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07:30 AM on 01/03/2012
Ron Paul is conspicuously missing from all the corrupt money list,s ...... They only back the ones who can be kept in their pockets ..... the deals have already been made ......... Lets stop the corruption .......Ron Paul 2012
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07:38 AM on 01/03/2012
I guess I don't understand politics.
why could Ron Paul do nothing in congress?
how can he do anything as president that he couldn't do in congress?
08:03 AM on 01/03/2012
Great Response! Love it. Ron Paul would be out of his league against Obama.
08:50 AM on 01/03/2012
Well, he needs money to win. He can take the money and not promise anything.
07:10 AM on 01/03/2012
Demand that all lobbist, pacs, super pacs be outlawed. limit contributions to $ 100 per person period. Do not allow anyone to be on any goverment regulatory committee who has a business or professional interest in the outcome. Get rid of redundent govermental departments and programs, and no more earmarks. This is obviously a short list of the things that need to be corrected.
06:57 AM on 01/03/2012
All PACs should be banned. Campaign finance reform is probably even more important than overall economic reform. The 435 plus two clowns in DC are bought and paid for by special interests. No wonder we are in this mess.
06:37 AM on 01/03/2012
Super Pacs, thanks Supreme Court. Money is speech, corporations are people, not.
05:53 AM on 01/03/2012
I guess the problem with democracy is that it is "bought". In that regard it is no fairer than aristocracy, which is inherited. The difference is semantic.

Every US President in living memory has come from a position of posterity rather than education, though the latter is thankfully not always mutually excluded. But the integrity of all candidates, Republican or Democrat, may be diluted by their record of self-preservation before salvation. It is modern-day freemasonry; all pals together, boys!

Of course, the opposite is a proletarian revolution (a remarkably similar exclusive club profile!) from which the world still bears the scars. Either way both systems are totalitarian.

Maybe we need a kind of latter-day western Golda Meir. a true conservative who nonetheless eschews financial dominion for moral and ethical justice. Perchance we need the female touch!

Could the establishment then return to the majority (the guy on the street, office and market-place) its motivation to work? ...because only then will the States lose a disparity in living standards between the very rich (Cali, Fla etc) and its own in-house third world (Ark, La etc) that marks Russia as a real democracy by comparison.

No candidate in the past few decades has any concept of the plight of Middle America. Both Romney and Obama are part of the problem, not the solution!

Whilst the mood has to emphasize "liberate", the buzz-word needs to be "INCENTIVIZE"!

Work in progress!
common sense is no longer common
05:52 AM on 01/03/2012
The sheep are being put out to pasture and the only thing standing between the pasture and the slaughter is OWS...

How did we ever get to this???
The law is from passion.
08:47 AM on 01/03/2012
Because you are a media junkie and most American voters cast their vote based on the crap the media feeds them rather than using common sense and logic. Each and every media outlet is owned by somebody...and that somebody is the one who decides what information you get fed. Your job is to simply swallow it, find the prettiest tie and the classiest hairdo...then go vote.
Do the right thing for the right reason
05:13 AM on 01/03/2012
Now this is a place where states should derive a tax from. If you want to influence an election inside someone else's state, then you should pay and pay big for the privilege.
Retired Expert
03:18 AM on 01/03/2012
The big story in Iowa for the GOP may not be the nominal winner, but how many Iowa voters participated in the caucus system all the way to the state convention. A much lower than normal turnout will be bad news for the GOP in that it will be a taste of turnout for November 2012. Frankly, it is hard to image any of the candidates for the GOP Presidental nomination as worthy to hold the Presidency.
Obama's loss is Americas win
05:38 AM on 01/03/2012
Any one of them is more worthy than Obama ever was
03:11 AM on 01/03/2012
So, the fact that Obama is going to have in excess of a billion dollars for his campaign, contributed by unions and corporations like GE that are under the government thumb doesn't bother you? Odd. By the way, look up Gibson Guitar Company. Do they have a right to support political parties as a corporation? The Obama DOJ is trying to destroy them. Do you think there are enough guitar players in the country to stop that kind of governmental abuse?
02:20 AM on 01/03/2012
Oh Ty Republicans for allowing Corporations to subvert the electoral process. in a few years our next president will be "brought to you by Exxon Mobile"
07:00 AM on 01/03/2012
And you think that Dems are somehow above this??? Goldman Sachs has traditionally given more to Dem candidates. PACS own the Democrats every bit as much, if not more. Check your facts and you will see that Exxon " Mobile" gives every bit as much to the jerks on the left side of the isle.
stay calm,all is well,,
07:13 AM on 01/03/2012
The president we have was brought to you by oprah ,,,,,
Pat Simms
02:15 AM on 01/03/2012
This is disgusting! Voted for by the 5 conservative judges. Corrupt politics! We are not by the people anymore, we are by the corporations. Go Occupy! I think they are marching on the Federal Courts on January 20th. We should participate in that, for sure.
The rich are too poor.
02:03 AM on 01/03/2012
$13 million. Nothing to see here.

Move along.
A little common sense goes a long way...
01:43 AM on 01/03/2012
Now, all together, recite "Thank you, Supreme Court, for destroying representative government as we know it in the United States." We all hope you are satisfied...
01:40 AM on 01/03/2012
Why do you think the general public is so done with the system as it exists now? Why do you think we have young people in the streets demanding to be heard? It is as if we, the American people (no, not the corporate entities, but actual people) who are being overrun by the special interests and their puppet politicians, do not exist. I know this sounds cliche-ish, but damn it people, it's time to take back our country. Vote for someone the special interests most certainly do NOT want in the White House...someone who is not going to play ball according to their rules. Time for real change, as scary as that may sound. Vote Ron Paul for's time to put Washington in its place.
Pot Smoking Political Junkie!
01:24 AM on 01/03/2012
Just think. if Obama loses another one of these radical judges that voted for his kind of stuff could be appointed under a Republican president. All the more reason for Obama to get your vote in 2012