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07:20 AM on 12/30/2011
Where's Bubbe's Matzoh Ball soup?
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07:05 AM on 12/30/2011
These are some of the most unappetizing soups I've seen in a long time. and I love soup.
08:56 AM on 01/01/2012
My sentiments exactly. I thought it was me....LOL
11:31 AM on 01/01/2012
It's a new year now. Broaden your horizons.
05:00 AM on 12/30/2011
Another plus for preparing soup is that it makes your house smell warm and welcoming.
04:04 AM on 12/30/2011
In place of butternut, try KABOCHA, the sweetest of the squashes. Must be acquired in the fall, at its peak.
04:03 AM on 12/30/2011
I would go with the Italian-inspired white bean and escarole. Can never have enough clorophyll.
04:01 AM on 12/30/2011
Great source of protein, with all the amino acids present in animal flesh. For variety, you could sub: red lentils or red bolivian quinoa, for a dramatic color flourish.
03:45 AM on 12/30/2011
Our favorite soup is Slovak Mushroom Soup. You need:
4- (14 oz.) can sauerkraut juice
5 cups water or more (to your taste)
4- (8 oz)cans mushrooms, sliced or pieces, drained
1 medium onion,diced
4 medium potatoes, cooked, cut into cubes
4 Tbl.butter or margarine
few tablespoons flour
bag of noodles, cooked

Take a deep pot and add the sauerkraut juice. Add water --TASTE--if too sour add bit more water. We like ours quite sour so I don't add a lot of water. Add drained mushrooms...heat to a boil. Lower heat to medium and add cut up cooked potatoes. Make sure your potatoes are cooked, like for potato salad. While this is cooking in the pot...take a small skillet. Saute butter with onion. Add a little flour at a time stirring constantly...add a little broth from the soup pot to flour mixture,stir constantly so there are no lumps. Add the butter, onion, flour mix to the soup pot and stir. The soup is not supposed to be thick so easy on the flour. Let soup cook for 30 minutes. Before 30 minutes is up cook your bag of noodles. We do not add the noodles to our soup ...we put cooked noodles in a bowl and add the mushroom soup over it. This is a staple at Christmas. Hope I have explained the recipe so you can understand. Enjoy!
* FRANK'S sauerkraut juice is the brand we find here..or ask the store manager.
Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald
Wellness Editor
04:23 PM on 12/30/2011
Thanks for sharing the recipe! I can't wait to try this one!
01:32 AM on 12/30/2011
Right on, you can never go wrong with soup for a meal-warm, easy on digestion and nutritious!
Fly fisherman
01:08 AM on 12/30/2011
An overlooked dieting benefit of soups is that all that broth goes pretty far to filling you up. One thing I watch is tomato soup, only because I buy it if I'm making it with grilled cheese.
Animal lover forever
12:45 AM on 12/30/2011
Mom always made Jewish Penicillin, chicken soup.
This was a Friday night must and a must if you
were sick. I still eat it today and add mixed
vegetables to it.
05:06 AM on 12/30/2011
I always have that on hand. It works like a charm. My partner works outdoors a lot and is prone to catching the one day bug. I make it in my huge stock pot and freeze it in individual containers.
Animal lover forever
10:27 AM on 12/30/2011
You are a wonderful person. I just love that you take care of your partner.
Let me know when you are defrosting the stock pot.
10:09 PM on 12/29/2011
I make carrot soup with anise seeds and curcuma and it makes it delicious instead of plain.

There is also eggplant, tomatoes, zucchinis, carrots, potatoes. The eggplant flavor must dominate. With a slice of grilled bread rubbed with fresh garlic, it is really, really good.
08:25 PM on 12/29/2011
Just made this roasted ham and split pea soup the other day - amazing and warms you head to toe, especially on days like this! And so nutritious!
08:12 PM on 12/29/2011
At my house, soup is how we eat! I make big pots of it, then freeze quart-size portions. After busy workdays, we just thaw soup, and dinner is great!

Favorites are vegetable soup, split pea soup, lentil soup, chicken noodle soup, bean soup, carrot soup, veggie chili. Couldn't do without it!
05:10 AM on 12/30/2011
We are a soup household as well. At least three times a week. I do the same, make huge portions in my magic stock pot and freeze it in.
My [Dutch} partner makes the best split pea soup. (It's really the only thing he can cook).
11:18 AM on 12/30/2011
Geniuses... Kevin... and Mocha !
08:05 PM on 12/29/2011
Ph.D. sd follow the names of all academics who use Dr. It is easy to understand why MDs get irritated with it.
10:49 PM on 12/29/2011
What are you talking about?
The more lamestream you go, the less you know.
06:15 PM on 12/29/2011
You had me at Shiitake Vegetable Miso! That looks so good. Everyone please get a slow cooker and start making your own soups. You'll be so glad you did.