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06:56 PM on 08/06/2008
Demonize Women, demonize gays, demonize those of colour. Welcome to world fascism.
10:33 AM on 08/07/2008
It is alive and well in America, as well.
12:46 PM on 08/07/2008
Is it? While I am no American jingoist, I have to question why we have to comment on how bad America is when we mention authoritarian or fascist or simply unjust rulings abroad. While I would agree that American civil liberties are not up to snuff with our "own" standards I don't think that puts us on par with China or Russia, two nations (I am speaking of their national identity, not about individuals) where civil liberties are not goals they just fall short of, but rather irrelevant to the power structure.

America might not be the glowing beacon of liberty we are meant to be, but liberty and justice does have meaning here, and that is something of value.
06:31 PM on 08/06/2008
Welcome to the stone age
05:39 PM on 08/06/2008
Was John McCain the judge in this case?
Cake or death.
09:18 PM on 08/07/2008
No, but for many Republicans the judge sounds like SCOTUS material.
04:27 PM on 08/06/2008
When I hear "sexual harrassment" all i hear is, "woman lying on man to make money and complian about nothing or harmless flirting." BUt this woman had a good case.

This judge must have had his sec. tied up n his chambers or something.

Poor woman.
08:14 PM on 08/06/2008
So then, maybe you should start revising your default thoughts.
Unapologetic Independent Progressive
09:04 AM on 08/07/2008
harmless flirting? HARMLESS flirting? What are you like 13? Poor woman? poor you
04:17 PM on 08/06/2008
Ha ha!

Finally a wise judge. lol

It is better to Educate than to Legislate such issues.

Mother Nature designs the species for survival, such that the females will attract the males who will then pursue the the females for the purpose of reproduction.

Education is the key to proper social behavior, not generating government encouraging antagonism between the genders.
08:18 PM on 08/06/2008
Are you serious?

09:17 PM on 08/06/2008
Sorry Pal - Lets be brutally honest. The judge is an idiot. Women are selective when it comes to sex and breeding for a very good reason.
In societies where coerced sex is imposed on women too many defective males are allowed in the gene pool and you get societies overpopulated with Stalin and sex trafficker types. Males that are ugly to the core. (Unfortunately the entire world has way too many)
If the judge was not such a corrupt loser he would have decided in favor of the woman. But what is best for society is not what guys like him and the woman's boss are thinking about. He is obviously one of the world’s 30%. An unf#@%&ble loser. Forced sex for them is a breeding strategy. Humanity would be better off without them.
09:50 PM on 08/07/2008
Your thinking is what is contributing to the growing number of loose women and dysfunctional families.

The male is the dominant gender.
When the dominant gender unwittingly/foolishly surrenders his position, then the whole species is fcuked; and loose females and dysfunctional families are the result!
This situation is bad for the females; because they will have become cheapened, without dignity!

And females without dignity gets no protection from males!
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03:46 PM on 08/06/2008
He's probably also an staunch defender of the "If it's inevitable, just relax and enjoy it" school of thought on rape.
01:41 PM on 08/06/2008
But . . . Wait. I thought overpopulation was a huge, huge problem and that if we don't "do" something about it we'll turn into cannibals. Mathus said so, so it must be true!

So how can declining population rates anywhere be a "problem" requiring state intervention and/or the rationalization/justification of male aggression for procreation's sake?

Here we have state sanctioned sexual harrassment, now condified into "law." Next: Forced breeding programs?

Meanwhile, in other countries "one child" policies, forced steriliizations, senseless wars and genocide cull the herds. OWWWWWWWW my head hurts.
01:28 PM on 08/06/2008
Medieval conditions apply 'close to home':
That character finally got his comeuppance: 25 years. Wonder what Solzhenitzen's take on the Russian situation might be? Perhaps along the judge's line of reasoning.
10:37 AM on 08/07/2008
Don't you know any other Russian authors to disparage?

