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03:08 PM on 07/24/2008
The man who actually killed the victim got life imprisonment, and the one who didn't strike the lethal blow got executed. Well, I'm sure if we all just took a pro-active position on the death penalty. we could execute everyone first off, before a trial, so as to guarantee we get vengence on the right guy.

We are a country whose leaders lied to us so we could invade a sovereign nation, killing all who opposed us. In the end, the leader of that country was executed.

The trustworthiness of the justice system to get it right, to be above mistakes, to have discernment and to be impartial is no longer in question. This administration has shown us the meter of our justice through its own justice department.

We are not gods, but there are men who think they are, and through power they commit murder. Should they be the ones who decide who lives and who dies? Ask Saddam Hussein and George Bush. They agreed on this point. Well, perhaps Saddam changed his mind at the last minute....ya think?
02:57 PM on 07/24/2008