feel more comfortable having your baby near you? Sure its convienent to be able to roll over and feed them when they cry but new moms are severely sleep deprived and if you think you have complete control over your own body while asleep in that state you are kidding yourself. An adult bed is not made for infants. Most new moms are not giving up the comforters and pillows just because the baby is in the bed and that is SIDS waiting to happen. There just is no safe way to do this. Yes other cultures do it too but 1. they don't have the same type of sleeping preferences as Americans (ie lots of pillows and blankets) and 2 they have higher infant death rates than areas were this is not an issue. Co sleeping is on the same level as leaving your child in the car while you run into the store, sure it might not always lead to danger but why take the chance?
03:28 PM on 11/16/2011
Kids die of SIDS when they are in their cribs too... this is rediculous. They also get kidnapped from their beds in a separate room which would not happen if they are in their parents bed. Don't put this on every parent(s) who ARE responsible and cautious and they all have the safety of their babies at heart. Who are you to judge every parent?
How do you know what other cultures have in their beds? Are you an expert on how other cultures sleep?
02:43 PM on 11/16/2011
02:58 PM on 11/16/2011
Agree. Did it with all four of my children. The two younger ones were a set of twins. Nothing happened. I am a light sleeper. After a few months I moved them to a bed attached to mine. It is not forever and unless the parent is drunk or on drugs, don't do it! If your worried about your spouse rolling on and he is a heavy sleeper, don't do it. Government should stay out of the bedroom. They're becoming way to invasive.
03:00 PM on 11/16/2011
My good friend is missing her blessed grandson because Mama did not carry him back to his bed after his feeding. He is dead now as she rolled over on him and smothered him. This is a real danger!