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03:58 PM on 07/21/2008
BTW: I just went back there and the pic seems to still be there...
04:33 PM on 07/21/2008
This picture reminds me of some thing I resently read: That our 15 th president was a lawyer to, but had no military experience to speak untilll he became president and was credited with the end of Slavery, and civil war, an unification of our whole Nation! That president was Abraham Lincoln. Just like Obama is a lawyer with no military experience to speak of. Now for the worse president of our History . That would be our 15 th president, President James Buchman, and like Mccain he was a Military man who mired us into the civil war. Than declaired it was illegal, and did nothing when the south seceded from the Union. There are polititions even in this day and age who are the worst of the worst. For some reason History repeats itself. Like my momsaid We have a choice between a Lincoln and a Bushman/Mccain white House . Folks it's your choice To let some one like this rule the roost or change our course in History once agin.
10:58 PM on 07/21/2008
sorry Jupitor... 15th President was James Buchanan.... Abe Lincoln was the 16th
03:57 PM on 07/21/2008
Bombard his website to tell him how disgusted you are. If I lived in SC, I would recall this reacits, bigoted, filthy man. The Secret Service should be looking into this little weasel! How disgusting can a person be?
03:53 PM on 07/21/2008
Oh no, the republicans aren't behind the net-rumors.

Not at all.

03:51 PM on 07/21/2008
Oh how I wish something from the Right would surprise me someday when I
read political articles. Alas - it never does. Fear mongering and juvenile things
such as this display is one heck of a party platform. When will your supporters
start to see some substance? Bob Barr has got to be eating this stuff up!
03:52 PM on 07/21/2008
I called the Charleston Secret Service to report him. These people just don't think at all, do they?
04:07 PM on 07/21/2008
well done!
03:51 PM on 07/21/2008
This showns why the New Yorker cartoon was so incredibly stupid. It reinforces these kinds of messages.
We got the down,but not the trickle~ RevAl
03:49 PM on 07/21/2008
Well lookey here the good ole boys are showing their truest color yellow.....It's going to be a sad day in November fer you boys. lmao
03:43 PM on 07/21/2008
I must be dense but why are republicans trying to show a link between Obama and Bin Laden. How are these two men even remotely the same. I mean do they just want to play on words with the name or are they saying Obama is a terrorist. I dont get it. I mean I realize that there is lots about the GOP that stupefy me like why anyone elect some of them but what is the connection other than blantant racism. Rethugs are a disgrace.

03:44 PM on 07/21/2008
This is why the New Yorker piece wasn't funny.
Americans have had enough of this kinda crap.
We ain't in no laughing mood, too many people have died from the policies of 'our republican friends'.
We want them out of power. Even republicans want them out of power!