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08:13 PM on 07/16/2008
The liberal Dem's will do nothing--they'll eat their subpoenas and bow to bush--its what the liberals call leadership!!!
08:49 PM on 07/16/2008
Kind of hard to do anything with a little over a 50 percent majority. If you want to blame someone, blame the republicans for holding this country hostage. No one says squat about them fillerbustering just about every single bill the last 2 years, you as well as most people blame the democrats. Get a clue having a minor majority cannot override a fillibuster which requires 60 percent to get around kind of hard to do with a little over 50 percent.
08:57 PM on 07/16/2008
Spot on!

Honestly - I keep asking myself why no one else has said this LOUD AND CLEAR!!!

The DEMS have had their HANDS TIED for a year now!!!

Yet some arrogant a$$hole will probably tell me to quit whining...

08:53 PM on 07/16/2008
Who do you think will? The third party with Jesse Ventura or Ron Paul?
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08:06 PM on 07/16/2008
We all know you have executive privilege, but we now call it executive impunity.

Any child knows why a grown man lies.

It is the deeds you have done which will be your legacy. It is by them we know you.

One word is already on your own lips.

You regret being called a warmonger.

Some of us have been trying to ask you for years, do you regret murdering all those people for nothing?

You have already made your mark.

In my lifetime, you have put yourself right up there with the great dictators of the age.

There are few men who can claim to have murdered a million.

I will be sure to come visit your exhibit on this at the Library of Infantile Ego.
09:55 PM on 07/16/2008
He doesn't regret BEING a warmonger, only being REMEMBERED as one. Mark of a narcisitic psychopath.
11:02 PM on 07/16/2008
I, for one, will be donating a copy of My Pet Goat to the GWB presidential library. Anyone care to join me? Please?
08:04 PM on 07/16/2008
Entered a comment this morning with no vulgarity and watched over 200 comments go around me and still no happens quite often...............why?
Reality disagrees with Conservative assessments
02:51 AM on 07/17/2008
They don't like you. I figure I'm earning the same by being rude or offensive, and with real people doing the checking, it's possible you just worded something indelicately. Or it's possible they missed it, who knows.
07:57 PM on 07/16/2008
One has to wonder how low this nation can drop and still survive. I've never seen a lower point in my lifetime...
08:13 PM on 07/16/2008
It's the worst I've seen it in my 50 years and it looks like it's going to get worse.
08:38 PM on 07/16/2008
It.'s the Bilderberg game plan.
07:52 PM on 07/16/2008
If Cheney and his puppet have nothing to hide, then why is he claiming executive privilege? I predict another photoshopped Iranian missle launch this week.
07:47 PM on 07/16/2008
Oh yea! Isn't he the guy who said "if the leak came from his office,they wouldn't be working for him any longer." Flip/flop. He obviously doesn't want to fire anyone. He is the biggest di**khead ever I swear.
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07:57 PM on 07/16/2008
doesn't the constitution say something about a whitehouse that commits treason will be impeached? do we first have to impeach nancy pelosi to get her out of there quick so the next speaker will quickly impeach?
09:53 PM on 07/16/2008
Impeachment is only the first step -- impeachment is the House bringing charges. The senate has to convict, and it takes a 3/4 supermajority to do it. The senate doesn't have those votes, so it would be stupid to impeach. He would just be exhonorated in the senate, meaning federal charges could NOT be brought against him when he leaves office.

Better, I say, to wait and bring charges once he's a private citizen again and can be convicted by a jury of American citizens.
Disabled Vet. Wouldn't have change a thing
07:46 PM on 07/16/2008
So really who here supports this traitor? Speak up, I always wonder about the 28 percent, what they do, where they live and mostly what medications are they not taking.
07:54 PM on 07/16/2008
You can start with Nancy, impeachment is off the table, Pelosi
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12:18 PM on 07/17/2008
Whether she's being blackmailed and refuses to resign speakership,


whether she's putting party ahead of nation,


whether she's simply daft,

Please help us remove her in November by donating generously to her competitor, Cindy Sheehan,
09:56 PM on 07/16/2008
13% of the population are near imbeciles, statistically speaking, so we're really talking about 7%.
What a long strange trip it's been
10:32 PM on 07/16/2008
28% - 13% = 15% . . . statistically speaking
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07:45 PM on 07/16/2008
"Das Fuhrer" has spoken.

