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09:11 AM on 08/22/2008
What is really sad, is that nobody in the media or elsewhere, has the b*lls to tie McCain personally to the people that advocate for the US to dominate the world's resources and finances, and pushed to attack Iraq and now push for war anywhere. They are in the Bush administration, on McC's campaign committee, on MSM and cable news as talking head pundits. They are the members of the PNAC, (Project for the New American Century). If you would just Google PNAC you can find the membership list and their goals and plans. When you see who they are and realize that they are the major talking heads supporting McC. These people are responsible for more deaths than 100 Prof. Ayers, But - who cares, right?? When I've listed their names, the posts gets rejected, so YOU have to Google.
Know Your Interests, Vote
09:23 AM on 08/22/2008
Why do you think GW was selected once and questionably elected twice ... the audience is voluntarily ignorant!!
09:10 AM on 08/22/2008
Americans stand up to this stupid and silly attempts to twist the trust. These people assume most of us are mindless morons who will fall for their concorted 30 second sound bites.

The time will come all these crooks and their backers will be thrown behind bars to languish there.
10:28 AM on 08/22/2008
Both sides twist the truth. It's called politics.
10:39 AM on 08/22/2008
Unfortunately, I doubt that time will come as you hope for. I've been waiting for forty years and not only has the time not come - things have gotten worse. If not worse, then certainly no better. I was a young adult when the Weathermen were active. While I didn't necessarily agree with their call for revolution and their violent tactics - I certainly did sympathize with their cause. For those too young to remember Vietnam you are surely aware of the upheaval it caused throughout our society. The thing that can never be conveyed by a documentary film is the amazing weight of the frustration for those who sought to end that needless war. What Ayers did can be described in one or two sentences. The reasons he did it can't really be described at all. You had to be there. The point is, nothing has really changed in all these years. Bush has conducted the war in Iraq with the same disregard for the views of the American people that LBJ and Nixon did while "pursuing victory" in the late sixties and early seventies. LBJ even famously pounded his fist on his desk and said, "God damn-it, I'm not going to be the first American President to loose a war!" Now isn't that a good reason to send thousands of our kinsmen off to die? The presidents ego! What has changed?
09:06 AM on 08/22/2008
Is anyone surprised? Since when have Republicans cared about legality?
08:56 AM on 08/22/2008
Rethugs dont give a hoot about the American people ordinary American people struggling American people. Its not the fact that John McCain cant remember how many houses he own that is damaging its the fact that his policies FAVOR the wealthy. Even if Obama is an elitist at least he has policies that favor the bulk of Americans. When are we going to open up our eyes and see the more tax beaks you give corportion the more they HORDE money and pocket it until they forget how many houses they own it does not benefit the middle class. Its a fallacy that they have been shoving down our throats for years trickle down economics its a MYTH a LIE. If it trickle down by the time it gets to middle class folks its piss its piss thats trickling down on them not opportunites. Bottom up economies work if it wasnt for FDR where the heck do you think this country would be now. He brought us things like unemployment insurance, healthcare through employers, social security. It took a democrat to save the free market from COLLAPSING and its on the verge of doing the same thing again. Rethugs idea of capitalism encourages GREED and Coporate welfare in the form of BAILOUTS

09:12 AM on 08/22/2008
It is incredible that this old ambitious man cannot remember how many homes he has. No wonder Cindy has been following around like a glue at his campaign stumps just to whisper in his ears when he is derailing as usual. We cannot afford a president who will forget his way to to Oval Office when that red phone rings.
Tell me also that it is Cindy that is marrying McCain and not the other way round if we give him the benefit of a doubt that he does not know how many properties his "wife" has. McCain needs to be served a bed pan on a regular basis.
Know Your Interests, Vote
08:41 AM on 08/22/2008
Obama is not wasting good time on countering an Ayers ad attack ... good!! Since Mc has no place to hide anymore the campaign that he does not speak for kneejerks to a very interesting topic for ReThugs .... more questions than answers in their use of Ayers ... such as, why Ayers as the "terrorist" they claim him to be is not incarcerated for life (at least) in some federal penal institution ... why is Ayers an active member of society ... a tax-paying free american? Why was Ayers not tried, convicted and put to death as was another home grown terrorist ... Tim McVeigh?

Any Mc answers to those observations???
President of the Sequoia Bison Society a non profi
08:23 AM on 08/22/2008
This tactic is not going to work, trying to say this ad is illegal is meaningless and a waste of time.

We all remember the Watergate break-in and how the dems were screaming about it but no one was paying attention until a year after the election.

Just fight back and stop whining about unfair illegal ads, lets put the republicans on the defensive for a change, they have a tremendous amount of baggage and a lot to be accountable for, like lying the country into a war and ruining our economy for starters.


For a return to sanity in government.
07:59 AM on 08/22/2008
Hello, is anyone forgetting McCain and the Keating-4? What goes around comes around. McCain is an ADULTERER.
Know Your Interests, Vote
08:16 AM on 08/22/2008
And a more recent LIAR in "a" house of God!!
08:21 AM on 08/22/2008
McC and John Glenn were cleared on that. I don't know how all of you people missed that.

