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12:36 PM on 08/07/2008
Funny how you can tell someone's race today by the typically awkward spelling of a strange name.
12:53 PM on 08/07/2008
Funny how you can tell a bigot by the points they try to make.
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01:31 PM on 08/07/2008
01:58 PM on 08/07/2008
He may be a bigot...but he's also right.
12:26 PM on 08/07/2008
Got cheese with that whine?
love is like oxygen
12:13 PM on 08/07/2008
So you remove the chinese story and put this up after not authorizing my posts and talking about how the chinese are censoring - please tell why you removed the story about chinese taxi cab drivers not learning english and putting this stupid sorry story up - turning into a tabloid?
I'm not as here as you think I am?
12:50 PM on 08/07/2008
What part of that story was a tabloid story? It's just a weird way of dealing with a legal problem. I didn't see any mention of Britney or Paris in there. They might not have authorized your (story? reply?) because quite frankly, I can't tell if you're saying that YOU are the one talking about Chinese censorship or if you replied to a story about Chinese censorship...or if the story was about Chinese cab drivers not learning English.
love is like oxygen
01:32 PM on 08/07/2008
For clarity this AM the Huffpo posted a story from a writer I believed named lulu who was writing about how no chinese taxicab drivers are learning English and how dispicable that was..and sort of mocking them by making jokes about how they sound if they try to speak English. She stated they were not learning "Olympic English"?

I tried but was censored, the same as someone else commented on the double standard written into the article - an article not a posting - and then my postings were censored and then the article itself removed, probably because I am starting to see I believe, that the "censors" are the writers and since it was an important story showing the double standards and prejudice really of the writer "lulu ?"

I mean to explain that to replace that story which is about 1.3 billion people etc, and to replace it with the headlines of this story which are misleading or could be mis interpreted, that it was unbecoming of the HuffPO to do this. (And also because American media this one also, are complaining about censorship in China!)

Keep in mind that once a story is posted here and commented on it is also relayed to the below links should one choose. So while removing a badlly written article is a good thing, no one, anywhere, can be assured of it's complete "removal" after publishing because of the nature of multiple storage areas around the world. FYI
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05:20 PM on 08/07/2008
This may possibly be the most convoluted post I've ever read. A single sentence that speaks on three subjects? This is 10 seconds I'll never get back.

Damn you!