The Parliamentary Board of Imperial Advisers should now Roll Over And Play Dead, less His Majesty write a "signing statement" which disbands the Congress altogether. We are, after all, "in wartime," and that means that The King's Word Is Law.


I didn't think so.

The Constitution of the United States ... the Supreme Law of the Land ... is specifically written to counter totalitarianism. It specifically limits the power of the Executive, because it was well-known to every signer of that document that, if certain men are permitted to obtain power, they will get it and ruthlessly use it ... not for the betterment of the nation but to aggrandize themselves.

The Constitution dictates that the Congress, not the Executive and not the Judiciary, is effectively "supreme." Even though the Congress appears at-times to be 'a herd of cats,' there is a specific and carefully-thought-out reason why the powers of Government were assigned to "many people," not "just one."
nihil habentes omnia posidentes
10:31 PM on 07/16/2008
Nothing big, but Fuhrer is a masculine noun - Der Fuhrer! BTW I like your post....
07:43 PM on 07/16/2008
Anarchy starts at the top.
07:27 PM on 07/16/2008
Another big F you from the CIC to the little people.
Look me in the eyes and say that.
07:24 PM on 07/16/2008
The rest of the world is laughing at us while we sit back and let George Bush dictate. We all look like fools for allowing our president to get away with this.
07:58 PM on 07/16/2008
We are allowing Congress to allow him to get away with this ... but I don't know what else to do other than the phone calls, letter writing and petition signing
What a long strange trip it's been
10:37 PM on 07/16/2008
Are we getting to the point where marches and demonstrations begin to occur? It was only 40 years ago that race riots and Viet Nam protests led the evening news. The people spoke then. We ought to be speaking now.
07:22 PM on 07/16/2008
It's high time that the "Chirpy" Chimp got his clock cleaned. "Tame the monster"....if you will.......and put him away for safe keeping.
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07:22 PM on 07/16/2008
We've had this guy around for a long, long time. When will we have the "I am not a crook. You're President is not a crook" moment?
nihil habentes omnia posidentes
10:29 PM on 07/16/2008
At least Nixon had the moxie to resign.
07:15 PM on 07/16/2008
If our Congress won't Impeach Bush and Cheney; even after Barack Obama becomes President, then the only way we will see any kind of Justice is from the World Court in the Hague.

I know Bush signed a Law in 2002 that ignores any subpoena the World Court issues him or anyone else in his administration by stating that the US Military can be used to protect them from being forced to show up at the Hague; but I doubt that the rest of the world will let him get away with this.

We just have to be patient. Justice will be served, sooner or later...
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12:31 PM on 07/17/2008

please pay attention. Impeachment ONLY results in removal from office - if convicted. Once we have a new president, Impeachment is impossible.

A new administration COULD prosecute crimes - even war crimes - here in the US. How likely it is to happen is very hard to say - we aren't BO, and McSame is sure NOT to do so.

I don't know about any 2003 law about ignoring subpoenas from the World Court, but I do recall some treaties that Bush shrugged off...
07:12 PM on 07/16/2008
The democrats are not very smart. There are plenty of ways to subvert the claim of executive priviledge, they just lack either the guts or the intelligence to do so. The records may be classified, but that does not prohibit them from calling the FBI agents who conducted the interviews before their committee to testify. Since this matter will not be prosecuted, there can be no claim of an ongoing investigation.

They could also grant Rove immunity and hold the conversation off record. This does not prohibit them from then proceeding with their investigation of Cheney's role.
07:57 PM on 07/16/2008
I have a feeling that the Dems are very much aware of all of their options and how they could proceed if they wanted to. They just don't want to