Adulterer? Evidently as were many of our Presidents (to just name 2, FDR, Kennedy). You think that is equivalent to bombing public buildings where innocent people are? That's plain weird.
08:53 AM on 08/22/2008
Just as you say McCain was cleared on the keating 5, I believe Ayers was never convicted either.
08:54 AM on 08/22/2008
That you committed an atrocity in 1805 does not minimize the fact that you you are still a crook in 2008. Cleared? The political clearance based on family connections? Gimme a break.
07:36 AM on 08/22/2008
No political speech is ever be illegal.
08:01 AM on 08/22/2008
well talk to Feingold and MCCAIN about it. It's their names on the bill.
08:47 AM on 08/22/2008
A travesty and violation of the US Constitution. One day, these illegal restrictions will greatly curtail political speech and facilitate a political tragedy.
07:33 AM on 08/22/2008
Why would a self confessed terrorist still be walking the streets of America and holding down prestigeous jobs. Sounds very much like the mad anthrax scientist who held his job with the Americian government till the day he died.
07:57 AM on 08/22/2008
Not sure who you are referencing when you say "self confessed terrorist" but if you are referring to the Good Professor Ayers he was not a terrorist. Look him up. See for yourself.
08:43 AM on 08/22/2008
Uh, yeah, he was. Terrorism: the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes. Terrorist: one who advocates terrorism.

He admitted to participating in bombings and said he was sorry they didn't do more.

What don't you get?
08:01 AM on 08/22/2008
Mr. Ayers have MORE integrity than McCain will EVER dream of.
08:22 AM on 08/22/2008
You have no clue what you are talking about, do you? Ask your history teacher today about the Weathermen and Ayers.
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07:23 AM on 08/22/2008
Obviously, Obama doesn't want any questions raised about his relationship with Ayers. After the ABC debate, where he was asked about Ayers repeatedly, he was so upset he brushed the episode off his shoulders and indicated the finger on his cheek as his response - to being even asked about Ayers.

The Thin Man is such a comedian.
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Freedom from fear - the philosophy of human rights
07:48 AM on 08/22/2008
You really do not know what you are "talking" about...............

The long list of Republican supporters and friends of Professor Ayers, who is
known for his high standards in Early Childhood Education, will make a very impressive article.

Looking forward to reading it.

This is "my backyard" and you don't know the neighborhood, so to speak.

My hope is the idiots staffing McBush's Campaign will move forward on this very issue.
07:58 AM on 08/22/2008
and there you have it Voter.
Know Your Interests, Vote
08:04 AM on 08/22/2008
To maintain foolish and deceived masses is precisely how republicans enjoy "leadership" ... how else can they let them eat cake or after 7 + yrs crumbs!!??
07:57 AM on 08/22/2008
Do you really have any sense left in your coconut skull?
07:05 AM on 08/22/2008
Obviously the McCain camp can't run on issues so they have to run a gossip column. If they want to go on gossip I would be more interested in Ralph Reed big fund raiser for McCain with Abramhoff connections.
08:05 AM on 08/22/2008
Yeah, you know, for the Republicans and their brood of vipers, when you are running empty on ideas and issues, bang the empty barrels as much as you can.

Ironically, they still enjoy the follower-ship of a lot of INBREDS.
06:28 AM on 08/22/2008
I cant imagine how hideous and illegal something would have to be to have Fox shy away from it!! In the misty far distant future when I finish downloading it over my dial up, I guess I will find out!
07:59 AM on 08/22/2008
they shied away because they know this Ayers issue is a blatant proven lie.
06:19 AM on 08/22/2008
Clearly the FEC needs to be given the ability to do its job in a more efficient and timely manner. That would discourage bovine excrement like this ad from seeing the light of day.

06:06 AM on 08/22/2008
How many future homegrown terrorists are being taught on a daily basis by Mr. Ayers and his wife in Chicago and at Northwestern University? Hmm, if this was such a big deal why allow them to have such an influence on America's next generation. Who certifies their teaching credentials?
06:19 AM on 08/22/2008
good point, but you should see some of the people that are teaching in UK universities, even at Oxford, they promote radical islam openly...
07:32 AM on 08/22/2008
I disagree with you.

The people who promote RADICAL Islam openly in UK are either under house arrest or in detention and banned from public gatherings. Abu Hamza is an example.

If they are free and carry on with their public duties,then ur Radical Islam connotation does not apply to them.

Yes,u have many Oxford and Cambridge professors who are anti Capitalism but that doesnt make them Radical Islam's promoters.
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Freedom from fear - the philosophy of human rights
06:56 AM on 08/22/2008
My niece was a student of Professor Ayers while studying for
her Master Degree in Early Childhood Education.

As a student, she had no idea about his past but instead knew him as one of
the BEST teachers she had ever encountered.

For over 30 years, Professor Ayers has lived an exemplary life in Chicago.

During this time, he has found many supporters, including well-known Republicans,
so if John McBush's staffers wish to make "something of nothing" they will find many of their own included.

Who is running McBush's campaign?
Idiots who condemn Obama for visiting his Grandmother and sister.
Idiots who wish to take on the well respected highly Republican, Northern Trust Bank for Mr. and Mrs. Obama's mortgage.

One can only look at Candidate McBush and his staff and say, "Duh! Huh?"
And add, "Not this time, you Republican Creeps!"
05:57 AM on 08/22/2008
Poor Democrats. keep playing nice and lose.

McCain has more baggage than any politician in our whole History, why don't you show that to the people?

He wasn't qualified to be a Senator, now he wants to be POTUS. Being a POW erases all sins.