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09:56 AM on 12/01/2011
I think he might be right.
NEVER forget Troy Davis
09:45 AM on 12/01/2011
As much as I would love for all of the Kardashians to be strapped to a rocket that's being launched into the sun, I'm actually starting to love this story! Man, did Kim K play this situation wrong. Someone hand me some popcorn; this is getting good!
never fry chicken in the nude
12:32 AM on 12/02/2011
That's cute! Already a fan of course!
09:13 AM on 12/01/2011
Their wedding was a fraud. I am on team Kris H. Kim can deny til she is blue in the face, and she and the family will. Kim is for Kim and Kim only and money.
11:36 AM on 12/01/2011
If the wedding was fraud, he is as guilty as she is. He was on camera prior to the wedding talking about being unsure and all the problems they had. It is sad when a marraige doesn't work out but when you don't date someone long enough to really know them and marry them then what can you expect. His ex girlfriend has said that he made fun of the Kardashians before he dated Kim so he already knew all about her. There is always 2 sides to a story. I think both parties are too blame. They are both adults.
STOP negotiating! End the American hostage crisis!
02:37 PM on 12/01/2011
Well Kim, I know this is your spin machine. I can tell from the zero fan army swarming these threads. You must be high to think Kris was in any way clued in to the scam. Men are NEVER aware they're being used like this, especially inherently good people like Kris. No WAY would he involve his family, friends, or himself in something so lurid. He honestly believed it was for real. Naive yes, but involved in any way with the kardashian fraud machine, such as yourself, NO WAY.

Nice try though. Run along and tell Kris Jenner her communication skilz are not working here LOLOLOLOLOL