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I'm happy to live in a fact based world
01:54 PM on 06/30/2008
Colin Powell lost his credibility and any political future when he played the "good soldier" and lied to the UN during the "run up" to the Iraq war. It's sad, because Powell had a great future ahead of him until he saddled up with the "neo con cowboys" - Bush and Cheney
He should write a book about the failures of the Bush administration (along, it would seem, with everyone else associated with the worst US presidency in history) and then endorse Obama for good measure.
01:46 PM on 06/30/2008
Who needs a brain when we have polls to tell us what we want. Colin Powell is radioactive. He's the most notorious American traitor since Benedict Arnold. Let McCain have him.
03:40 PM on 06/30/2008
He is neither radioactive nor a traitor.
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01:44 PM on 06/30/2008
The only positive thing I have to say about Powell is that he was smart enough to pick Larry Wilkerson for his chief of staff. However, unlike Wilkerson, Powell has seen no need to atone for the damage done while being part of the Bush fraud (Not without being paid, at any rate. But perhaps he's holding out for a lucrative book deal).
01:43 PM on 06/30/2008
Don't trust : LIEberman, Romney, Powell or McCain....they all embrace Bush's ideology.
No way to delay that trouble comin' every day
01:40 PM on 06/30/2008
I hope Obama loses, and badly, if he chooses the War Criminal Colin Powell to be his Vice Presidential candidate. If there's a hell below, Powell is headed there.
03:42 PM on 06/30/2008
You sound like a rightwing evangelical, casting judgment.
Don't know much micro-bio-logy
01:34 PM on 06/30/2008
How many of Powell's own principles of leadership did he violate with his infamous UN speech?

The original, as on-line powerpoint:

With second-hand commentary:

But my favorite is #6: "You don't know what you can get away with until you try." Ain't irony grand.
01:34 PM on 06/30/2008
Powell's abject failure to defend the nation against the bush administration should disqualify him from any further "public service".
i have a scream
01:32 PM on 06/30/2008
Powell was a convenient and willing tool for bush and Cheney. As a moderate, he was used to sell a war that became the worst disaster in this countries history.

If Powell had used his power and influence to debunk the bush claims on Iraq instead of promoting them, we may never have gone into Iraq

If Powell is on the democratic ticket, I will vote republicon. Period.
03:43 PM on 06/30/2008
I understand why you would think that first part, but why that would lead you to vote republican is just asinine.

But you're right, he was used. And everybody knows that. But I bet his approval ratings are still up there. It would be a bold, risky move to put him on the ticket, but one that might pay off.

But the Democrats have never been known to do anything even remotely bold or risky, so it ain't gonna happen.
i have a scream
06:54 PM on 06/30/2008
It isn’t going to happen because no self-respecting, honorable dem would vote for an Obama/Powell ticket. Among most dems Powell is still toxic despite the effort to rehabilitate his shredded moderate image.

By the way, it would lead me to vote republiCON just to make a statement. And that statement would be that there would be little difference in the tickets if both had bush enabling republiCONs on them.
01:30 PM on 06/30/2008
Why would we want a traitor as our VP? Powell knew that the B'ush Administration was lying to him and he went along with it for years. He was in a position to blow the whistle on the Bush lies and perhaps save thousand of young Americans from their deaths in Iraq. I wouldn't vote for P'owell as dog catcher.
03:43 PM on 06/30/2008
I'd vote for him over you.
01:30 PM on 06/30/2008
After his shameful performance before the United Nations in the run-up to the Iraq war, he has no credibility. Bad choice for VP.
01:30 PM on 06/30/2008
Did you read the entire article - a tiny sample (2,000) each asked about three VPs (not asked an open-ended question). So Powell was on Affinnova's short list to begin with. The results obviously skew to people with national name recognition, not someone who could bring in a particular state or two. This is a shoddy PR ploy by the company. Responsible media should not have bitten on it.
01:31 PM on 06/30/2008
Pure marketing research BS.
01:26 PM on 06/30/2008
I lost all respect for Powell when he joined in the lies of the bush administration! No thanks!
01:22 PM on 06/30/2008
If you read the article, you can see that their methodology was idiotic.

It's a name recognition survey, at best.
01:58 PM on 06/30/2008
01:12 PM on 06/30/2008
I never could understand "why" Powell was a republican as his views where more in line with democrats. He certainly paid the price for his republican alliance.
03:36 PM on 06/30/2008
Bushco has made him and his son rich.