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Govt is the problem
01:50 PM on 12/05/2011
Lets not forget BoA now has the gratitude of the illegles they give credit to, home loans, small business, and credit cards, millions of citizens turned away.
01:46 PM on 12/05/2011
Reading this really makes me want to purchase something I can never own.
Wow, but I like that B of A forelosed on itself. You cannot get more incompetant than that.
02:25 PM on 12/05/2011
The Bank of America didn't foreclose on itself. It foreclosed on the owner of the building that rented space to a Bank of American branch bank. Now, it probably owns the bulding and no longer pays rent.
09:08 PM on 12/05/2011
they need to tar and feather all the people of boa
01:29 PM on 12/05/2011
"Foreclosure fraud" yet no criminal charges. Lets get some priorities straight in this country.
02:33 PM on 12/05/2011
None of the cases listed in the slide show are foreclosure fraud cases, and some don't even involve foreclosures. Many of the examples also employed the word "reportedly." This means threreporter has confirmed the allegations are true. In Texas case, the court has so far ruled in favor of the bank against the man who lost his home to Hurricane Ike. The bank foreclosed on the property because he stopped making his mortage payments.
left is right and right is wrong
01:12 PM on 12/05/2011
Bank of America should be seized.
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01:04 PM on 12/05/2011
They left out my favorite one - the couple in Florida who were foreclosed upon despite having paid cash for their home and not having a mortgage with the bank.
03:32 PM on 12/05/2011
The Florida couple didn't lose their home. The mortgage service company went to the wrong address due to a typographic error. It stopped foreclosure proceedings as soon as it realized its error. Took a couple of phone calls.
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03:46 PM on 12/05/2011
Actually, it occured to me that this was the BOA foreclosure case where the couple won a court decision and when BOA failed to pay court costs the couple foreclosed on the bank. Here's a link.
10:20 PM on 12/05/2011
Totally wrong BlairCase...Periwinkle is referring to the Cardozo case....their home gutted....possessions stolen, destroyed....and no mortgage on their home. There are far too many of these cases out there...I am currently litigating several...the banks take the position that they can kick down any notice, no litigation, no foreclosure...
01:03 PM on 12/05/2011
Goldman Sac walk away scott free and the American Tax Dollars pay for it
Without followers, evil cannot spread.
11:46 AM on 12/05/2011
Being forced to watch, of all things, a BANK advertisement before each video is somewhat contradictory, given the article.

That aside, it is clear that BoA is too big to be able to manage itself properly. Too many fingers in the pie, so to speak. I hope this is a lesson to government (if, that is, it's not entirely bought up by big business) that "too big to fail" is a misnomer of epic proportions.
11:43 AM on 12/05/2011
Some of these stories are just typical clerical errors when generating lots of letters, automation is not perfect. most are due to goofy policies.
12:51 PM on 12/05/2011
How does that fact help the victims or re-claim time and expense?
I am as God created me
01:00 PM on 12/05/2011
can we foreclose them for their sloppy clerical errors?

remember, customers have to have all their ducks in a row. the banks don't even have to know where there ducks are.

they have too much power, and they are abusive. and according to 60 Minutes last night, some should be in jail, too.
11:29 AM on 12/05/2011
The Texas man who lost his house to Hurricane Ike canceled his home insurance policy, but apparently failed to tell the bank the house no longer existed. He says he stopped making mortgage payments when the bank added the cost of a "forced insurance" policy to his mortgage payments. When the bank learned what had happen, it made restitution for the insurance payments. The man tells reporters he resume making payments, but the bank says he didn't. The mystery is why didn't the insurance policy pay off the policy.
02:21 PM on 12/05/2011
All depends on the policy and what his coverages were! If he had a mortgage, he should have been legally obligated to ensure the mortgaged price of the house.

In Florida, a Wind Policy and normal Home Owners are two different policies. Flood is a third. Depending on where you live in the state in relation to the coast line determines whats necessary.

So if you live west of 95, you don't have to have a wind policy in PBC, so if your roof comes off or is damaged from "wind" that is not covered.
03:41 PM on 12/05/2011
I doubt that you can purchase a home in Galveston without a policy that covers both wind and flood. It appears the guy didn't let the bank know the house was damaged. Apparently, he kept making mortgage payments while collecting the insurance as well as FEMA money. (One would expct the insurance to pay the bank directly.) However, he canceled his insurance. With the insurance lapsed, the bank, not knowing the house had been destroyed, purchased a insurance policy on the house. It added the cost of insurance to the man's mortgage payments. He says he stopped making mortgage payments because of the new insurance. When the bank realized the house was gone, it canceled the insurance policy andfmade restitution. However, the man still refuses to make mortgage payments, The court recently ruled in favor of the bank, but the man has hired a lawyer to challenge the ruling. Since the property has lost much of its value, there will probably be a settlement.
ReaItors Are Liars
NAR is corrupt
10:51 AM on 12/05/2011
Lets not forget those who are truly delinquent and in default. (99% of all foreclosures)
bliss infinite
What the hell am I doing wasting my time here?
12:30 PM on 12/05/2011
Lets not forget all foreclosure bank fraud - 100%
ReaItors Are Liars
NAR is corrupt
12:44 PM on 12/05/2011
Only a fraction of a percent are even suspect of being fraudulent.
Compassion is the basis of all morality.
12:37 PM on 12/05/2011
Lets not forget the Wall Street banks caused the foreclosure crisis by causing economic collapse...they were bailed out but it was an error ...should have bailed lot homeowners.
ReaItors Are Liars
NAR is corrupt
12:42 PM on 12/05/2011
If you're not paying your mortgage, you created your own "crisis".
10:47 AM on 12/05/2011
Too bad this story had to limited to the perceived top 11 stories. There are so many stories and many more stories that will develop in the future. I am wondering when banks and wall street firms will be held accountable for these issues. Given the 60 Minutes story last night, it is apparent they never will be held accountable in view of their political ties.
10:46 AM on 12/05/2011
Along with the banks, judges going along with these illegal procedures, time and time again, should also be held accountable; knowing there is improper paperwork, not allowing the foreclosed upon person to speak, forgoing proper inspection of bank documents, not making sure the person(s) has the proper legal representation; these judges need to be off the bench; why would they take this part of the legal system less seriously than any other. Proof. Proof. From both sides!
10:42 AM on 12/05/2011
You'd think a name like Shock Baitch would've elicited a once-over on that particular foreclosure...
10:30 AM on 12/05/2011
These aren't bizarre. They are criminal. The way the banks are destroying people's lives through no fault of their own. Criminal.
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Cindy Tregan
Proud D.F.H. Lib'rul
10:27 AM on 12/05/2011
What about the man who paid CASH for his home and was foreclosed on by some bank?

Also too, isn't it interesting how many of these "bizarre foreclosure stories" feature Bank of America?
11:07 AM on 12/05/2011
The man who paid cash for his home apparently didn't pay for a title search. The man who sold him the house had neglected to pay off the mortgage before selling the house.