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01:33 PM on 07/31/2008
Personally, I do not know ANY Jews that go along with the neocons. They're ALL liberal Democrats and likely to remain so. It looks like every ethnic group has its extremists and nutcases. The best the rest of us can do is make sure they are ALL ignored!
01:34 PM on 07/31/2008
I agree that it is great news that Joe Klein isn't buckling into the neocon Jews but what's wrong with this picture? Promoting the debacle known as the occupation of Iraq were no less than these Jews that I can easily name off the top of my head so I can only wonder how many more were also doing the same: Perle, Wolfowitz, Addington, Libby, Podhoretz, Feith, Lieberman, Kristol, and Friedman.

Not even Ned Lamont was willing to attack LIeberman as one of these dangerous Jewish neocons who would promote yet another war with Iran. And academics cannot even find fault with very skewed Israel-US relations without fear of losing their job and being branded as anti-Semitic.

The neocon Jews have a vested interest in hiding behind anti-semitism because if they couldn't do this they would be exposed as the small fringe misbegotten cult they really are. It's time for moderate Jews to wake up and recognize that even the Jews have their own deranged members like all religions do and start disowning them.

RJ Crane,
Ban the bomb
01:24 PM on 07/31/2008
"Belief" is accepting something without proof. Manifest Destiny is an example. Zionism is another example. Mixing religion and government is a mistake. Did God tell us to take the lands of the Native American? Many claimed this exact proposition. Yet, the settlers came here for religious freedom they claimed. The reality was that there was an oligarchy in Europe which was closed-ended. People sought their fortunes in the New World. Religious freedom was in reality a lesser reason. The problem was that there were already others here. Religion was used to bolster the claim of right. Religion was used to justify the claim to divine right of the monarchs in Europe as well as the actions of the monarchy. Religion was used to justify slavery. How long with this go on? Thanks to Joe Klein to resist the urge to feel guilty and the implication that you are antisemitic if you are not a neocon. The rich Saudi women support Charity, we are told, by sending money to the hijackers in San Diego prior to 9-11. A natural urge one might say to be "generous" in the name of religion. But when one's religion turns to colonialism and violence, how religious is that! Look at Northern Ireland, for example.

Let us be free to objectively examine foreign policy issues without coloring clouding them with "religion." If fault Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike. Even communism became a religion for some.
01:10 PM on 07/31/2008
Commentary has long become a crappy publication...does anyone still read it?
01:11 PM on 07/31/2008
I have my own contingent of Jewish friends I have talked to. We all seem to be on the same page so I'm not sure where these "neojews" get their sentiments.

One has to wonder what kind of friend would put their own needs ahead of a friend's. Some it seems, would have no scruples when it comes to dragging American soldiers and American's tax dollars into a fight they don't need to support their own political needs.

Why should Americans die and foot the bill, and fall deeper into economic disaster on the whim of Israel? They have a capable military. If they fear Iran, let Israel engage them but leave us out of it.

We don't need another war. We don't need and can't afford the one we already have.
06:02 PM on 07/31/2008
America has been baby-sitting Israel since the beginning of its creation. I hope the Israeli issue will not be a source of agitation in America one day.
Iran is NOT stupid as to "attack" Israel because they know it is like commiting suicide. All these drums of war are palying out so that Iran will abandon its nuclear quest and also to ensure that the military industrial complex will keep on feeding fat on us.
The same American government which claims to be "protecting" us by spending trillions of dollars on weaponry will not make sure the citizens they claim to be protecting have health insurance. I wonder who is fooling who in this case.
01:01 PM on 07/31/2008
AIPAC and the neocons have provided considerable ammunition to American anti-Semites, and therefore it is imperative that other Jewish organizations (and individuals) make every effort to publicly distance themselves from them.

And all Jews would do well to remember that the "Christian Zionists" are NOT their friends: in their world-view, when the Apocalypse happens -- and their "advocacy" of Israel is based on "hastening" that day -- the first thing that is supposed to occur is that all the Jews die.

With "friends" like that...

American Jews need to remind the rest of America that most of us totally reject the Neocon "vision" and we need to reassure Black Americans in particular that the vast majority of us are planning to vote for Barack Obama in November regardless of which Democrat we supported in the primaries.
12:57 PM on 07/31/2008
I've had my issues with some of Klein's articles (his advocacy of wiretapping and the Patriot Act, his own support of the Iraq war, etc.), but I am definitely with him on this one.
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12:55 PM on 07/31/2008
the "new jews/neocons" who acted to affect our are no better than the nazis who inspired them to adopt their aggressive brand of "politics." They should be exposed for the traitors to the U.S. that they are and imprisoned along with the bush administration that played along -- or deported to Israel, where their allegiance lies anyway.

