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08:32 PM on 08/14/2008
The fourth of July is over. The intelligence was a complete fabrication and the reality sets in for the troops. 6-1 is no surprise. Bet we won't get this in mainstream media outlets John.

Here’s my question to you: What would Colin Powell’s endorsement mean for Barack Obama?

Puddy writes:
Rocket fuel, Jack. What would also help is if Powell would come forward to confirm the forged intelligence, the dirt on Plame, yellowcake, aluminum tubes and multiple high crimes and misdemeanors that the White House has perpetrated on the greatest people on the planet.
08:13 PM on 08/14/2008
Jon, thank you for this important post and for all the work you do to keep America strong and honest. Yours is a bracing, clear, credible voice with profound influence.
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08:05 PM on 08/14/2008
less than 400 in the over 120k soldiers in Iraq alone? Don't knock yourself over patting yourself on the back.

The entire survey represented a fraction of a percentage point of all the US Military active and retired!
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Disabled Vietnam Vet
08:57 PM on 08/14/2008
That is just one group reported on lady !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
09:18 PM on 08/14/2008
I have to agree, somewhat, with your opinion concerning such a small sampling being used to inference that the rest of the "active and retired" are supporting Obama over "one of their own".  Statistically speaking that is.  My own experience is that the majority of officers tend to support the conservative republicans, while NCO's, majority speaking, will more often than not support the ones who are strong for Social Security, worker's compensation, unemployment insurance, job safety, etc, or more plainly, a democrat.But speaking as one of those "retired" (NCO) US Army people, I will always support and vote for the socially liberal candidate!!   I am retired from the Army reserves!! I have over twenty years of wearing a uniform for this country!! Imagine that.
There must be a way...
07:49 PM on 08/14/2008
This is in spite of the fact that the military tries to Christianize and republicanize those who enlist. I am not surprised at all. It cannot feel good to be in a country based on a war that was based on the lies of your commanderi in chief and his second in command. I know that they all serve to be noble and will do good in Iraq where they can but at least some of them have to be able to recognize the corrupt and unhealthy leadership that has weakened our country and its future. It's not hard to see. They are fairly blatant about it because they believe that they will never pay for these wrongs.
just looking for answers
07:39 PM on 08/14/2008
I am glad to hear the troops support Obama. I have decided that this
low swift boat attack on Obama has got to stop. And Corsi, Hannity, Limbaugh
Savage, and all other daytime "conservative talk show hosts" should have to
appologize to Senator Obama. The recent shootings involving "liberals" and
Democratic party members are possibly by people who take these messages
of hate and dis-unity to heart. For a party to support the right to life and yet use
this type of speech, is a total absurdity to me. How do the troops feel about
this issue?
08:54 PM on 08/14/2008
"I am glad to hear the troops support Obama."

All 134 of them.
07:33 PM on 08/14/2008
Looks like our troops fully understand "Democracy"..and how close the US is to losing it...And the Constitutioin and the Geneva Accord, and the Justice System, and what it really means for our country to lets hope those that are ArmChair Generals....listen to the troops and "donate and vote" the same....
07:34 PM on 08/14/2008
It's 323 donations, yet you guys try to make it sound like ALL TROOPS.

I would be sick of being in Iraq, too. Can't blame anyone for that, but that hardly means that all military is supporting Obama. Dream on.
08:35 PM on 08/14/2008
Yes, and only 134 of those 323 donations were to Obama.
Your humble friend and narrator
09:14 PM on 08/14/2008
And only 26 of those 323 donations were to McCain.
Your humble friend and narrator
08:52 PM on 08/14/2008
No, not all of the troops have made political contributions. But Obama having a 6-1 advantage over McCain among those who have suggests Obama has more support from the troops. If McCain was leading Obama 6-1 in those donations, you'd be crowing about how the troops "love McCain."
07:20 PM on 08/14/2008
Youths and minorities are prevalent in our military, both of which are a highly Democratic demographic. Does anyone really expect them not to be Democrats?
Reality disagrees with Conservative assessments
07:28 PM on 08/14/2008
They have traditionally been extremely pro-Republican, the oddballs out of their age and cultural groups. Which made sense in a military where those born into nobility told random stupid peons what to do, but the United States has never been possessed of such a military. We pushed for creativity and leadership, for anyone being capable of taking command at need, for morality and integrity, and we're perhaps now reapong the rewards. Perhaps it really was inevitable that the realism necessary in combat and its support would change that leaning.