RIP, Mr Solzhenitzyn.
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12:49 PM on 08/06/2008
My god, I thought this was a joke.
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03:25 PM on 08/06/2008
Me too! For a minute there I thought this was another 23/6 lame attempt to be funny.
12:24 PM on 08/06/2008
WOW! its shocking how openly men of any race, location, culture can be just evil and selfish.

Obviously these men continue to feel that women's needs are not only not important but their mental health and well being and safety and respect are completely not necessary. That shows how they view their own daughters and sisters and mothers and wives.
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08:17 AM on 08/08/2008
They are identifying with their gender first and as human beings second. This is a Human Rights issue.
Remember when teachers, public employees, Planned
12:03 PM on 08/06/2008
He'll probably be McCain's running mate.
04:21 PM on 08/06/2008
He's probably McCain in disguise!
09:26 AM on 08/08/2008
Only if his name is Bill Clinton. Just ask Juanita Broaddrick.
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11:17 AM on 08/06/2008
This ruling is appaling, but compare sexual assault incidents in the US Army and among US contractors in Iraq. . .

How many of those women in uniform or who are working for Blackwater, Caci, etc, who have been sexually abused have been able to obtain justice?

How much better is the US military justice system than this?
01:59 PM on 08/06/2008
Such as . . .

"According to the U.S. Department of Defense, Private LaVena Lynn Johnson killed herself on July 19, 2005, eight days before her twentieth birthday. Exactly how did she end her life? She punched herself in the face hard enough to blacken her eyes, break her nose, and knock her front teeth loose. She douched with an acid solution after mutilating her genital area. She poured a combustible liquid on herself and set it afire. She then shot herself in the head. Despite this massive self-inflicted trauma, she somehow managed to drag her then fully clothed body into the tent of a KBR contractor, leaving a trail of blood along the way and set the tent ablaze in a failed attempt to cover up her crimes against herself."

This is our tax dollars at work people. Maybe we should let our Congresscritters know exactly what we think of it. They no longer represent us, but at least we can call them on all the government lies and tell them we're not falling for them.
10:43 AM on 08/07/2008
The sheep don't know how to stop the wolves.
03:56 PM on 08/06/2008
Im genuinely curious... Why do people like you do this? Do you not understand that in your pursuit of your obvious agenda, you essentially completely minimize the plight of the woman in this story?

Its always the same with people like you... "yeah, thats bad BUT ohmygodthisissomuchworse"

And of course its always something happening in the USA that needs to be examined more closely as we ignore whatever the topic at hand is.

So I guess as long as something "worse" is happening in the USA, bad behavior is excused everywhere else.

And, for the record, how do you know whats going on in the RUSSIAN military? So maybe one can come back and say to you... "you think the US military and the Russian private sector is bad?? you should see the RUSSIAN military!"

Its an empty, ugly, kind of argument. Focus on one outrage at a time out of, if nothing else, respect for the victim.
04:25 PM on 08/06/2008
Since I have little outrage for the story in question, I will focus on my outrage of your outrage. Why do you do this? The commentator of the previous post is justified in seeking parallels and analogies close to home. It is assumed that we are judging the Russian situation from our high horses, whereas, as the poster has shown, we have a problem like this in our own backyard. Although it's fine to discuss Russian codification of harassment, we can do nothing about it, while our outrage for the domestic abuse is entirely within our control to address and better.
05:34 PM on 08/06/2008

Well said.
Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel
10:17 AM on 08/06/2008
Who knew that NEANDERTHALS still walked the earth?
12:08 PM on 08/06/2008
Peskime, not only are Neanderthals walking the earth, they're running the show!! Disgraceful.
10:05 AM on 08/06/2008
Who is surprised by this in a country where the leader "eliminates" anyone who dares to write,print or tell the truth. I'm sure Cheney and Scalia will have a drink toasting this decision, as well as Thomas.
09:27 AM on 08/06/2008
as long as a good hard kick in the nuts is ok because it ensures survival of the fittest.