Get 'em outta here!
helping people does not require government
03:46 PM on 07/31/2008
Daniel Levy,

I challenge you to respond to this comment. You are trying to have a resonable debate, but this is your supporter... Do you agree with him?
09:38 PM on 07/31/2008
well I have to disagree somewhat with petecook5 for I think that whomever may have inspired these neocons, the nazis were an even sorrier lot. but I do support accountability for those responsible for waging an illegal war of aggression.
12:49 PM on 07/31/2008
It is great to hear of some brave voices of reason as to Israel in the media like Joe Klein. We need to find more moderates as to Israel in our media and encourage moderates in leadership in Israel. We don't need more war mongers or the abuse of the term anti-Semites.
12:41 PM on 07/31/2008
The massacre of 29 Muslims bent in prayer and the wounding 150 more by Baruch Goldstein who believed he was reenacting the Purim story led to the first suicide bombing attack. Saddam Hussein offered money to the surviving family of suicide bombers. THIS was the real cause of the Iraq war. Witness the base tribal vengefulness in this clip of Thomas Friedman on Charlies Rose as he shamelessly pushes for young American men and women to go door to door in Baghdad saying "Suck on this".
12:13 PM on 07/31/2008
Yours is but a remote voice in the wilderness. Although you have a valuable message I doubt very much that it will get much airtime especially in mainstream media. For example how many are familiar with the J-Street group?

Rather we will be bombarded with an endless barrage of Iran's ills until the Administration and the neocons you've addressed, notably absent is Joe Lieberman in your article, are convinced they can attack Iran with little domestic response.

None-the-less, we need more like you.
11:55 AM on 07/31/2008
Congratulations Daniel and Joe. You can now count yourselves among those brave Americans who have the courage to speak out on critical but tough issues, and not let the debate be hijacked again by the right wing neocons. It is still amazing to me how this relatively small group of ideologues was able to influence the course of history in an incredibly negative way, while the rest of us sat by silently. Plato knew what he was talking about when he said, "All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing." You have done something and I hope you do more and make your voice heard more often. Keep up the good work. We need more courageous individuals like you.
11:50 AM on 07/31/2008

Nailing AIPAC is one of the most important tasks at hand.

The longer this unrepresentative group is allowed to manipulate US Mideast policy, the greater the danger to our country and, in fact, the Israeli people. As you imply, AIPAC's support for repressive and cruel Israeli policies has assured that Israel is the most dangerous place on earth for Jewish people, including Tehran. If neo-Nazis actually had brains, they'd send AIPAC money.

That's quite a legacy.

As your article says, AIPAC also creates anti-Jewish feelings in the US. It creates the mistaken impression that it's supported by most of the US Jewish population. For non-Jews like me, de-fanging AIPAC will help to prevent disagreements over Israel's actions from being maliciously interpreted as bigotry. Many people I suspect are hesitant to express their opinions because they don't want to appear anti-Semitic. Whenever this happens, free exchange of ideas is inhibited, to everyone's detriment except the neocon extremists.

AIPAC is a lobby, like the NRA or PETA. People need to feel free to criticize its ideas and influence openly, without fear of recrimination, job losses or other kinds of retaliation.

Joe Klein is a very brave man, and we, the majority, should line up behind him, defend him, and create a chorus of pushback to AIPAC's corrupting influence.
01:38 PM on 07/31/2008
And it's disheartening and sad to see politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Obama bowing to the heads of AIPAC and agreeing to do their bidding. This is not a good sign at all nor is the Dems willingness to put up with the antics of Lieberman a good sign.

Actually the Jews living in Iran probably are much safer than those living in Israel and the Jews in Iran have full rights unlike the Palestinians living in Israel. I believe the largest Jewish population in the Middle East outside of Israel are Jews living in Iran.

RJ Crane,
helping people does not require government
06:35 PM on 07/31/2008
Jews do not have full right in Iran.

Couple of facts:

The amount of financial compensation a Jew can receive from a Muslim in case of murder or accidental death of a relative is equal to one-eighth of that which would be paid if the victim was a Muslim. In addition, Iranian courts routinely refuse to accept the testimony of a Jew against a Muslim. In none of the cases of the murder of Jews in Iran has a perpetrator ever been found, much less prosecuted.

Jews have been barred from any job in which they would be superior to Muslims. Virtually all government entities (most sectors in Iran are government-owned) have a "Muslim only" policy and they print this requirement in their job notices in newspapers.

All Jewish university students must pass a course on Islamic ideology.
02:44 PM on 07/31/2008
Yes, AIPAC definitely creates anti-Jewish feelings
11:33 AM on 07/31/2008
As you well know, there is a latent anti semitism in this country that could be awakened like Godzilla if the general population ever thought or realized that we had gone to a war not primarily in our own interest but in the interest of Israel.
01:02 PM on 07/31/2008
But it was only in the interests of _some_ Israeli and also thoroughly US factions, only some of whom are thinking about Israel.

We've had more than one war that was not primarily in "our" interests, the nation as a whole.
08:21 PM on 07/31/2008
The real reason Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld went to war with Iraq can be summed up in one word ----Halliburton---- and the opportunity to make millions of dollars for themselves in the process. The neo-cons were unwitting accomplices. It's the same reason Bush and McCain want to stay in Iraq indefinitely. The longer the U.S. stays in Iraq the more money Halliburton makes. The more money Halliburton makes the more money Bush, Cheney and McCain make. It's that simple.
11:36 AM on 07/31/2008
This could be a very favorable development, as an open and honest debate about Israel and U.S. policy in the Middle East-something quite vigorous in the Israeli press, yet non-existent in the American main stream media-could forever put to rest the conflation of the "Jewish people" with every action taken by every Israeli regime.
The neo-cons have had their innings, and the truth be told, the execution of their policies has served America very ill, and may, albeit unintentionally, have served Israel even worse.