Since, increasingly, soldiers support Obama because he is being rational and patriotic, giving them real answers and sensible reasons and longterm aid and recognition instead of lies and betrayal.

And they will continue to do so ever more the more soldiers experience an unneccessary and unwinnable criminal war, receive no help as injured combat soldiers who have faithfully and unstintingly served, are forgotten or left to dangle as Veterans, and glimpse the stark difference between what the war was predicated to be about and what it was really about, what their government has said versus how it deserted them, how they are treated and compensated compared to incompetent contractors, and how their government has turned its back on its laws and Constitution.
07:15 PM on 08/14/2008
Yes! 134 soldiers! It's...well...not statistically significant....but...well, it's not even in the same county as a meaningful sample...but, what the hey! Let's shout it out loud!
07:11 PM on 08/14/2008
This veteran and his military family supports Barack Obama :) .
Nobody knows for sure.
07:07 PM on 08/14/2008
I'd be happy to hold my breath until the MSM reports on this, but then I'd be dead. And buried. And turned to dust. And the Earth would have long since fallen into the sun or spun off into infinite oblivion...
06:46 PM on 08/14/2008
With this in mind, let's keep a close watch on how "timely" their ballots arrive
Campari with a twist...
07:07 PM on 08/14/2008 well as getting them to all of those in Hospitals and rehab...Already an issue.
07:38 PM on 08/14/2008
This is truly a major concern.
06:44 PM on 08/14/2008
I think as a nation we forget that having and deploying a standing army is a relatively new phenomenon in our brief history as a free republic.

We parrot slogans like 'Support the Troops' without ever thinking past the implications of what that relly means.

I hope the troops, indeed, favor Obama over McCain, for the simple reason that McCain is a war monger who has surrounded himself by war profiteers. McCain has appointed a former lobbyist to Georgia and the Ukraine as his foreign policy advisor. This is not only corrupt but reckless and unheard of. It brings our nation to a new low where those who push war for profit blatantly advise a would-be president on foreign policy. Is this the man we want deciding how our troops will be deployed - a man whose adviser makes his living selling war?

i know, I know, this isn't really new, is it? Look at Cheney, ex-CEO of Haliburton and friend of KBR and Bush with his ties to big oil.

But I hope the troops are aware of the danger four more years of war mongering brings not only to them and their families but to our democratic way of life.
06:34 PM on 08/14/2008
I knew this would happen sooner or later. Thanks to all the hard working soldiers who are not afraid to stand up for what is right for our country, not what's right for the Bush/Cheney/McCain facist ideals.
06:18 PM on 08/14/2008
Having done fund raising, and in the past asked military folks to donate, I will say that every officer I have ever spoken to has said they feel it is inappropriate to donate on a presidential campaign because of issues with "Commander in Chief". So I would question the significance of this donation analysis as perhaps a range of random small donations that have no real significance or measure of true attitudes. I think voting patterns mean a lot more.
Reality disagrees with Conservative assessments
06:54 PM on 08/14/2008
That's because OFFICERS are not legally permitted to support or denounce a potential or acting Commander in Chief.

This is enlisted people, who are only restrained from being in uniform at political or similar events. They can do whatever they want with their personal lives and opinions, so long as they dont send a signal that the MILITARY supports those views.

Officers are the only ones whose EVERY action must support the president because he's directly in their chain of command; that's why they cant be involved in politics of future presidents or partisan issues, but the enlisted personnel are pretty much free while the officers have to remain silent even when their superiors assign stupid missions.

Of course, GOOD officers speak up when their commanders give illegal, immoral, or asinine orders, but Bush just sends the good officers away until he's left with only the yes-men. He always has. And the soldiers support Obama because of that, because Bush and McCain constantly refuse to support the troops by money, equipment, policies, honesty, respect , or really anything they owe the soldiers they claim to support while really only supporting Contractors who make Cheney money.
07:51 PM on 08/14/2008
Great post!