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Ride to the sound of gunfire
02:18 PM on 12/08/2011
There is wide spread voter fraud, we have not forgotten ACORN! At least for the next election, can we all agree on a photo ID?
02:24 PM on 12/08/2011
No, there is not, even Baxley admitted that.
02:25 PM on 12/08/2011
reading will do you some good. an informed electorate is a good electorate.
miss sandy
02:14 PM on 12/08/2011
Of course theres no widespread voting fraud. This is a way to take voting rights away from minorities and the elderly. This is the most UNAMERICAN thing I have ever heard of and if the people in this country allow this to happen, we are truly doomed.
Draesop on! Give me..
02:08 PM on 12/08/2011
Reverend Sharpton did a job on this guy last night. There was absolutely no foreplay! I missed Herman Cain until this guy appeared. It is a real pity that the clumsy moonwalk of his gang seeks to return us to an earlier time...a much more archaic and deadly period for the elderly poor, minorities and disposessed. Strom was not so bad after all!
Daryl Pienta
We need a balance of Socialsim and Capitalism
02:06 PM on 12/08/2011
then why waste all that money and resources pursuing something that is not a problem

that is unless you want to tilt the odds into the favor of a shrinking political agenda
02:14 PM on 12/08/2011
You must know what this is about. Look at the smug arrogant look on that older white man's face. They want to deprive minorities,seniors and students of voting. Mostly the ones who will vote for the Democratic Candidate. I don't know why the Justice Department is weighing in on this. It is egregious behavior. And I would like this smirk wiped off this dolt's face.
miss sandy
02:14 PM on 12/08/2011
Thatts exactly what they want to do. It is UNAMERICAN.
02:04 PM on 12/08/2011
Restricting minorities from voting, plain and simple! Changing the whole system to Prevent Obama from winning Fl; guess what, he isbgoing to Win anyway! Another case of Republicans trying to win at any cost!
Corporations aren't people until Texas executes 1
02:03 PM on 12/08/2011
Let's tell it like it really is: They want to deny Americans their right to vote. It's shameful and we must do all we can individually to ensure that people have the "right" credentials to vote in 2012, vote out these vote supressors in the state legislatures and repeal these repressive voter laws. It is up to us, as individuals, to make this happen. So ask anyone you know that is in the targeted communities (students, older people, people without any ID etc.) if you can help them get the "right" credentials.
02:15 PM on 12/08/2011
Lets tell it like it really IS: They want to deny minorities the right to vote...because very often they will vote for a democrat. The republicans just can't stand having a democrat (even one who is right of middle) in the WH. This should be looked at by the Justice department.
01:59 PM on 12/08/2011
All I really got out of it is Sharpton is a moron, as usual.

Did anybody criticizing this actually listen to the video? No reduction in time to early vote; instead of allocating a few hours here and there, they setup full days to do so.

Sour grapes and misrepresenting (probably because he never looked into it) that nothing was changed post-2000 elections by Sharpton?

How exactly can you intimidate somebody from registering to vote? What about intimidating tem from voting? Would it look a lot like the couple guys that were doing it in Philadelphia a few years ago? You know, the ones that Eric Holder stopped prosecution on?

Al is just explaining for all of us that he really has no idea what's going on with anything.
02:29 PM on 12/08/2011
Shapton got Baxley to admit that this fraud problem that you clowns are always yelling about is itself a fraud.
01:56 PM on 12/08/2011
" "Did you know Mickey Mouse register to vote last time?""

Yes because there are Mickey Mouse's in the phonebook. It's called a legal name change or someone was born with that name.There are also a number of M Mouses around the country plus Mouse is a last name.

A search of white pages numbers reveals about 40 registered numbers for Mickey Mouse. Two are in Florida.
One in Saint Petersburg
The other in West Palm Beach
02:00 PM on 12/08/2011
And if all 40 showed up to vote, plus 40 more fraudulent ones, it would still be insignificant compared to the potential for electronic tally manipulation. Notice how neither party has proposed ANYTHING about that.
01:54 PM on 12/08/2011
Facts have never stopped conservative whites before, why should it now? These people are quaking in their boots at the browning of America and they want to destroy it as much as they can before they're out the door.
Geo Bruno
Balance the farces that release within you
01:50 PM on 12/08/2011
Just how did I know that that guy would be an old white guy.

Jeepers I must be psychic
01:49 PM on 12/08/2011
Vote suppression IS voter fraud. (As is negative 16,000 votes for Gore in that district in back in 2000. As is the Supreme Court decision that stopped the recounts.) But no, there actually is no widespread voter fraud of the one kind that Republicans try to tell you is rampant (the one kind they don't habitually practice.)
Lynda Groom
02:09 PM on 12/08/2011
You are spot on with your remark. The real voter fraud is what is happening all over the country with these new voter suppression laws. Those passing these draconian bills know exactly what would happen if all of the voters turned out.
Geo Bruno
Balance the farces that release within you
01:49 PM on 12/08/2011
But they do have widespread poor dark skinned people and thats quite a problem
01:45 PM on 12/08/2011
Laws written when not needed...pretty much describes things!
Visit the carousel, in the Hippodrome, on the pier
01:45 PM on 12/08/2011
Solving problems that don't exist,

to fix elections in their favor.

Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew would be so proud!
01:37 PM on 12/08/2011
Baxley's next law will be to label the "Women League of Voters" as a terrorist group of militant Q tips.